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13. I Melt With You From Dust & Ash

TMcCallahan%s's Photo   TMcCallahan, 05 Aug 2012

“So… What other plans did you have for tonight?” Ash asked. He and Dustin were firmly ensconced in bed, lying together so that they touched from nose to toes.

“I think, if you still want to bottom for me, we better get serious about getting you ready for that,” Dustin said softly. He was comfortable in Ash’s arms and drowsy from his earlier orgasm, but it was still early.

“Oh hell yes.” Ash hugged Dust tighter and found his mouth for a deep kiss. The evidence of Ash’s arousal pressed into Dustin’s side and he chuckled.

“Eager much?”

“Dust, there’s nothing I want more in this world than for you to make love to me,” Ash murmured, his fingers slowly running up and down Dustin’s back.

“And why is that?” Dust asked, his throat dry.

“Because nobody’s ever done it before,” Ash whispered.

Dustin opened his mouth to argue about the absurdity of that statement. Then he processed exactly what Ash said… and melted inside. He pulled free of Ash’s arms and resumed control, putting Ash back into his embrace where he belonged. He pressed a line of kisses down Ash’s face. “No matter what, Ashley, I will make love to you. You can count on that. Come on, get up or I’m just going to throw you down and bury my face in your ass again.”

Ash groaned and shuddered, his erection twitching. “Jesus Dust, like that would be a bad thing?”

“It won’t get you any closer to bottoming for me.”

“Right… right…”

Ash sat up and watched Dust roll out the other side of the bed. God, he was hot. That body was ripped and his face… Ash shivered, his nips hardening. Dust went to his nightstand and pulled open the now infamous drawer where he kept all the really good sex toys. Ash bit his lip in anticipation. To his consternation, Dust didn’t bring out any of the toys, but just the industrial-sized bottle of flavored lube.

“You know I have a Pavlovian response now to that damn bottle?”

Dust burst out laughing and looked over his shoulder at his boyfriend. “Good.” Dust wore a huge grin. “I’ve got to grab a case of toys we haven’t used yet. Hold on.”

Ash stared as Dust strode over to his closet and extracted a small suitcase. He grabbed the bottle of toy cleaner and the paper towels from the dresser, along with an empty plastic storage bin, and then deposited everything on the bed. He opened the suitcase with a flourish.              

“Holy shit,” Ash breathed. 

The case was an anal fetishist’s playground. Dust’s toys nestled sweetly against foam core in neat lines, arranged by size. Ash pointed to a series of small bullet-shaped toys with rings or attachments that looked like they were meant to be worn on a finger. Dust had four of them in different designs, textures, and slightly different sizes.

“What are those?”

“Rimmers,” Dust said. He removed one from the case and slid it onto his index finger.

“I don’t get it.”

“Most of these are BDSM toys, Ashley. Rimmers are for anal play with newbies. They’re more sanitary than using your fingers, and the different designs allow for depth, texture, you get the idea.” Ash blushed furiously as Dustin removed the toy from his hand.

“Are you going to use those with me?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Why not?”

“Well first, because you’re not a newbie. More importantly, they can create physical and emotional distance between the top and bottom, and I don’t want that.” Dustin’s creamy light brown eyes met Ash’s dark eyes. “I don’t ever want there to be distance in our bed.”

Ash suddenly felt very vulnerable, and he definitely didn’t want Dust to use one of those things on him, not for any reason. He leaned up toward Dustin, who gave him the kiss he wanted.

The next few items in the suitcase were standard small butt plugs, beautiful in their slim simplicity. They were side by side with an astounding array of medium-sized plugs, everything from the very simple to three-tiered breach testers, to a wicked-looking black device that looked more like a dildo than a butt plug. Shiny, glossy, ebony silicone, it slept in its own case with “Rascal Rim Raider” printed on the outside in flowing, fancy script. Ash’s eyes kept skipping back to it no matter where else he tried to look. Dustin caught his fascination and gave him a filthy, dirty smile.

“Ever used a plug before?”

Ash shook his head. Dust cocked his head, staring at him.

“Answer me, Ashley.”

Ash looked startled at Dustin’s tone. Dust continued to gaze right at him as if playing the super adult version of the children’s staring game. Ash’s heart rate picked up, thudding in his throat.

