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5. Dawn Breaks Reviews

joann414%s's Photo

Jun 30 2012 08:45 PM

(Chapter 5 Review)

Your imagery in the first part was waaaaay up there, and It was a very sweet story as Andy said. Your writing is very easy to read, and very enjoyable. thanx
comicfan%s's Photo

Jun 30 2012 09:16 AM

(Chapter 5 Review)

It was a very sweet little tale. I like how you wove the words into the story and nothing was forced. Nicely done.

View Post Reply from Yettie One (author)

Thanks for this Prompt Wayne. It took me back to a special place, and precious memories, so it was kind of easy to write. The real place is in South Wales, an area known as Worms Head in the Gower. It's stunning there, and was a place I used to frequent when I needed to think, or be alone. And it was a bloody horse I nearly hit, not a deer, part of the inspiration for the others story. HAHA. ;)
Andy78%s's Photo

Jun 30 2012 06:24 AM

(Chapter 5 Review)

Such a sweet story. Really well written, and an interesting use of some of the words.

View Post Reply from Yettie One (author)

Thanks for the feedback Andy. I saw this prompt and straight away knew what I had to write. It was almost as if the prompt was meant to be! :) Really enjoyed this one, and really glad you liked it too. Thanks for reading buddy! :hug:
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