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To Move Forward * * * * * 7 Ratings


Patrick has been unable to let go of the past. He finally decides to make an attempt to move forward but realizes there may be more chapters to add to the old story before starting a new one.
Copyright © 2012 Randomness; All Rights Reserved.

Story Note

Putting myself out there to see what people think.  Please let me know.  Thanks!

Table of Contents

  1. Patrick 9 reviews, 3,148 words,
  2. ... Everybody Has One 9 reviews, 4,268 words,
  3. Present in Spirit 8 reviews, 3,522 words,
  4. Riding the Waves 8 reviews, 5,030 words,
  5. Something Old, Something New 6 reviews, 4,324 words,
  6. Yin, Yang, Yan, Ying 5 reviews, 3,301 words,
  7. Best Laid Plans 5 reviews, 2,594 words,
  8. Short Texts to Shirt Tails 5 reviews, 3,039 words,
  9. Games Played 5 reviews, 3,363 words,
  10. Nice Guys Finish At Last 10 reviews, 4,328 words,