“Words, please. ‘Yes, Dustin’ or ‘No, Dustin’ is appropriate, I think.”

Ash’s eyes were huge as he sat there, and as Dustin could plainly see, he was aroused. Ash’s throat moved as he swallowed, nerves getting the better of him. He wet his lips.

“No, Dustin.”

“You’ve seen them before.”


Dustin frowned at the incorrect response. Ash’s heart pounded. He didn’t understand why; they weren’t doing anything. Dust flexed as if to grab Ash, his eyes still locked on Ash’s face, and when he spoke his voice dropped to a bass purr that hit Ash somewhere in the pit of his groin.

“When I ask you a question you answer me how?”

“‘Yes, Dustin’ or ‘No, Dustin,’” Ash whispered. Chill bumps covered his flesh. If Dust touched him now, he might just come.

“Good. So we’ll try it again. You’ve seen toys like these before, haven’t you?”

“Yes, Dustin.”

Dust relaxed. He reached out and very gently touched Ash’s face, tracing a finger over his cheekbone. “Are you okay with using them?”

The last few toys in the case were large and extra-large plugs, grotesque in comparison to the smaller toys. Ash couldn’t even imagine them fitting inside a human body, not comfortably anyway. The idea made his asshole throb and his dick weep. He was so fucking hard… He swallowed and swept his eyes over the toy collection again, then gazed up Dustin’s face.

“Yes, Dustin.”

“You still want to do this?” Dust forced his voice to be neutral despite being terribly eager. He didn’t know what it was about Ashley, but something about the singer flipped every dominant switch he had.

“Yes, Dustin. I’m so hard it hurts right now, and I’m so terrified it feels like my heart’s gonna come right up out of my throat. The combination is…” Ash smiled and gave a choking half laugh as he shook his head, then he crawled around the open suitcase to Dustin. As if praying, he laid his head in Dust’s lap. Dust closed his eyes for a brief second, then reached down and stroked Ash’s hair. “The combination is such a turn on,” Ash whispered. “Like nothing I’ve ever felt.”

Dust ran his fingers through the glossy strands of Ash’s black hair, watching the way they clung to his fingers. The exchange of power and trust involved in an actual D/s relationship was huge. Dustin didn’t know if he was ready for that kind of responsibility, particularly if it was unknowingly offered. He and Ash hadn’t talked about the most important part of his past yet.   

“I know you’ll take good care of me.”

Ash’s beautiful voice, so quiet and sure in the low light of the room, knifed through Dustin’s heart with all the finesse of a rusty blade. Ash sat up and kissed him, his intentions clear that the kiss lead to more. Dust met the kiss, but then firmly pushed Ash back.

“How can you know that, Ashley?”

His question, asked in Dustin’s regular voice, startled Ash every bit as much as Dustin’s earlier query. Ash blinked several times, the spell broken.

“Are you telling me you won’t take good care of me?”

“No, of course I will. I just…” Dust exhaled, shaking his head. If he wasn’t careful he would ruin this for them both. “I just wondered how you were so sure of it.”

“You’re stalling.” Ash bit his lip. “Do you not want to make love to me?”

“No, I do. God, I do.”

“Okay.” Ash kissed Dustin and nodded at the open suitcase. “So…”

Dust removed one of the small plugs. Ash stared at the way it swelled and flared. About four and a half inches long with a mid-point circumference of only three inches, Ash’s dick jerked at the thought of having it inside of his body. He worried he’d come just from Dustin inserting it since he’d gone without sex for so long.

“This is where we start,” Dust said, holding up the plug. “Small. If you’re as comfortable bottoming as you say you are – and I believe you – then this should be a piece of cake. We’ll move up from here, but if you… Hmmmm…” Dust paused, grinned, and looked at Ash sideways, reaching for a different plug, one in midnight blue that looked softer and more malleable. “If you decide you want to wear one around the house or out… to completely drive me nuts…You know, for extra credit…” Dustin laughed, holding up the midnight blue plug, “this is the best one for that.”

“Extra credit?”

“Sure. If we do this right, we’ll create a bond that we couldn’t get any other way. A D/s relationship is about people exchanging power.”

“I thought it was about whips and chains,” Ash said, grinning.

“Do you want me to whip you?”

Ash’s breath froze in his lungs. A slow, seductive smile crept across Dustin’s face. He reached down and put just his fingertip on the base of Ash’s extremely hard and very wet erection, watching Ash’s reaction.

