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A Gay Christmas Carol in Prose: Being a Sexy Ghost Story of Christmas - - - - -


A modern version of a classic fairytale of Christmas
Copyright © 2011 Phoenix1977; All Rights Reserved.

Table of Contents

  1. Prologue 0 reviews, 261 words,
  1. Stave 1: Christmas Eve 3 reviews, 4,768 words,
  2. Stave 2: The Ghost of Christmas Past 1 reviews, 7,665 words,
  3. Stave 3: The Ghost of Christmas Present 1 reviews, 4,960 words,
  4. Stave 4: The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come 2 reviews, 2,517 words,
  5. Stave 5: Christmas Day 1 reviews, 5,620 words,
  6. Epilogue 3 reviews, 3,264 words,

    When I first published this story at nifty.org I received a lot of emails at the end of the fifth chapter. Most of them were quite sexual but several asked what would happen now with Ebenezer's cancer or Huge Tim's depression. When I saw most readers asked me the same questions over and over again I knew there was more to the story. So I decided to write one more chapter: the epilogue. Enjoy!