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Breaking Through The Blackout * * * * * 4 Ratings


this story chronicles the adventures Andrew Piper, a 20 year old facing life alone after the break up of a two year relationship between he and the man of his dreams. Follow him as he runs from his heartache, trying to find a way to erase his pain. Will he finally let go, or will his his broken heart lead him into a downward spiral of destruction?
Copyright © 2011 Shatt3r3dGlass77; All Rights Reserved.

Table of Contents

  1. Lessons In Leaving 5 reviews, 3,243 words,

    Andrew packs up and makes the move to Maine.

  2. Chapter 2 2 reviews, 3,535 words,
  3. Chapter 3 3 reviews, 2,410 words,
  4. Chapter 4 3 reviews, 1,996 words,

    Embarrassment, Suspicions, and Erections...

  5. Chapter 5 3 reviews, 2,991 words,

    Some things andrew said when drunk turn out to be an embarrassment. However, its nowhere near as shocking as what Kevin did while Andrew was out of it.  

  6. Chapter 6 1 reviews, 3,491 words,

    Andrew gets to experience just how much of a kid Kevin really is. 

  7. Chapter 7 1 reviews, 3,475 words,

    A roller coaster of emotion, ultimately leading to a soft resolution. 

    *Warning: this chapter contains the use of marijuana. 

  8. Chapter 8 2 reviews, 1,920 words,

    A tender moment followed by sheer terror. 

    i hope you enjoy it as much as i enjoyed writing this one. 

  9. Chapter 9 1 reviews, 3,022 words,

    Andrew learns about regret. 

  10. Chapter 10 2 reviews, 4,166 words,

    A job hunt, an intimate encounter, and a total victory. Enjoy =)