“You do. Do you want me to tie you up, too?”

Ash looked frantic. Dust drew that one fingertip straight up his shaft. Ash’s head snapped back like a picked flower and he groaned.

“God… Yes, Dustin…”

“Relax, lover. We’ll negotiate every scene, always. All right?”

Ash nodded. He was beyond grateful when Dust leaned over, grabbed the bottle of water on the nightstand, and presented it to him. In his entire life he’d never gotten winded or worn out just having heavy conversation with anybody – except Dust.

 “All right. Back to the toys.” Dustin removed another plug and held it up. Ash’s eyes popped wide, his mouth dropping open.

“Don’t look so shocked. This is where we want to be by our next gig. The main center of the mass is just slightly larger than most ‘large-sized’ vibes, and those are cast from real men – who are smaller than I am.”

The plug Dustin held up was a bright red medium-sized plug, five and a half inches long from base to tip and about five and a half inches in circumference at its mid-point. It looked positively huge. Dustin put it down and reached back into the case. Ash was doing his level best not to hyperventilate.

“Now, the idea is that if you get to there by the coven wedding, then by the end of June we can get you to here.”

Dust held up the third plug, and this time, Ash couldn’t hold back.

“You’re out of your mind!”

Dust chuckled. “No, I’m not; it’s not actually as big as it looks.”

“Uh, Dust, this isn’t a rearview mirror situation. I’m staring right at it, and I kinda think it’s every bit as big as it looks!”

“Ash, calm down. Relax. Look… have you ever gone to a BDSM expo and watched a stuffing event? Maybe online or on DVD?”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“It’s cool. Um, maybe fisting then?”

“I know what fisting is; I’ve seen it done.” Ash’s dark eyes widened and flew back up to Dustin’s face. “Not live – on video!”

“Never had it done?” Ash’s eyes bugged out and Dustin laughed. “Guess not.”

“No,” Ash said, shaking his head. “Sorry. I’m not quite that adventurous.”

“Okay, well, if you’ve seen it, then you know it’s possible for the anus and rectum to open and stretch enough to accommodate a grown man’s fist, as well as a portion of the arm.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know it.” Ash shuddered. “Argh. Ugh. Dust, I’m sorry, that does nothing for me.”

Dustin shook his head, holding up the third plug. “Not the point. The point is that if your body could potentially accommodate my fist, it should have no trouble with this.”

Ash took another look at the toy. A garish purple, the plug looked grotesque, impossible, not ever meant to be inside a person. Staring at it made his ass ache. Though it was no longer than the others at five and half inches in length, it was without a doubt fully seven and a half inches in circumference at the main mass of the body. When he saw how upset Ash got examining it, Dustin wisely put the purple plug away. He reached in and removed the Rascal Rim Raider from its case.

“Once you get into the large plugs, we can start working with this, and trust me, this will become your new best friend. You’ll put it on your Christmas list you’ll love it so much. You’ll beg me for it. You know this thing is dishwasher safe? Not that I’d ever put it there ‘cause that would freak Jared out I think, but still.”

Ash laughed so hard he choked. Dust grinned and kissed him, then put the Rascal Rim Raider away. He moved the toy suitcase off the bed. Dustin was of the opinion that once they embarked on this journey together, Ash would admit he was all the way gay and girls, including Arden, would be relegated to nothing more than a minor, passing fancy. It was one thing to be sloppily fucked by a guy while buried balls deep in a chick, everybody out for his or her own release, no emotions involved. It was something else entirely to have full-on gay sex with a partner who took the time to do it all right, with real love and affection in every touch, kiss and caress.

Dustin had every intention of showing Ashley just exactly how fantastic gay sex could be for a guy when his partner was dedicated to rocking his world.

“Come here, baby,” Dust said, climbing back into bed and pulling Ash to him. They settled into a comfortable spoon, Ash’s back against Dustin’s chest. Ash tried to ignore how terribly erotic Dust’s piercings felt every time they brushed his shoulder blades and back, but his erection leapt and leaked as chill bumps rippled down his arms. Dustin’s deep, low chuckle only made it worse. He kissed Ash’s ear and Ash’s entire body shuddered.

