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  1. Refugee : Part Four - From Sea to Sea. 4. Refugee

    By William King, in Fiction. 10/10/2017 (Updated: 10/28/2017)

    Life can be very unpredictable and tragedy may strike at any time. To hope for a future when your heart is wrought with pain, when even a miserable existence offered a love that was torn away, it seems an impossible dream.


    This is the fourth and final part of Refugee. 

  2. Refugee : Part Three - The Kingdom of Heaven. 3. Refugee

    By William King, in Fiction. 08/27/2017 (Updated: 09/17/2017)

    Samir, Amar, and Firas have reached Europe, but it is not at all a promise fulfilled. Their journey and struggle continues and the choices made to survive have dire consequences. There are new friends, but there are also wolves in sheep’s clothing. The Kingdom of Heaven in the title is but a cynical euphemism for what in reality is the exact opposite.

    But Jesus said, suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”

  3. Refugee : Part Two - The Land of Promise. 2. Refugee

    By William King, in Fiction. 07/12/2017 (Updated: 08/15/2017)

    Samir and Amar have made it out of war torn Syria, they left behind all their friends, and in Turkey found a new friend, Firas. Sadly Burhan, the old man who gave a home to the boys in Gaziantep, passed away. Their hope now rests in the hands of Jordan, a young American, who has promised to take them with him to Antalya, a coastal town about a days journey from Gaziantep, and a step closer to the land of promise.

  4. Refugee : Part One - Exodus. 1. Refugee

    By William King, in Fiction. 04/06/2017 (Updated: 06/03/2017)

    Can you imagine the future when you are thirteen years old? When you’ve lost everything? From the ruins of war in a bombed out town in Syria; the desperation of refugee camps; and slum cities in Turkey, the paramount goal is safety and the impossible: Europe. This story is of our time and does not shy away from harsh reality. There is abuse, exploitation, huge risk, suffering and pain, but there is also romance and a few good souls. 

  5. Neon

    By William King, in Fiction. 01/13/2018 (Updated: 05/19/2017)



    In a future where it never ceases to rain, Joel finds himself alone on the streets after curfew. How he got there is not clear, his memory is fragmented. Is it being rescued to find yourself in a sex club? Past, present and future are interwoven, somehow there must be an answer? Perhaps, he is the answer? And what about the other boys? What about the planet? Is there a future?



  6. Time May Change Me. 2. Absolute Beginners

    By William King, in Fiction. 12/28/2016 (Updated: 02/24/2017)

    When you 'come out' it's not always over in one go, sometimes it's more complicated. When you've found the person you love you don't want to be apart, sometimes it's not that easy. Alex and Matty must confront the obstacles thrown in front of them and deal with an episode from the past that they thought was all over with, but which comes back with disastrous consequences.

  7. The Void.

    By William King, in Fiction. 02/12/2017 (Updated: 02/12/2017)

    A man is talking to someone - or is he?

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    By William King, in Fiction. 01/29/2017 (Updated: 01/29/2017)

    A young boy discovers who he is.

  9. Words From the Heart.

    By William King, in Poetry. 12/16/2016 (Updated: 12/16/2016)

    A series of poems written between the winter and summer of 1982.

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    Reality Dreaming

    By William King, in Fall - Blindsided / The Forgotten. 11/10/2016 (Updated: 11/10/2016)

    If you could tell your life story before it began do you think anyone would believe it was true? That is what I have written in this short story, it's a prologue to my life. My recollection is fading as I grow older which is why I am telling you this now. You will have to take from my history whatever you care to, but know this, it's all real!

  11. Rompecabezas.

    By William King, in Fiction. 10/11/2016 (Updated: 11/07/2016)

    The intense heat and desolation hits you immediately the journey begins at the sordid truck stop, where sex is sold as easily as a beer. Jabez, the boy they call John, is a candy seller working for the hotel barman, a magician who can read people. But there is another reality, the Palace of Dreams where Jabez is the guide to strange events and pleasures. A bond is formed in the search to find El Cuervo de Plata (The Silver Crow).

  12. The Year We Grew Up.

    By William King, in Fiction. 07/02/2016 (Updated: 09/25/2016)

    Three young men endeavour to navigate their way through life, overcome the obstacles that life throws at them and make a future for themseleves. It's a voyage of self discovery where secrets are revealed and where they must confront their relationships with each other and with their families

  13. I'll Kiss You in the Rain. 1. Absolute Beginners

    By William King, in Fiction. 05/25/2016 (Updated: 06/23/2016)

    Alex and Matty have been best friends like forever, but all that changes the day that Matty says he's gay!


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