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  • Renee Stevens

    Plagiarism Strikes Again

    By Renee Stevens

    We hate making these types of blog posts as we generally do not share moderation issues with the site membership. There are very few exceptions to this rule, and plagiarism is one of them. Plagiarism comes in many forms, and to make our position perfectly clear:

    Posting plagiarized content on GA is an immediate banning offense. Generally, when plagiarism strikes GA, it involves stories, but not always. In this case, the now banned member posted stolen song covers and claimed them as their own work. A member of site staff found the (copyrighted) originals entirely by accident and recognized them as being identical to those posted on site. All the original song covers were done by the same person, who was NOT the person on site that was posting them and claiming them as their own.

    While this instance was not plagiarized stories, we urge authors on site to be pro-active when it comes to plagiarism. Cia has provided some great tips in how to protect yourself and your work.   How to check your stories for plagiarism:   1. Pick a distinctive phrase such as: Nyle looked up nervously as he rode under the portcullis.
    2. Search the phrase within quotation marks "Nyle looked up nervously as he rode under the portcullis.".
    3. Repeat search with a distinctive phrase without names: "The austere chapel and rigorous training had been a sharp contrast to his youth".   Tips: Search on both Bing and Google. Search phrases from the first chapter and later chapters. DO THIS OFTEN.  
    How do I get the story removed if I find one that's been stolen?   How to report plagiarism:   1. Look for a report button or a contact us link.
    2. Copy the story link to the stolen story.
    3. Share the stolen story title, author name, and links to your original. Haven't posted online? Keep copies of all sent mail to beta readers/fans with advanced reader copies of your work to prove when the content was written and sent. Offer to provide a forwarded copy of said email. If you really want to protect your work, purchase an official copyright, especially if you might publish later.
    4. Follow up. Most sites will work with you to remove the content. Sometimes you have to take it further to the ISP.

    If you suspect a story or other content on site has been stolen, please report it! This not only protects the site, but protects the authors, and the original artists.

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  1. Renee Stevens
    Latest Entry

    By Renee Stevens,

    We hate making these types of blog posts as we generally do not share moderation issues with the site membership. There are very few exceptions to this rule, and plagiarism is one of them. Plagiarism comes in many forms, and to make our position perfectly clear:


    Posting plagiarized content on GA is an immediate banning offense. Generally, when plagiarism strikes GA, it involves stories, but not always. In this case, the now banned member posted stolen song covers and claimed them as their own work. A member of site staff found the (copyrighted) originals entirely by accident and recognized them as being identical to those posted on site. All the original song covers were done by the same person, who was NOT the person on site that was posting them and claiming them as their own.

    While this instance was not plagiarized stories, we urge authors on site to be pro-active when it comes to plagiarism. Cia has provided some great tips in how to protect yourself and your work.


    How to check your stories for plagiarism:


    1. Pick a distinctive phrase such as: Nyle looked up nervously as he rode under the portcullis.
    2. Search the phrase within quotation marks "Nyle looked up nervously as he rode under the portcullis.".
    3. Repeat search with a distinctive phrase without names: "The austere chapel and rigorous training had been a sharp contrast to his youth".


    Tips: Search on both Bing and Google. Search phrases from the first chapter and later chapters. DO THIS OFTEN.


    How do I get the story removed if I find one that's been stolen?


    How to report plagiarism:


    1. Look for a report button or a contact us link.
    2. Copy the story link to the stolen story.
    3. Share the stolen story title, author name, and links to your original. Haven't posted online? Keep copies of all sent mail to beta readers/fans with advanced reader copies of your work to prove when the content was written and sent. Offer to provide a forwarded copy of said email. If you really want to protect your work, purchase an official copyright, especially if you might publish later.
    4. Follow up. Most sites will work with you to remove the content. Sometimes you have to take it further to the ISP.

    If you suspect a story or other content on site has been stolen, please report it! This not only protects the site, but protects the authors, and the original artists.

  2. Did you catch Monday's feature announcing with Classic Author & story we are highlighting this month? If not, go check the reviews from some big fans of Dabeagle's story, Things We Lost, as well as downloading a graphic for your signature if you want to share your love of Dabeagle's story. In the meantime, check out why Timothy chose this story and excerpt to share with other readers!


    Timothy M. said

    Ehren has lost most of the things many of us take for granted: loving parents, a home, the chance to have friends, go to school, have enough to eat, clean clothes and a shower s needed. Living on the streets is a hard life, but he’s clever and resourceful. On the day we meet him, he makes a snap decision to help a girl in need, in spite of being scared of the potential consequences. The ripples from this first stone are complicated further when Ehren flings another daring missile, and life as he knows it unravels around him.

    I’ve chosen the moment when Ehren is confronted with the desperate plight of a stranger. How would you react in his stead?