“Plugs are used a lot in the BDSM community,” Dustin said, his mouth right by Ash’s ear, “by Doms with their subs. Sometimes they’re decoration, or punishment, sometimes a reward, or like I use them… for training. My involvement in that scene is, uh… hmm, transient, I guess you could say.” Ash’s surprise was evident in the set of his body. Dustin snorted softly. “Why are you surprised? You’re a total sub, Ash.”

“I’ve never been involved in anything like this before. I mean, it’s always held a little taboo sort of appeal for me, sure, but…”

Dustin kissed his temple and stroked a hand across his chest, running his fingers through the silky, fine dark hair that dusted Ash’s pecs. “It holds that appeal because it’s what you are, Ash. I had some… aggression issues a few years back; it was safer to deal with them where there were rules and boundaries. I learned all the different ways there were to ‘top’ somebody, some of which don’t involve sex at all. The side benefit of my foray into the BDSM scene is the little collection you just saw.”

“So you bought all those toys to use on other guys?” Ash felt a little queasy thinking about Dustin with other men.

Dust noticed when Ash stiffened, and sighed. “No. Actually, I bought most of them for myself.” He kissed Ash’s ear. “I started out as a bottom, remember? You misunderstood me. When I said I had aggression issues, I didn’t mean that I was aggressive toward others.” 

Dustin was quiet for a few minutes. Ash held his breath, waiting for Dust to continue. When he finally spoke his voice was low in the dark room. “When I first sought out the BDSM scene, I wanted to be punished. Disciplined. Hurt.” 

Ash didn’t know what to say. He badly wanted to ask why Dustin would ever want anybody to hurt him, but he knew he couldn’t ask that question right now. If Dustin told him the reason was because he was desperately in love with somebody else, then Ash didn’t think he could handle hearing that. Until he could hear any conceivable answer from Dustin’s lips without going crazy, Ash had no right to ask.

He turned in Dustin’s arms to look at his beautiful, troubled boyfriend. “You’ve actually used all these toys?”

Dustin smiled, and it lit up his whole face. “The first rule of being a good top is that you never do anything to your bottom that you haven’t tried on yourself first. I’ve tried all of those toys out, Ashley.”

Ash’s chest heaved, and his eyes looked a little wild. “All of them?” he whispered. “You’ve used all of them?”  His voice sounded a little desperate, like he hoped Dust was joking.

Dust gave him a dirty grin. “You don’t know everything there is to know about me yet, Ashley.” Dustin grabbed Ash and hauled him tight against his chest, locking his arms around him and pressing his mouth against Ash’s ear, his hot, moist breath tickling even as it sent zings and tingles down the side of Ash’s body. “Play your cards right, baby, and you might just find out what kind of muscle control I have… I guarantee you won’t ever want to fuck another girl.”

“Uh… I thought you didn’t bottom,” Ash said, caught somewhere between uncertainty and desire.

Dust locked gazes with him again, arms clinched around him. “Ashley, if we’re really going to do this… let’s not limit ourselves… okay?”

Ash nodded, tried to breathe and managed only to hiccup. Dustin kissed him again, his lips warm and soft, his arms so strong. Ash’s head spun the way it always did when Dust laid one of his major kisses on him, but damn if he didn’t feel a million times better afterwards.

“So… how many times have you used these toys? You know… for this?” Ash asked.

“This will be the third time. Well, the fourth if you count me as one use.”


“How much do you want to know, Ashley?” Dustin asked. “I don’t mind sharing the details of my past lovers with you. There’s not a lot to tell.”

“But you’ve been with more than two people.”

“Yes. But I either didn’t have sex with them, or if I did, it was before I started using these toys.”

Ash squirmed. “I’m sorry, Dust. I don’t mean to grill you.”

“It’s okay. This is kind of different and I want you to be comfortable with me.”

“So… it worked okay? When you did this with the other two?”

“The first time it was kind of a joke. We were both having so much fun experimenting that I don’t think we realized just how well it worked. We could’ve had sex weeks before we did, but we were having way too much fun playing.” Dust smiled at the memory. “We were both college freshmen, both far away from home for the first time, and Kevin had just come out. But the answer to your question is that for him, yes, it worked. I took his virginity, and I didn’t hurt him. Small miracle.”

Ash carefully watched Dustin’s face. “So why aren’t you with Kevin? What happened?”

