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  1. Sasha Distan

    Sasha Distan

    • Author: Promising Author
    • 64 Stories
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    Sasha writes romantic fiction for men who love men, and everyone else who likes that too. Mixing the beautifully mundane with the outlandish and fantastical, Sasha generally just wants everyone to end up happy and in love, and sometimes the characters play along too. There is often, but not always, a fairly healthy amount of sex involved.
  1. Joined

    By Sasha Distan, in Spring - Unintended Consequences & Jagged Edges. 05/11/2017 (Updated: 05/11/2017)

    When Gerard is eight, he starts getting hurt without getting injured, and it doesn't take long for him to realise that he's experiencing someone else's pain. But when Gerard falls from his bike and ends up losing his foot, he dreams of flying through the countryside on a big red horse, and his whole life becomes about the desire to feel just as complete as he does when he's asleep.

  2. Innocent Sacrifice 8. The Best Circle of Hell Stories

    By Sasha Distan, in Fiction. 03/01/2017 (Updated: 04/06/2017)

    Su Yin is eighteen, he is a foundling child, he is pretty, and he is a virgin. Unfortunately for him, this means he qualifies as his town's sacrifice, to protect them from the anger of the yaoguai who lives in the mountains. Su Yin is sent to his death in the high temple, but the demon he finds there has things other than death on his mind.

  3. Confide/ant

    By Sasha Distan, in Fiction. 12/26/2016 (Updated: 03/20/2017)

    When guitar wielding Marty happens upon know-it-all nerd Hrishi in the showers at college, he thinks he might have died and gone to heaven. But Hrishi is stronger than he looks, and Marty is about to discover that he has hidden depths himself.

  4. Cadet

    By Sasha Distan, in Fiction. 03/12/2017 (Updated: 03/12/2017)

    A quick snapshot into the goings-on of a Special Operations Unit Squad, and the introduction of their newest member, who's not really as qualified as he should be.

  5. Give Me Back My Prompts 4. GA Prompts

    By Sasha Distan, in Fiction. 01/06/2017 (Updated: 03/06/2017)

    Collected 2017 prompts. Published un-edited and as written

  6. Fallen Pride 7. The Best Circle of Hell Stories

    By Sasha Distan, in Fiction. 09/21/2016 (Updated: 02/22/2017)

    Kiorl has been lonely for a long, long time: and more irritatingly, he's been aware of that fact. All his usual distractions have been wearing thin for a decade or so, and this leaves Kiorl wondering if he is even capable of being loved.
    Luckily, someone is about to arrive in the Innermost Circle who might try and find out.

  7. Tiger Winter

    By Sasha Distan, in Fiction. 09/04/2016 (Updated: 02/10/2017)

    Emmett is a Canadian polar bear who loves his job, gets on great with his panda room mate, and gets to have excellent sex with his new boyfriend. So when the panda's cousin moves in with them, it shouldn't bother him, but Emmett isn't so much in control of his imagination as he used to be.

  8. The Egyptian Pantheon

    By Sasha Distan, in Fiction. 12/22/2016 (Updated: 12/22/2016)

    Reference document for the pantheon of Ancient Egyptian Gods

  9. Daddy Issues

    By Sasha Distan, in Winter - Rewind: Pre-2016 Themes. 12/22/2016 (Updated: 12/22/2016)

    It's a brand new day in the Nile delta, the sun is being pushed across the sky by a giant scarab beetle, and Anubis is bored. Luckily for him, there are plenty of distractions for a young god with a wandering eye. Unluckily, there are also responsibilities to be seen to, and the jackal headed god of the underworld has never been very good at denying himself what he really wants.

  10. Family Matters

    By Sasha Distan, in Winter - Rewind: Pre-2016 Themes. 12/22/2016 (Updated: 12/22/2016)

    When Jamie tells his mother she's going to be a grandmother, he's not expecting to get slapped around the face in a posh country pub, but then, no one ever expected him to have children. Explaining everything to his mother is not something Jamie is looking forwards to.

  11. Trade Deals

    By Sasha Distan, in Winter - Rewind: Pre-2016 Themes. 12/22/2016 (Updated: 12/22/2016)

    When Horus and his family leave the city of the Gods to travel up the Nile, Anubis resigns himself to being bored without the company of his oldest friend. He does not however plan on being awoken in the pitch black to discover that the sun has been accidentally sealed into a temple, and that he is the only one qualified to retrieve it. If only such quests were simple.

  12. Apprentice 4. Ink Boys

    By Sasha Distan, in Fiction. 10/24/2016 (Updated: 11/07/2016)

    Kip Meijer is probably the only tattoo apprentice in history without a single tattoo of his own. His appearance and skill change the atmosphere at the Brick and Tenth Tattoo Studio, but Kip has a secret, and he's been keeping his heart and his skin saved for something special. It'll be just his luck if the two things show up together.

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    Man Flu

    By Sasha Distan, in Fiction. 10/31/2016 (Updated: 10/31/2016)

    Man flu is no laughing matter, unless your boyfriend is even more dirty minded than you are.

  14. Shut Up and Prompt 3. GA Prompts

    By Sasha Distan, in Fiction. 09/09/2016 (Updated: 10/21/2016)

    2016 collected prompts. Presented un-edited and as written.

  15. Skin 3. Ink Boys

    By Sasha Distan, in Fiction. 09/22/2016 (Updated: 09/22/2016)

    Niran is a fast-car lovin', heavily tattooed feather-in-the-wind, and he knows plenty of people judge him for the way he looks. But his boyfriend is not one of them, and Niran needs to finally start taking the advice he had tattooed on his knuckles years ago.


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