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    Meeting Santa

    By wildone, in 2015 - Secret Santa Short Story. 12/16/2015 (Updated: 12/16/2015)

    Growing up and seeing Santa as a child had changed his life forever. Now he is going to prove to everyone that the jolly old man isn't just make believe.

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    Moments & Unspoken Words

    By wildone, in 2011 Poetry Anthology: Into the Unknown. 02/19/2011 (Updated: 02/26/2011)

    Sometimes we have to pause to see the moments of our lives

    Words that should be so easy to say are often left unsaid.

  3. There All Along

    By wildone, in Winter - Ghosts. 12/20/2010 (Updated: 12/20/2010)

    He laughs, tears escape from his mother’s eyes, pieces of life flash before us as I watch all of us ride the big coaster, being together, there all along.

  4. I Am The One

    By wildone, in Summer - Carpe Diem. 12/16/2010 (Updated: 12/16/2010)

    Lightning causes more deaths than most other natural hazards. Men are four times more likely to be struck by lightning than women, and if you are struck, there is a one in ten chance that you will die.


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