“We wanted different things.” Dust smiled ruefully. “I was looking for Mr. Right; Kevin was looking for Mr. Right Now.”

“You guys were what… 17? 18?”

“Yeah. Something like that.”

“That’s pretty young to be setting up house, Dust.”

Dust shrugged, and Ash knew he’d hit a sore spot. “So what about the other guy?”

Dustin couldn’t stop the sigh that slipped from his lips, and Ash picked up on it. He went on instant alert. Dust stroked his hair to soothe him. “Miroslav. He was a grad student at Pitt, a TA for one of my sophomore classes. He was much older than me, much more experienced, just…”

Dust stopped as memories overwhelmed him. He let go of Ash, put his head down, and took a few slow, deep breaths. Ash sat up, frowning. His jealousy curled up in his guts like a big green snake, twisting around with no place to go as he watched Dustin struggle with his feelings.

“You don’t have to talk about this if you don’t want to, Dust.”

“No… it’s okay. And you deserve to know.”

Ash wasn’t sure he wanted to know. He’d never heard Dustin’s voice sound like that before, and he didn’t like it.

“Mir was everything I ever wanted in a lover or a boyfriend. He thought using the toys was brilliant, and even though it took us a little longer to start having sex than he was really happy with, he admitted it was worth it.”  Dustin chuckled. “Europeans have a different sort of cultural outlook on sex than Americans. But yes, the toys worked for him, too.”

“And where is he?” Ash asked carefully. His entire body was as tense as a cocked gun, though he was doing his best to hold Dustin, to offer him the comfort he obviously needed.

“San Francisco,” Dust said. “He was here on a student Visa from the Czech Republic and finished up his studies at Pitt at the end of my sophomore year. He needed a post-doctoral program, and the best offer he got was in San Fran. I knew he couldn’t stay and he knew I couldn’t leave. It sucked, but timing matters, and the time wasn’t right for us. We still email, but that’s all.”

For a long moment they were silent, sitting in the darkened bedroom. Ash let the horrible, bitter jealousy ebb before he even tried to speak. He hated the way he felt, hated that he couldn’t go back to the way he used to be, because it would’ve made things so much easier all the way around. The old Ash would’ve just shrugged off this old lover of Dustin’s who was in his past, and concentrated on turning Dust’s world upside down now, in the present. The man in the bed couldn’t do that, and Ash was baffled as to why things were so damn different now.

“So… do you still think about him?”

“Who? Mir?”

“No. Santa Claus. Yes! Mir!”

Dustin pursed his lips. “Honestly, Ash? This is the first time I’ve thought about him since I got an email a few months ago. I try not to dwell on people and things I can’t have; it’s a surefire path to misery.”

Ash growled, and suddenly he was up on his knees next to Dustin, pushing their chests together. Dustin was a little surprised, but let Ash shove into him as he grabbed Dust by both wrists.

“I have to know, Dust,” Ash growled. “Am I competing for your attention? Do I have to wipe this guy’s memory away with my own body because that’s one thing I can do. But you have to tell me the truth. Did you love him? Are you still in love with him?” 

Oh god, Dustin thought.

“First of all, calm down. I’m not naked in bed with Mir. I’m here with you, Ashley. I’m touching, kissing, and holding you. So rein in the jealousy.”

“Okay… All right…”

Dust hauled Ash back into his arms. He pressed his lips to Ash’s clean hair in a soft, warm kiss. “Now, listen to what I’m actually saying, so that you don’t completely freak out here, okay?”


“I think a part of me will always love Mir. He was the first real boyfriend I ever had who loved me just as I was, who didn’t want things from me that I couldn’t give him. And he was brilliant, too. The best orchestra arranger I’d ever met, as well as a phenomenal composer and an inspired percussionist. We spent hours talking about music. Real music, not rock-n-roll.”

Ash was silent. His insides hurt at the wistful ache he heard in Dustin’s voice as he spoke so eloquently about another guy. Finally, when the silence went on too long, Dustin sighed. He pulled away and turned so that he and Ash once again faced each other.

“Ash, if we were out tonight in Pittsburgh together, and we ran into Mir, do you know what I’d say?”

Ash shook his head, afraid to speak for fear his voice would crack. He couldn’t label the emotions he was experiencing, didn’t know if he was angry, sad, terrified, hurt or something else entirely. He just knew he was full of unidentified feelings and he didn’t like it.