    As a street rat, I tended to roam quite a bit. Even though this street wasn't one of my usual hangouts, I'd passed through at some point. It was a college neighborhood with some fraternities and a few, scattered dorm buildings. This area was off campus, technically, and there were several rental houses that were scattered in with the student housing. With my breath steadying, I started to mentally plot a safe way back to my place but was startled by a scream.

    “No! Get off!”

    It was a female voice that echoed off the buildings in the still neighborhood. I heard a male make a sound of surprised pain and another voice breaking out in laughter, again carrying in the still air, and then the female appeared around the corner awkwardly running. I had been bent over while catching my breath, but as I stood I realized that the streets weren't her normal place—clothes looked like they fit and she wasn't wearing everything she owned, for one thing— and that something bad was going down. Pushing off my knees, I straightened my back and, with that movement, she spotted me.

    “Help! Please!”

    I debated for a second, no more. Helping someone is usually the right thing to do, morally, but sometimes sticking your nose in somewhere comes with big repercussions, especially out here. As she homed in on me, a man's voice called out, and then another did. They were cat-calling to her, asking where she was, telling her to 'come back and play'. If they came around the corner, they'd see and catch her. I realized this as she lurched into me, grabbing me in desperation.

    “Please! Help me!”


    To read more, check out the rest of the story here



  3. Renee Stevens
    Latest Entry

    By Renee Stevens,

    Hope everyone has had a great week so far. It's time for this weeks writing prompts. If you're stuck, or you're considering writing for the first time, these might be perfect for you. Don't forget that stories under 1,000 words must be posted as part of a collection.



    Prompt 608 – Challenge

    Tag – Description

    Pick an item to your right. Describe it in as much detail as you can. Try to use as many details as you can. You may not name the item.


    Prompt 609 – Creative

    Tag – List of words

    Use the following words in a story – lunch bag, notebook, pink hat, broken belt, and a spider.



    Did you write a prompt response last week? Don't forget to share it below.

  4. William King
    Latest Entry

    I have found myself reading some good stories that are well written, but – and here comes the big downer – they have one thing in common that is just a bit too much. Sex every chapter, or nearly every chapter. The protagonists suck and fuck and... well you get the picture. It's just a point of view, my own. Those stories have a following, people like them, I like them, but I end up skipping through the sex scenes, because, well it just detracts from what I was reading, which was the lives and interactions of the characters. 

    There is a place for every sort of novel, although for myself I am reaching the point where I just put these books to one side. I don't think it even worth commenting on. For me it’s a story that loses it's enjoyment in excess. Rather like anything, drinking for example, a few glasses of wine, a couple of beers, is nice, getting drunk every night is a repeat performance that holds no pleasure.

    Why bother writing about this? Because I feel in some way cheated out of the novel I wanted to read, the book the author wrote, but without the graphic sex throughout the novel which seems to serve very little purpose other than perhaps as a hook to keep the readership. Sex in books has it’s place certainly, but too much of the same thing spoils the dish!

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    I want to thank everyone at Gay Authors who has made my visits here so satisfying and enjoyable.  The stories are what brought me here and keeps me coming back so I first want to thank Mark Arbour for his CAP Series and later his Bridgemont saga. Mark's stories are what brought me to the site in the first place and they keep me coming back.  Along the way C. James' "Circumnavigation" and Andrew Q Gordon's stories also captivated me...and so many others too including Nephylim, Libby Drew, AnytaSunday, DKstories, and oh, so many others!


    As I was visiting the site fairly regularly, I finally decided to formally join it in April 2009 and I started to leave a few comments, getting more confident after awhile.  "Likes" were not unlimited and actually fairly restricted, meaning I often ran out every day.  Accordingly, reputation points built quite slowly for most on the site and that is why some of the classic authors' rep scores must seem low to newer members.  It is only in the past couple of years that members could leave an unlimited number of likes. 


    I finally had written and revised something enough that I thought was good enough to post and "Dean Warner Intrigues" was posted in 2012.  Having tasted some success, I began writing "Abel III's Awakening" and it was posted in 2014 and 2015.   I intend to post some more, but my standards have grown and I'm not satisfied with anything as of yet.  


    Seventy years is getting a bit long in the tooth and for most people in their teens, twenties and thirties it doesn't seem possible to project that far ahead into one's life.  But most everyone has grandparents, parents and other oldsters in their life and you do notice things.  Not all of them complimentary either.   Life is often explained in terms of a journey and what you make of it, how you prepare for it and how you take time to enjoy it and help others to enjoy it determines whether you derive satisfaction and what kind of person you end up being.  The pursuit of happiness is hollow if it only involves the pursuit of money or things.  It is also hollow if it only involves the next drug or alcohol induced high as that gets old quickly and makes you old before your time and unhealthy to boot.  


