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Carlos Hazday's Stories


A Friday night conversation over pizza.


A religious fanatic releases a chimera virus during the Haj. In its aftermath two survivors travel the United States seeking a place to settle.


50, gay, and very much alive! Short vignettes about the life of a grown man who happens to ride a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Book 2 of CJ *****

CJ's story continues following the summer of 2013 in Washington, DC. Not a typical teen story.


The story of two young men, and how the Vietnam War affected their lives.

Book 2 of Atlantis Shift *****

The dolphins of Nova Scotia return in an all new adventure!

Book 1 of Blue Collars *****

The Lumberjack & The Professor

Book 4 of Chelsea Tales *****

Tony and Colt meet on New Year's Eve
Stand alone story. Reading of others in the series is not required.

Book 7 of Chelsea Tales -----

Tony and Colt return for Valentine's Day.
Stand alone story. Reading of others in the series is suggested but not necessary.


A 1929 Ford Model A Tudor is passed from father to son through several generations.

Book 6 of Chelsea Tales *****

Is it really Santa in those red Speedos?
A slightly gay, night-before-Christmas story.


Responses to selected prompts


Follow along with an Aussie group of musicians on their first tour of the United States.



Book 4 of CJ *****

CJ's education, in school and life, continues.