Dustin held Ash’s face in his hands and leaned forward to press a soft kiss against his perfect mouth. “I’d say, ‘Mir, wow, long time! You have to meet my boyfriend, Ashley. He’s the best singer I’ve ever heard.’” Dustin kissed him again, though this time Ash’s lips curled against his in a smile. “And then I’d make you two hang out because you’re both so incredibly talented something magic would happen.”

Ash sighed and shook his head. “I’m such a jealous bastard. You’re too nice a guy, Dust. I’m sorry!”

“Don’t be sorry,” Dust said, kissing him again. “I’m glad you’re honest.”

Ash hung his head. “Doesn’t feel like honesty. Just feels like I’m selfish and jealous.”

“We’ll work on that. I feel it to you know. This thing earlier tonight with Arden was pretty bad.”

Ash nodded, sighing heavily. For a long time they just lay there together, breathing, holding each other. The simple touches slowly morphed into gliding caresses, and their bodies ceased to be still as rubbing against each other proved too pleasurable. 

“Want you, Ashley,” Dust growled in his ear before licking his way down Ash’s neck to his collarbone. “Need you…”

“Argh!” Ash gasped as Dust bit him, his teeth around his collarbone. “I’m yours. All yours.”

“I want you belly down, bent over the side of the bed with your arms stretched out over your head. Right now,” Dustin said, and Ash scrambled, moving to obey his lover.                                    

Dust slid off the bed. He flipped his iPod on and brought up the programmed playlist for tonight. He couldn’t hear Saving Abel’s “Addicted” without thinking about Ash, so it was the first song on the list. Dust retrieved the small plug, the lube, and that empty bin, a smile hovering around his mouth as the music started to play.

Ash’s perfect ass was right at the edge of the bed, his arms stretched over his head as requested, legs bent as they were too long for his feet to be flat on the floor, but then, he didn’t quite understand what Dust wanted. Dust moved behind him and for several long minutes just admired the absolute beauty of Ash’s musculature. He leaned down and pressed his lips to the small of Ash’s back, eliciting a jerk and tremble from his lover.

“Feet on the floor, baby, and spread them further apart. I know it’s going to feel awkward, but I don’t want that hard-on I know you have pressed against the bed.”

Ash groaned, but immediately spread his legs further apart and set his feet to the floor, standing so that his hips came up off the bed. Dust rewarded him by stroking his fingertips down the cleft of Ash’s ass to a soft, sweet moan. He parted Ash’s cheeks and stroked his fingers over Ash’s entrance – delicate, tender touches that had Ash panting and pulling his arms down. As soon as he did that, though, Dust stopped.

“You move out of the position I put you in and it all stops, Ashley. Anytime you want me to stop that’s all you have to do. Otherwise…”

Ash groaned and thrust his arms back over his head. For some reason, having them stretched up like that made him feel exposed and open, but it turned him on, too. God, everything Dustin did turned him on. Dustin stroked a finger over his hole again and Ash couldn’t stop the helpless whimpers that came out of his mouth.

“I want you to take a deep breath on three, Ashley.” Dust set the lubed, rounded end of the plug to Ash’s entrance. “One… two… three.” As Ash inhaled, Dust pushed, inserting the slick toy in one smooth motion. It slipped in like Ash was a pro.

“Is it in?” Ash asked. Dust chuckled.

“Yeah. Not much of a challenge, huh?”


“If you’re okay with it, then I’m going to move up to the medium.”

Ash snickered and stretched his arms even further out in front of him. “Yeah, I’m okay with it. I’d like to actually feel what you’re doing.”

“Don’t underestimate it just because it didn’t hurt on penetration, Ashley.”  Dust reached down and tapped the base of the plug. After four or five taps, Ash groaned and shifted his hips, though it did little good. He couldn’t escape what Dustin was doing as he continued to tap on the base of the plug. “It’s right where it needs to be, and even a small has its uses.” Dust gave it a few more taps for good measure.

“Okay, okay.  I get it!”

Dustin laughed, grasping the base of the plug. “Deep breath on three,” he said, and began to apply steady outward pressure to the plug. “One… two… three,” Dust said, and removed the toy with as much ease as he inserted it. He used a piece of paper towel to gently wipe Ash off, and then wiped the toy off before tossing it in the bin for cleaning and disinfecting.

