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  1. Lost in the Sand Dunes

    By EmDee, in Fiction. 12/10/2012 (Updated: 12/12/2012)

    One mistake. One last chance to fix it, but time’s about to run out.
  2. Ugly Davey

    By EmDee, in Fiction. 11/27/2011 (Updated: 11/11/2012)

    Follow Davey in his life as he makes his way through office romances, pesky coworkers, annoying friends, cute kids, and heartbreak. All on his journey to find the special someone that you are just meant to love.
  3. Glimpses (Ugly Davey)

    By EmDee, in Fiction. 01/27/2012 (Updated: 04/01/2012)

    Catch a few glimpses into the lives of characters from Ugly Davey.
  4. Em's GA Prompt Stories

    By EmDee, in Fiction. 01/23/2012 (Updated: 01/23/2012)

    Responses to the GA prompts.