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  1. Al, His Jar, and Me

    By Foster, in Fiction. 06/25/2014 (Updated: 04/01/2015)

    The highly unlikely events of life.

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    Blog Poems

    By Foster, in Poetry. 07/08/2013 (Updated: 02/03/2015)


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    By Foster, in Fiction. 12/25/2014 (Updated: 12/26/2014)


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    By Foster, in Fall - Scars. 09/11/2014 (Updated: 09/11/2014)

    Fall Anthology 2014 Poetry

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    Poetry Prompts

    By Foster, in Fiction. 09/04/2014 (Updated: 09/04/2014)

    Responses to poetry prompts

  6. 7.31.14 and other dates of insignificance

    By Foster, in Fiction. 07/31/2014 (Updated: 08/15/2014)

    An empty mind is really full of nothing. Poetry.

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    Dave's Rhyme

    By Foster, in Fiction. 07/02/2014 (Updated: 07/02/2014)

    Very short.

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    By Foster, in 2014 Poetry Anthology: A Storm Is Coming. 05/01/2014 (Updated: 05/01/2014)

    Been awhile since I puzzled myself with one of these... instant poetry. Just add your own common sense, I was all out.

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    Clutter and Debris

    By Foster, in Fiction. 10/24/2013 (Updated: 12/24/2013)

    Well, poetry, in the broadest most mundane sense of the term. How many to come I don't know. I post these things only to remove them later, so who can tell.

  10. I dreamed of Meg Ryan

    By Foster, in Fiction. 11/17/2012 (Updated: 01/10/2013)

    Short nonsense.

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    Purgatory and Other Conversations

    By Foster, in Poetry. 06/12/2012 (Updated: 07/04/2012)

    I hope to continue this first poem with others in the same light.

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    Billy Bayou

    By Foster, in Summer - Choices. 06/07/2012 (Updated: 06/07/2012)

    This is the third short story of a series that began with A Valentine In November and Barbara Fleurnois.

  13. Blue

    By Foster, in Fiction. 03/10/2012 (Updated: 04/26/2012)

    What to do with a story start...
    Woops sorry to everyone, I forgot to mark as in progress.
    Warning: This is a silly story that probably never gets an ending.

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    Desperate Mumbo Jumbo

    By Foster, in 2012 Poetry Anthology: Cracks of Time. 04/13/2012 (Updated: 04/13/2012)

    2012 Poetry Anthology Fast and Quick before it becomes thick and past the due date.

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    Odds and Ends

    By Foster, in Poetry. 03/14/2012 (Updated: 03/14/2012)

    I lost a bet and I hope you believe that.


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