    People are social creatures.  We crave interaction, touch and a sense of belonging.  However, it is just those things that makes us vulnerable. Learning to chose friends wisely is an ongoing lesson.  Everyone gets hurt, and in truth everyone has hurt some others, even if unintentionally.  Forgiveness is a virtue which must be cultivated if we expect others to forgive us.  Every long term relationship requires forgiveness and not just the act of saying it, but also of letting go of the resentment and hurt caused by the offense. It is not always easy and is damn near impossible at times, but the resentment and anger can eat at you.  And life is too short to carry that around all the time. 


    I have had many family and friends die over the course of my life and some died much too young.  What is worse, some died before they really had a chance to achieve anything, as I had a cousin who was murdered in a drive by shooting in Denver when he was in his early twenties.  But most were of great help to me and always encouraging and I treasure the memories. 


    So while I have many regrets, but then again too few to mention, (a la Sinatra) I have had a good life so far and I'm looking forward to being productive for several more.  


    Thanks again GA for being part of my good memories!


    Daddy, Dave K



  5. This is my third day of being off, and I’m not feeling that good right now.  I think my liver is mad at me and/or dying.  Either way, I’m feeling poopy so I decided to sit down and type out a blog entry. 

    Let me start off by saying, my life is going pretty well for the last few years.  And since “N” came into my life back in January, I really have nothing to complain about.

    I have an amazing boyfriend who I love insanely, a job that doesn’t suck and pays a ridiculous amount of money even before I get my quarterly bonus.  And thus far, since January, I’ve hit my bonus every quarter.


    I bought an amazing condo this year, on a hill overlooking the ocean.  And on a clear day, I can just make out some of the taller buildings in downtown San Francisco.  And a month ago, I bought a brand new car, my first since 2005.


    Two months ago, on my way to work at 5:40am, heading northbound on 101 into San Francisco, my car engine blew up and I was stranded on the highway in line number one.  I’m not scared to admit that I was pretty scared as cars flew by me doing 70 plus miles an hour.  Seeing that tow truck pull up behind me was an amazing feeling let me tell you. 


    But let me again repeat, my life isn’t even remotely bad or stressful.


    So I can hear you asking, why am I typing this blog entry today?  What could have possibly happened in my almost perfect life that would get me off the couch and share something dark and twisted with all of you?  Maybe it as because Cole told me that he missed my writing.  Or maybe because I feel like things are going a bit too well and I’m waiting for the other boot to drop.  And trust me, that is a very real fear of mine, because lately it seems the only thing falling from the sky is fuzzy bunny slippers.


    Could it be that though “N” is almost a perfect boyfriend, maybe not everything is working out in the bedroom?  Is that what you are thinking?  Are you really wondering about my sex life with “N”?  All the dirty details of naked bodies under the sheets. Because I think that is asking way too much of me and I might stop typing this if you are going to be asking those kind of things.  My sex life with “N” is none of your business thank you very much.


    If I actually would take the time to research this, I’d know the exact date I am referring too but if you are that interested you can look it up yourself.  A few days/weeks/months ago, the crazy inhabitants of San Francisco suffered through a record breaking heat wave that rose to 106 on that Saturday. 


    And trust me, the normal weather conditions here have no call for air conditioning.  Just stop and think about that for a moment.  106 degrees without any air conditioning in city that is almost always covered in fog and mist.  Trust me, I have never had so many complaints ranging from this beer isn’t cold enough to my salad is hot.  After a few hours of dealing with bitchy guests due to the heat, I started saying at least your not back in that kitchen, where the temperature was soaring to 110 plus.  That shut up most of the guests.


    During the hottest part of the day, guests would come into our restaurant, feel the heat, and turn around and walk right back out.  It was so miserable, and I kept changing shirts as every few hours I would completely sweat through my shirt.  Nothing worse than having a person serving you food that is dripping sweat into your hot salad.  After it was all said and done, I had changed shirts three times. 


    On a separate note, I did write a thank you note to Old Spice deodorant, cause I still smelled fresh after that blistering day. (I actually don’t wear Old Spice deodorant but I can’t remember the brand I actually do wear and the bathroom is all the way across the house and I don’t want to get up and look)  Don’t judge me, I’m hung-over.   


    Have you ever been so miserably hot that you can barely think straight?  We all know, the heat does crazy things to our brains and after spending hours trying to calm down all the metaphorically fires that erupted due to the heat, that I was completely spent by the time I crawled inside my car and cranked the air conditioning to full blast. 


    People don’t realize how hard running a restaurant can be.  No matter what happens, I have to keep calm and always put the good of the restaurant above anything else.  So the amount of abuse I often take from rude guests leaves me somewhat silent when I’m not at work.  Being happy and cheery for eight hours a day, that usually by the time I’m finished with work, my give-a-shitter is completely empty.  Add all that usual bullshit but compound it by 11, and I was in a pretty foul mood.


