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  1. Stitcher

    By FlyOnTheWall, in Fiction. 09/09/2017 (Updated: 10/16/2017)

    Eighteen year-old Cam Franklin's life changed when he went to lifeguard orientation for the community pool. That's when he met Ian Greenely, the boy who would actually change his life. Little did he know, he had a few more life-changing events in the year to follow.

  2. The Prodigy

    By FlyOnTheWall, in Fiction. 04/18/2016 (Updated: 04/18/2016)

    A world-class classical pianist. For three of the last four years, he's been in People Magazine's Sexiest Man issue. Everything is perfect in his life as far as everyone can tell.

    But he's unhappy. His career is going great but he's alone... and lonely.

    What happens when he finds out his one friend wants more than friendship?


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