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Palouse Writing Project * * * * * 1 Ratings


The Palouse Writing Project is intended to look at the nuts and bolts of writing a novel, Palouse, about the coming of age of and the coming of maturity to a young prodigy musician and the love that grows between him and a young musician.
Copyright © 2011 rec; All Rights Reserved.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction 0 reviews, 215 words,
  2. The Background Story 0 reviews, 835 words,
    Note: This is an abbreviated version of a long series of articles in a Northwest newspaper that brought the personalities to life. The story I intend to write, Palouse, will use this only as background. I plan to create fictional characters using some of the general themes raised in the story, which I found fascinating and moving. My next posting in this series will describe these fictional characters and the changes I will make for Palouse, a romantic story.
  3. Themes from the Background 0 reviews, 568 words,
  4. Palouse Summary 0 reviews, 1,565 words,
  5. Main Characters 0 reviews, 978 words,
  6. Age Table 0 reviews, 492 words,
  7. Questions 1 0 reviews, 646 words,
  8. June 2007 Progress Report 0 reviews, 318 words,
  9. August 2007 Progress Report 0 reviews, 444 words,
  10. October 2007 – Palouse at 100 (pages) 0 reviews, 1,248 words,
  11. Testing an Excerpt from Palouse 0 reviews, 830 words,