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Gay Author's Author Groups

This page lists out all our special authors. There are three special groups of promoted authors listed here:

  1. Signature Authors- Authors at Gay Authors who represent some of our best writing. Of course, tastes vary, but you should be able to find stories you enjoy amongst these authors. They also represent authors who regularly add new content.
  2. Classic Authors - Authors at Gay Authors who also represent some of the most popular storytellers on the site. Like Signature Authors, you should be able to find something you like in this group. They do not post as frequently, or have retired from writing altogether, but their stories are well worth the read!
  3. Promising Authors - Authors at Gay Authors who are up and coming. These authors know how to tell a good story and are working on garnering an audience and improving their overall skill level. They were definitely worth checking out and encouraging on their way!
  4. All Authors - This is the list of ALL authors on Gay Authors.

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