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    I'm Jeff Wilson, prince of Eternia and defender of the secrets of Castle Greyskull...
  1. Commencement 6. W.A.R.

    By jkwsquirrel, in Fiction. 12/01/2017 (Updated: 05/13/2018)

    It's senior year of school for Billy Roberts and his friends. It is a time of trials and challenges, but also hope. Billy must face his fears or risk losing everything he loves.

  2. Retaliation 5. W.A.R.

    By jkwsquirrel, in Fiction. 06/17/2017 (Updated: 09/15/2017)

    Just as Billy Roberts is beginning to think he might be able to begin revealing his true self to those closest to him, he is finding out that those closest to him have secrets of their own. His parents are growing further apart as his father's health is failing and his mother is falling under the spell of a charismatic homophobe. His boyfriend is hiding something that could destroy someone's life. His best friend is being driven over the edge by his abusive family. And through it all, Billy is being bullied by someone he once considered a friend. Welcome to W.A.R..

  3. Rehabilitation 4. W.A.R.

    By jkwsquirrel, in Fiction. 01/23/2017 (Updated: 04/15/2017)

    As Billy Roberts begins to heal from a broken hand, he must work to heal his relationship with his father. But trouble looms as his best friend, Dustin Smith, and his boyfriend, Brett Reilly, have secrets which threaten to tear them, and Billy, apart.

  4. The Broken Boy 3. W.A.R.

    By jkwsquirrel, in Fiction. 10/13/2016 (Updated: 12/29/2016)

    Fifteen-year-old Billy Roberts is caught in a war between his two best friends. Brett Reilly and Dustin Smith are desperate to find the love that they don't get at home, and they are willing to do anything to get it, even if they have to destroy each other. Meanwhile at home, Billy's relationship with his parents is being strained to the breaking point. In the end, someone will be broken.

  5. W.A.R. Part Two - Cold Winter 2. W.A.R.

    By jkwsquirrel, in Fiction. 08/12/2016 (Updated: 10/08/2016)

    Billy just wants to be normal. He just wants his friends to get along. But friends don't always get along, and life is anything but normal when your best friend's life is falling apart.

  6. W.A.R. Part 1 - Black Summer 1. W.A.R.

    By jkwsquirrel, in Fiction. 06/26/2016 (Updated: 08/07/2016)

    William Aaron Roberts finds himself fighting his feelings for his best friend, Brett, and with his parents, all while dealing with the results of his grandma's stroke.


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