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Loving the Lost * * * * * 3 Ratings


Zach is strong, popular and perfect. He's got a loving family and everyone wants to be friends with him. All he wants is Jeremy. He doesn't know what Jeremy wants. There's also a secret everybody is keeping from him. Then there's Mark, Jeremy's older brother. What does he know? Why does he keep staring at him? Will Zach find out the truths eventually or will he be... lost?
Copyright © 2012 ScrawnyMe; All Rights Reserved.

Story Note

This is my first try at a 'deviating from the norm' kind of story. I hope you enjoy the story and unveil the truths as you go along. :)

Loving The Lost

Table of Contents

  1. The Birthday 1 reviews, 3,822 words,
  2. Your Breath, My Life 4 reviews, 3,903 words,
  3. Normal? 3 reviews, 4,054 words,
  4. The Face of Despair 5 reviews, 3,456 words,
  5. Open Your Eyes 4 reviews, 5,123 words,
  6. Seeking Clarity 1 reviews, 2,242 words,