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    I write dark dramatic and thriller/suspense stories. No topic is off limits, I've covered rape, murder, kidnapping and physical and emotional abuse.

    I also plan on dabbling in sci-fi but that's on my to-do list. Speaking of which, it's huge, so stay tuned.
  1. Assorted Nonsense

    By advocatus diaboli, in Fiction. 04/26/2014 (Updated: 05/06/2014)

    Random things that I write that don't really fit into any other story nearly.
  2. Four Letter Words

    By advocatus diaboli, in Fiction. 09/15/2013 (Updated: 02/28/2014)

    A collection of stand-alone stories based on a four letter long theme word. These stories are published in no particular order.
  3. Waiting List

    By advocatus diaboli, in Fiction. 09/20/2013 (Updated: 09/20/2013)

    Jason calls to ask about his referral.
  4. Perception of Love

    By advocatus diaboli, in Fiction. 09/15/2013 (Updated: 09/15/2013)

    A young couple are engaged and going on a vacation to celebrate. But all is not as it appears to be.
  5. The Diary

    By advocatus diaboli, in 2013-4 Pandora's Box. 09/12/2013 (Updated: 09/12/2013)

    His boyfriend asks him not read his diary. Will he read it anyways? If he does, what will it contain?
  6. Highway

    By advocatus diaboli, in Fiction. 09/07/2013 (Updated: 09/07/2013)

    He's going down the wrong road...
  7. Russian Roulette

    By advocatus diaboli, in Fiction. 05/17/2012 (Updated: 08/08/2013)

    In the stunning epilogue, Matthew was driven to take such drastic and potentially lethal action. Find out what happened to him.
  8. A Life So Hard

    By advocatus diaboli, in Fiction. 11/16/2011 (Updated: 08/07/2013)

    Andrew's life has been difficult. Follow along as he talks about the difficulties he experiences and the love he finds. This story promises no shortage of pain, sorrow and tragedy with very little happiness to fill in the gaps.
  9. Confessions From A Rooftop

    By advocatus diaboli, in Fiction. 06/09/2013 (Updated: 08/02/2013)

    Marcus lives a troubled life and is faced with life or death decisions. What will the outcomes be?

    Chapter 1 was originally submitted as part of the Winter 2011 Anthology with the theme of "Aftermath."