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"Everything that lives, eats. It just so happens that humans are more than animals, humans think. That can make it complicated, being one step higher on the food chain. A wolf kills a rabbit because its instincts take over when the rabbit crosses it's path. But, what happens when both hunter and prey, are both capable of thinking, feeling, choosing?"
Copyright © 2011 VampireMystic; All Rights Reserved.

Story Note

Author's Note: This one came together from a lot of little things and and a lot of Linkin Park. And it's dedicated to Comicality to himself. In spirit, if not in substance.
"Com, thanks for being you. For staying awesome even through everything that bitch Fate dealt into your life, all the crap bigots hurl at you, and all the burdens the people that send you email ask you to help bear. Thanks for bringing the Shack into existence, bringing all of us who hang out there together too.
Thank you for your stories, and for letting us play in your sandbox. *Hugs*"

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 6 reviews, 7,025 words,