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    The writings of andr0gene mostly reside under the 'romance' category, pitting characters into awkward or impossible situations and let them make the best of it. Several of his efforts have popped up around the web over the years, with one of his stories being voted #1 on the historical toplist for five years straight (since 2005); another sits at #4 on that same list. He's best known for "The House Always Wins," a story set in Las Vegas, and "Colorado Game," set in beautiful Colorado. His releases are far and in-between, so catch em as they come! Andr0gene writes to us from the Netherlands.
  1. The Butler

    By Andr0gene, in Fiction. 03/18/2018 (Updated: 06/13/2018)

    When an inheritance must be shared, unique characters are pitted together by an unforeseen maneuver from the grave...

  2. Confounded: Part II 2. Confounded

    By Andr0gene, in Fiction. 04/24/2011 (Updated: 03/17/2018)

    This is the story of Kit, the son of Mitch & Taylan, and his foray into the world of love. Perhaps his only one...

  3. Colorado Game

    By Andr0gene, in Fiction. 12/17/2010 (Updated: 04/23/2011)

    Colorado Game tells the story of Mark & Ross. Mark is a musician, hired by Ross's company to score a project of theirs. They meet during a 'Teambuilding week' and get of to somewhat of a rough start. Will they make it, the CEO and the nerd, or...

  4. Confounded: Part I 1. Confounded

    By Andr0gene, in Fiction. 12/17/2010 (Updated: 03/13/2011)

    'Confounded' is the first part of a two-part story. Mitchell is married, or so Taylan thinks. He also has a son. But things are not as they appear...

  5. The House Always Wins

    By Andr0gene, in Fiction. 12/17/2010 (Updated: 12/17/2010)

    $20,000, 1 month, 1 lie.


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