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      Encourage an Author. Leave a Review!   08/14/2017

      I'd like to thank the handful of members who have really stepped up on writing reviews for authors.  They really appreciate when members take the time to write the review.  Speaking as an author myself, reviews and feedback encourage us to write.  I've heard from several of our authors thanking us for reminding everyone how important this is. Read some of the latest reviews here: https://www.gayauthors.org/discover/74/   You never know when you'll find that next must read story... but those reviews might help guide you in.  And, in turn, your reviews will help guide others.  Everyone benefits.    If you are looking for stories to review, Here's the list of completed stories.  Any story that isn't already showing stars, needs a review.  Give them a try.  Or, go back and review some of your beloved classics.  The authors love hearing from you.   Go through the list and be sure to leave a review! It is really simple. Select a star rating from 1 to 5, with 5 being the best. Write a review that is spoiler free that highlights what you think other people should know about the story.  If you are leaving a critical or low rated review, please make your comments constructive so that the author has an opportunity to improve their writing.  We writers usually appreciate this. I know I do. If you are reading a story review and you like it and found it helpful, be sure to mark it as helpful.    That's it!  Check out the video if you need help.  It is closed captioned as well if you can't follow my mumbling dulcet tones:   Remember, you can see recent reviews here: https://www.gayauthors.org/discover/74/ (also found from Activity -> My Activity Streams -> Latest Story Reviews)

K.C. - Stories

  1. K.C.


    • Author: Classic Author
    • 27 Stories
    • 2,587 Reviews
    • 207,146 Words

    When it’s all said and done, K.C. is a hopeless romantic at heart. He wants the boy to get the boy and them ride off into the sunset together. K.C.’s stories are a blend of fantasy fiction sprinkled with supernatural elements creating characters and adventures that are sure to be remembered long after the words, ‘The End.’
  1. Pour Me Another

    By K.C., in Fiction. 02/24/2013 (Updated: 06/18/2014)

    ***Winner of the 2013 Readers Choice Awards for the Best Story by a Promising Author *** :D The city is full of all kinds of people. Being a bartender, Asher Burkhart has seen them all. Atleast he thinks has until Michael Waters shows up.
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    Last Call

    By K.C., in Summer - The Backup Plan. 06/12/2014 (Updated: 06/12/2014)

    One last call. One last conversation between friends.
  3. Haunting Memories

    By K.C., in Non-Fiction. 03/24/2014 (Updated: 03/24/2014)

    Struggling with some memories
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    Prompting In The Dark

    By K.C., in Fiction. 02/22/2014 (Updated: 03/01/2014)

    KC's Prompts
  5. Great Balls of Fire!

    By K.C., in Winter - Recipe for Disaster. 12/12/2013 (Updated: 12/12/2013)

    This is why I have been banned from the kitchen. A true story by KC Grim
  6. Apartment 3C

    By K.C., in Fall - Pandora's Box. 09/12/2013 (Updated: 09/12/2013)

    The online ad promised that I would meet fascinating new people, travel to exotic places, and have the life I’ve always dreamed of. So, I figured what the hell. It couldn’t hurt to check out this once in a lifetime opportunity… right?
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    October 14, 1993

    By K.C., in Summer - Roll the Dice. 06/08/2013 (Updated: 06/08/2013)

    When your life flashes before your eyes...what will you see?
  8. Lone Wolf

    By K.C., in Fiction. 03/31/2011 (Updated: 03/03/2013)

    The pull of the moon grows stronger every minute. Can a lone wolf find a mate or will he be forever alone?
  9. As The Music Plays...

    By K.C., in Spring - A Night To Remember. 02/14/2013 (Updated: 02/14/2013)

    Jade lives and breathes music, it’s her entire universe. What will she do when she finds the girl of her dreams, but can’t share the most important thing in her life with one person she loves the most?
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    By K.C., in Poetry. 10/31/2012 (Updated: 10/31/2012)

    Just a fun little bathtime poem
  11. Mr. Anonymous

    By K.C., in Fiction. 10/18/2011 (Updated: 10/12/2012)

    For Percy, coming out just wasn’t an option. So, what’s a guy to do when secret vacation hook-ups are no longer enough?
  12. A Grim Fairytale

    By K.C., in Fiction. 10/05/2012 (Updated: 10/05/2012)

    This is a special piece of Halloween flash fiction.
  13. Shepherd's Crook

    By K.C., in Fiction. 04/02/2012 (Updated: 08/20/2012)

    It’s never easy being the new kid at school, but there are secrets at Shepherd’s Crook and nothing is as it seems.
  14. Destiny’s Diner

    By K.C., in Summer - Choices. 04/07/2012 (Updated: 04/07/2012)

    What if you could change just one choice that you made…would you do it?

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