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  1. Take...Me Out to the...Ball, Game...

    By MJ85, in Fall - Friends & Enemies. 09/04/2012 (Updated: 09/04/2012)

    Two great teams... one heated cross-town rivalry. Two star pitchers... one... secret, steamy relationship?

    *blink* *blink* What??
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    You Sure You Want to Do This?

    By MJ85, in Summer - Choices. 04/13/2012 (Updated: 04/13/2012)

    What happens when a boy who’s fallen in love with his best friend chooses to tell his dad the big news? Will his dad accept him...or...?
  3. Who...Are You?

    By MJ85, in Spring - It Wasn't Me. 02/14/2012 (Updated: 02/14/2012)

    Jake McCallister opened his locker one day to discover...somebody likes him! But who could it be? Could it be the swimmer who's only recently come out at school? Could it be the president of the school's GSA, who inadvertently helped Jake to come out himself? Or...could it be...?