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1. Carolina Sand Castles Reviews

Michael9344%s's Photo
Apr 16 2013 12:33 PM

(Chapter 1 Review)

I really liked this. It was lively, familiar and a darn good story. I laughed at some parts of the story, and I got that "good story feeling" after the last full stop. Great story:)
LJH%s's Photo

Mar 25 2013 02:50 PM

(Chapter 1 Review)

The style in this story is not much different from A Family's Sorrow which I read earlier. However, there seems to be a truth in this story that grabs me. We were all teenagers once upon a time, I remember having thoughts of how I longed to be 18 when I could do as I please without having Mom or Dad come down on me. I enjoyed being a rebel though.
For a writer to get into the head of a child, or a teenager, it is very difficult. I think NikolasJames understands kids far better than many parents even. To me, the boys are dynamic characters. NJ reveals their natures by describing their behavior, rather than talking about them. The characters are not just passive, they act within the setting and circumstances surrounding their personal lives. They help each other to shape their destiny by their own behavior, and will themselves be shaped by experience. Change will follow. Their is lots of conflict in this story and I enjoyed reading it.
joann414%s's Photo

Mar 25 2013 02:04 PM

(Chapter 1 Review)

This story was well written. It portrayed two teens in a very believable and normal light. The arguments and disagreements with parents and being obstinate just to get back at them was a teen at their best. lol I did not see anything grammatical that grabbed my attentnion or spelling errors. All in all, I find this a nice and enjoyable read!
Yettie One%s's Photo

Mar 25 2013 06:45 AM

(Chapter 1 Review)

A very random snap shot of normal life, a couple of kids growing up and flexing their muscles, establishing their identities and learning about the big old world we collectively share. Two things that I loved about this story was the normality of it, nothing fancy, nothing over the top, just a regular family vacation, something we all can relate too.
The other aspect I enjoyed was the bratty nature of the kids. They seemed like two teenage boys. I can remember lashing out at my dad in much the same way when he made me do things I didn't agree with. I can remember thinking how much I hated them, and how I wished I could have my friends mom and dad as my parents. In that aspect, I could relate with the boys, and it felt authentic and natural.
Well done.
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