Dustin went to the case on the floor and came quickly back to Ash. A quick spritz of toy cleaner later, he was lubing up a medium-sized plug and telling Ash to move his knees further apart.

“I feel like a Thanksgiving turkey here, Dust.”

“Want me to stop? You can go out and party with Arden.” Dustin’s voice was remarkably dry.

“No, thanks.” Ash’s tone matched Dust’s perfectly. “Do it.”

This time Dust worked to insert the toy, and Ash had to concentrate to keep his arms extended. 

“Stop clenching,” Dust murmured. “Relax.”

“Sorry,” Ash said through gritted teeth. Damn, Dust thought. That won’t do at all.

Dust stopped with the penetration attempt and reached under Ash. His erection was gone, his penis flaccid and cool, shriveled against his body as though it turned shy. 

“Come on,” Dust said, releasing him. “Climb back up on the bed with me.”

Ash lowered his arms and followed Dust back up onto the mattress. Once they were there, Dust spared no time reviving his boyfriend’s hard-on. Dust’s clever hands gently manipulated Ash, coaxing him back to quivering hardness as they kissed. In the background, Ash registered that the music changed and recognized the fast, driving sound of the Offspring playing “All I Want Is You.”

Ash rolled up onto his hands and knees. Dustin moved behind him and kissed his tailbone. His lubed fingers plunged deep before Ash could even think about clenching up, and as Dustin found what he was looking for and pressed, Ash shouted something unintelligible. 

“That’s it, right there…You love that, don’t you?” Dust asked, reaching around and stroking Ash’s dick with his other hand.

“Yes!” Ash choked out, thrusting back against Dustin’s fingers. “Oh god… more!”

Dustin picked up the plug, quickly re-lubed it and after giving Ash a few perfunctory strokes, began to slide it in.

“Oh fuck!” Ash groaned, pushing back against Dust. Dust pressed the plug forward and felt Ash’s body open up. Dustin’s groan was nearly as loud as Ash’s as he watched the plug disappear, sliding past the two rings of interlocking muscle to lodge snugly behind them. He leaned down and pressed kisses to each of Ash’s ass cheeks.

Ash squirmed under Dustin’s hot kisses. He was ready to explode; the plug felt huge inside of him. He was stuffed full, and every time he moved it pressed up against his spot. His head drooped onto the bed as he tried to calm down and take deep breaths, but even that stimulated him. Starting at twenty, Ash counted backwards, modulating his breathing in a desperate attempt not to lose it all over the sheets. He made it to eight before that deep sultry voice interrupted him.


Ash looked up to see Dustin stretched out on the bed in front of him like a gorgeous blond god, one arm bent up to pillow behind his head as he slowly stroked his enormous erection. He was resplendent. His ripped, inked body was laid out in front of Ash like a feast, and his piercings flashed in the low light like twinkling modern gems adorning his bounteous beauty. Ash moaned and bit his lip. He crawled to Dust, aware of the plug with every single movement.

“Start at my feet.” Dustin’s bass voice sounded even deeper as he stared at Ash through heavy-lidded, lust-filled eyes. “I want to watch you…”

Ash rubbed his head against the bottom of Dustin’s left foot like a big jaguar caressing his mate, then rubbed his cheekbone along the ball of the same foot as if scent-marking him. He sucked Dustin’s toes into his mouth one at a time, running his tongue up the underside of each one just for the pleasure of hearing Dustin’s sharp inhalation of breath. He spread Dustin’s legs wide and licked long, wet trails up the insides of his legs, thrilling in the way the low lighting glinted off Dustin’s moist, blond body hair.

By the time Ash worked his way up to Dustin’s groin, both men were panting, dripping, and groaning. Ash was pretty sure as soon as he got one good taste of Dust, as soon as that perfect, massive dick hit the back of his throat, he was going to come. His body tingled all over, his skin felt hot and tight, and his hands shook.   

“Kiss it, Ash. Put those pretty lips on my dick.”

With a growl, Ash surged forward and put his mouth where Dustin wanted it. Dust’s sigh sent tingles racing down Ash’s back.

