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Building The Bridge * * * * * 3 Ratings


A Period Drama set in Africa at a time when the British Empire is at its height in developing the colonies and follows a young man's adventure in life, love and growing up in a wild, volatile and often dangerous environment.
Copyright © 2012 Yettie One; All Rights Reserved.

Story Note


This is my first real attempt at a novel style drama, so please bare with me as I am sure that this adventure will be as interesting and challenging for you as it is for me.

Wish me luck :)

Building The Bridge

Table of Contents

  1. Prologue 0 reviews, 590 words,
    A general guide to the essence of this story. Worth a read.
  1. Chapter 1 - Gazed on by Angels 2 reviews, 3,290 words,

    Imagine the feeling of Discovering the majestic Victoria Falls.

  2. Chapter 2 - Such Delightful News 2 reviews, 4,096 words,
  3. Chapter 3 - Base Camp 1 reviews, 4,313 words,
  4. Chapter 4 - S.S. Cromwell 0 reviews, 4,144 words,
  5. Chapter 5 - Through Fields of Gold 1 reviews, 5,697 words,
  6. Chapter 6 - A Track Unites 1 reviews, 5,138 words,
  7. Chapter 7 - Building a Blondin 1 reviews, 6,435 words,
  8. Chapter 8 - Decisions 2 reviews, 7,755 words,