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    My characters reflect the type of love and dedication I wish the world still held in abundance, rather than the egotistical and material thoughts and wants it holds so dear today. So, if you are looking to be sucked into different worlds of timeless bonds of love then check out my work. Leave a review if you wish. Rate if you are feeling generous. I’ll be here…wishing things could work out like they do in an old Meg Ryan movie.
  1. Damp Sunshine

    By *HJ*, in Fiction. 04/25/2015 (Updated: 04/25/2015)

    The summer before his senior year of high school, Jake is thrust into a dangerous world he had no idea even existed. Before his inheritance the only things Jake was overly concerned with was his strange dreams, and figuring out how to deal with being in love with his best friend. Now, saddled with a heritage that makes him the sole heir to both the Guardian and Night Stalker kingdoms, Jake learns that not everything is black and white, and the people he can trust are few and far in between.
  2. Hibiscus

    By *HJ*, in Fiction. 04/11/2011 (Updated: 04/11/2011)

    Stone seeks an easy way out, but he is pulled from his path. One question remains; is Stone strong enough to make it through this crazy journey called life?