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    I'm a trans guy with a BA in History. I like to write, but unfortunately my over-active imagination tends to make me think of plots and character more often than I can write about them. I have at least a dozen stories planned, and one massive universe uniting them all. Now I just need time to write everything...

    My blog has more information on my stories and other amusing facts of life, if you ever feel like checking it out. ;)
  1. The Orchestra - Sinfónia Lifsins

    By James Hiwatari, in Fiction. 11/02/2012 (Updated: 05/26/2017)

    Gunni is a 16 year-old violinist who has just been hired as the leader of the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra. Siggi is the 19 year-old Principal Cello who is not at all happy with this new development. This kind of plot obviously demands that Gunni develops a crush for Siggi, but that's just the beginning. The story is told by Gunni and Siggi in their own distinctive way. Expect everything from humour to drama, and of course music (and plenty of fun in bed!).
  2. Be Myself!

    By James Hiwatari, in Fiction. 01/30/2011 (Updated: 03/13/2017)

    Most people, at some point, meet someone who brings a complete change to their lives and makes a huge mess. Usually it is their true love, and they never part. But sometimes this person just vanishes, the only trace of their existence being the trail of destruction and reconstruction they have left behind. Oscar met that someone in the school's toilet. This is how it turned out.
  3. Sonata for Siggi

    By James Hiwatari, in Fiction. 06/17/2014 (Updated: 06/17/2015)

    Alternative Universe from The Orchestra - Sinfónia Lifsins, but can be read on its own. Here, Siggi is a trans guy. The story is a series of one-shots focusing on how Siggi's life changes from the main story because of this "small" detail. First-person perspective on what it is like to be a trans person with disabilities and way too many issues.
  4. MaruMonzterz 1. MaruMonzterz

    By James Hiwatari, in Fiction. 01/04/2014 (Updated: 03/15/2015)

    MaruMonzters is a new game that is fast rising in popularity. The first edition of the MaruMonzterz World Tournament will run through all continents, and Rumiko's team is the favourite to win (if only because the're the Main Characters). As they advance in the tournament, however, they realise there is more to the game than meets the eye, and what was once a children's game becomes something much more sinister.
  5. Visiting

    By James Hiwatari, in Fiction. 04/07/2014 (Updated: 04/07/2014)

    You pay a visit to a very special house.
  6. The Princess and the Wanderer

    By James Hiwatari, in Winter - Desperate Ends. 12/08/2012 (Updated: 12/08/2012)

    When pressure rose for Princess Lin to get married, she convinced her uncle, the King, to let her partner be someone who was at least as smart as she was. Therefore it was decided that she would marry the first man or woman to defeat her father in a chess match. Soon after that she met a wanderer with a remarkable disdain for royalty...