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    Cia's writing involves stories with budding relationships. She doesn't allow herself to be boxed into one genre, instead her stories can be spread out through multiple categories, including: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Modern, and even mixes of those and more. The common thread that binds them all is the realization that you never know what is going to happen next.
  1. Negative Splits Premium

    By Cia, in Fiction. 01/20/2017 (Updated: 04/23/2017)

    Kyp had enough smothering to last him a lifetime. He overcame so much to graduate high school. Now that he's finally at college, he's finding that the start is harder than he thought.

    He has a roommate for the first time in his life, and people who would like to be his friends if he'll let them in. Kyp wants to be independent, but circumstances beyond his control will teach him that sometimes the second half of the race is the hardest part.
  2. Mine!

    By Cia, in Fiction. 05/15/2016 (Updated: 04/20/2017)

    Human werekin, the public face for their kind, are treated as slaves by most even though they protect the hidden bonded werekin to protect them from human discovery. Deke allowed the cultural schism to drive away the man he loved. They received news of a tragic accident, and he believed he lost Kraig forever. All he has left is his duty.

    When the unexpected happens, it will take every ounce of his conviction and control to protect not only his streak but the man his heart beats for.
  3. Disastertastic Premium

    By Cia, in Fiction. 11/07/2016 (Updated: 12/05/2016)

    Sawyer is too busy to worry about something as frivolous as Christmas. College is hard, but he’s focused on getting into law school. Kable is studying to make the family business, Del Buon Gusto, into a successful chain restaurant. When a party debacle at the restaurant gives Kable a chance to get close to Sawyer, he’s shocked to learn Sawyer’s a Christmas Grinch. He's determined to change Sawyer’s mind, but their dates are one debacle after another. Can they have a Merry Christmas?
  4. Death Left Forgotten

    By Cia, in 2016-3 Blindsided / The Forgotten. 11/10/2016 (Updated: 11/10/2016)

    It was insane to think the whole world’s population had died in the span of a few weeks. If I focused on what I didn’t know, on the fear I’d never see another living soul, I’d start screaming and never stop.

    So I didn’t.
  5. All Hallows Eve Adventure

    By Cia, in Fiction. 10/31/2016 (Updated: 10/31/2016)

    This year I wouldn't be denied. It was All Hallows Eve and the magic to transform and pass through the veil between worlds would be mine. No matter how many times my mother warned me, I just had to see the human realm for myself.
  6. Worthy

    By Cia, in 2016-1 Crossing the Line. 03/09/2016 (Updated: 03/09/2016)

    Sudal is the only verl in his clan. He has the honor of fulfilling a sacred duty for his people. No one cares if he wants actually wants that honor. Sudal will do his duty, but on the eve of adulthood he takes one stolen flight soaring alone through the freedom of the sky. One moment for himself can't hurt before he faces the scrutiny of the clan as they witness his success or failure... but do the gods feel the same way?
  7. Falling

    By Cia, in 2015-5 Blackout. 12/10/2015 (Updated: 12/10/2015)

    If I survive long enough for the beacon to transmit my location, Anslough is fucking toast.
  8. Cosmic Inception 3. Saving Caeorleia Premium

    By Cia, in Fiction. 01/10/2015 (Updated: 11/16/2015)

    Nicklaus and Fieo are drawn to each other, but so much stands between them and joining in besedad. Nick has some very real fears to work through, but will he have the time and space he needs to overcome his past? Fieo's mission to find the Collectors will take them far from Caeorleia and stress on their already tenuous relationship.

    Will their journey tear them apart or finally bring them together?
  9. Fortitude

    By Cia, in Fiction. 10/08/2014 (Updated: 10/28/2015)

    Will’s an aberration—the only beta to be born in 100 years. The city used to be powered by a machine invented by the last known beta, Schvesla. The monarchy has employed countless craftsmen for a century, but no one can make it run. The city relies on steam power, but now Will has reached his full potential there's a chance he might be the one to return the city to the golden era. He's smarter than any other person alive, but will that be enough?
  10. Picking Up Strays

    By Cia, in 2015-3 Road Trip. 06/11/2015 (Updated: 06/11/2015)

    When bad goes to worse, mankind’s implosion is spectacular… and has one hell of an unintended consequence.
  11. Best-Solution 5. A Maze For Three

    By Cia, in 2015-1 Full Circle. 03/13/2015 (Updated: 03/13/2015)

    Miah's stake has to be a success; he has something to prove--to himself, to his family, and to all the people who thought he'd fail. But can he find the will to keep going when everything sees to be going wrong around him?
  12. Junction 4. A Maze For Three

    By Cia, in 2014-5 Chain Reaction. 12/10/2014 (Updated: 12/10/2014)

    Miah, Moshe, and Lisco have a chance at happiness--but only if they can make a relationship between them work. Two alien shifters from a planet far from Earth, and one man who just wants to help heal his planet--can they trust the feelings growing between them?
  13. Lost Inside 2. Carthera Tales

    By Cia, in Fiction. 01/15/2014 (Updated: 10/01/2014)

    Benny had his mate for a few short weeks. A moment in time that is slowly dragging him down. Yuri is alive, he's well... but he's not really there, not the Yuri Benny loved. His mate screamed at the sight of him. Jerret was happily mated; Davis had found his mate in a human. But Benny is all alone with his rage and pain slowly eating him up inside. Something had to change.