“Mmm, oh yeah… Nice and slow…”

Ash’s entire body flashed hot and cold, chilling and flushing as he bent over his favorite part of Dustin and worshipped him with both his hands and his mouth. Dust could see him trembling, could see how fantastically hard Ash was just from wearing the plug and performing oral sex. No doubt about it, his boy was a total sub, Dustin thought. Then Ash slid him into his throat and Dustin gasped. 

In his entire adult life, no one else ever deep-throated him; he was just too damn big. In the last two weeks, though, Ash figured out how to do it and now seemed to relish showing off the ability whenever given the opportunity. At the moment Ash had several inches of Dustin down his throat, his breaths puffing through his nose as he struggled with Dust’s girth, saliva pouring over his chin, his full lips stretched completely thin. The sight was the single most erotic thing Dustin had ever had the privilege of watching.

But they weren’t playing with the toys so that Ash could practice his oral skills. Despite how good it would feel to unload down Ash’s throat, and no doubt, it felt fantastic as Dust knew from doing it once already this evening, Dustin didn’t intend to repeat that scene. He deliberately withdrew from Ash’s mouth to his boyfriend’s utter astonishment.

Dust used the sheet to wipe Ash’s very sloppy lower lip and chin before leaning down and kissing his baffled face.

“Ashley, I’ve already come tonight. This is about getting you ready to bottom. Did you forget?” By the look on his face it was obvious he had. Dustin laughed and kissed him again. “Pick your most comfortable position for sex. The position you like to use the most and take it.”

“But… I thought…”

“No, Ashley, we’re not having sex.” Dustin’s voice was infinitely patient. He stroked Ash’s hair. “Do as you’re told.”

Ash shivered. He really liked when Dust talked that way. Ash had so much responsibility all the time at school, for the Farm, and with the band that having it whisked away and suddenly being put in a role where all he had to do was obey was a relief. Ash grabbed one of the pillows from the head of the bed and settled it under his chest, staying on his hands and knees.

“Every time we come to bed from now on you choose one of the plugs from the case first,” Dust said, settling behind him. Marilyn Manson’s cover of “Personal Jesus” boomed out and Dustin grinned. “Perfect. Relax, baby.”

To the heavy beat of the song and Brian Warner’s growl, Dustin teased Ash with the sex toy until he had the sheets knotted around both hands. His black hair was wild from his thrashing, and the towel Dustin had thrown down under him was a rumpled, damp mess.

“Please… Dust, fuck… Please let me come!”

“Yeah,” Dustin said. He never stopped torturing Ash with the plug. Watching those slim hips dance was just gorgeous. “Go ahead. Stroke off, Ashley.”

With a strangled groan and a trembling hand Ash came, collapsing onto the bed. Dustin tossed the toy into the bin for cleaning before wiping up.

“Come here,” Dustin whispered.

Ash rose up and went to Dustin’s embrace gladly. “God, Dust… oh my god,” Ash murmured, still trembling from the force of his climax. His whole body tingled as if covered with glitter.


“Fucking fantastic,” Ash said, nuzzling Dust’s neck. They just laid in bed, kissing and holding each other while Static X’s “Cold” played in the background. 

“Do you need to go talk to Arden?” Dustin asked softly, his nose buried in Ash’s clean hair. The scent of Ash’s shampoo almost covered the heavy aroma of male rut that hung in the room.

Ash shook his head. “I’m going to be stuck in a car with her tomorrow.” He smiled ruefully. “She’ll grovel and apologize, and kiss my ass, and I’ll forgive her.” Ash kissed Dustin. “But know this, Dust. What she did tonight was not okay, and I intend to tell her that. I also intend to tell her that if she can’t behave then she needs to keep herself in Pittsburgh.”

Dustin sighed. “Don’t do or say anything that you’ll regret later, Ash.”

“I won’t. This is the kind of friendship Arden and I have, though. We can say anything to each other, and most of the time, we do. It’s why we’re still friends. She’s the one person in the world who will tell me the absolute truth, no matter what. But I was honest with her earlier today. I told her how I felt about you, how serious I was about making this thing between us work, so… She has to respect my choice.”

Choice, Dustin thought. If Ash could choose to be with a guy, then obviously he could choose to reinstate the “benefits” to his friendship with Arden just as quickly as he removed them. As Ash settled into his lover’s arms, Dust remained awake, his face troubled. Maybe he should try a little harder to befriend Arden… for all their sakes.


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