    Those of you that are from our hotter states and who are accustom to those kind of temperature might not sympathize with me, so all I can say to you, fuck off, we all can’t be as tough as you. 

    It was so fucking hot outside, that my poor little car couldn’t keep up with the temperature I was demanding of it that my car started overheating.  So for parts of the commute home, I had to turn off the air so my car wouldn’t stop working.  So after giving all my kindness at work that day, I didn’t have much left for anyone, much less my boyfriend, by the time I made it back to my house.

    Now, before you ask, “N” and I have maintained separate apartments, mainly because I’m not happy about the neighborhood he lives in.  Seriously, my car has been broken into three times in two months in his place.  Plus, his place his pretty small, and as I have mentioned in the past, he is not the cleanest person I have met. 


    And he doesn’t like my place only because I live in Daly city, on a hill, overlooking the ocean, and it’s a bit far for him to commute to work.  He doesn’t drive and I’m not that close to our underground, and the nearest bus stop is half mile away, but on the way back, it’s a half mile up a hill, and I can’t blame him for not wanting to walk up that hill after working all day.

    And before you start yelling at me that I’m a bad boyfriend for not driving him around.  We work completely different schedules most of the time and its not that easy.  Jeesh, get off my back, I try to pick him up or drop him off at work as much as I can but sometimes I need to get my beauty sleep. 


    So needless to say, we spend most of our time at his place, and he rarely comes to my place unless we both have the day off.


    My condo has air conditioner, and “N’s” does not.  Matter of fact, he only has one window that opens so all of us can imagine how hot his apartment must have been that day.  So on that hot day a few days/weeks/months ago, I texted him while I was heading home and informed him in no uncertain terms that I would not be staying at his house like we had originally planned.  And again before you yell at me, of course I offered for him to come back to my place and enjoy the cold on that stupidly hot day.  Its not my fault he didn’t want to make that journey up that long hill after his shift ended.  I even offered to get a lyft for him but he refused.  So there.


    This is the part in this story when I tell you that both of us run highly successful restaurants so our schedules rarely match up and its something of a juggling act to coordinate time together that doesn’t involve us watching the other sleep.  I know its weird, but we actually like spending time together in or out of the sheets.  But relationships are better when both parties are awake at other times than just sex.


    And really, stop asking about our sex lives.  It doesn’t matter who tops or bottoms.  We are in a loving committed relationship and its not your concern. 


    Have I mentioned that “N” is an Indian that was born in Malaysia.  He has just a hint of an accent that makes my heart skip a beat each time he talks.  And he’s been here for years so he’s pretty much Americanized. 


    Let me set the stage for you, I’m at my house, taken a cold shower, and am now sitting in my living room naked, watching season five of 24.  Its been about three hours since I’ve gotten home and im finally starting to feel normal again.


    So he texts me and demands that I pick him up at work.  Now think about this, I get up usually around 4am and leave work around 2pm.  He goes to work at 4pm and gets home around midnight.  So when he demands that I come get him, it means that I would only get four hours of sleep.  And maybe I would have, if it wouldn’t have been Saturday night, and the next morning I would have to deal with Sunday brunch again, another heat wave, and more bitchy guests.  So I tell him that I can’t but that I would see him the next day.  I was planning on seeing him at work and having dinner.


    But he gets really mad and starts a barrage of angry texts.  I’ve had a few hours up to this point to cool off and get my head back on straight.  I know he’s still in the middle of the heat and his mind isn’t in the right frame to have a logical discussion about the merits of sleep or my lack of love for him.  And for a while, I keep that fact in my mind and ignore some of the more hurtful things he said/typed to me.


    You know those kind of comments that only someone who love you can make that send you right around the twist.  They know all your faults and fears, and can use them in the most horrible ways when they are mad at you. 


    After more than a few insults, I started firing back with both barrels blazing.  And for an hour or so, we go back and forth, calling each other horrible names, brining up old argurments, basically being awful to each other.


    What got my blood really boiling though, was he said I didn’t love him since I didn’t want to come pick him up and that I was selfish that I wanted to sleep instead of picking him up in my air conditioned car.


    I throw my phone across the room and storm around my apartment waiting for 11pm.  That’s the time when I am going to go to his work and tell him off face to face.  There was no way I was going to wait until I see him the next day.  And while I’m waiting, I’m rehearsing all the things I want to say to him, I’m not going to hold anything back.  I plan on bringing up past things that I let go but never really forgotten about.  It’s going to be epic, I’m actually looking forward to yelling at him, maybe because I’m so nice during my day job that I can get out all my aggression on him. Or maybe its because I’m a baby but I’m not going to tell him any of that.  Fuck no, I’m going to give him a piece of my mind.


    It’s after 11 and I’m driving like a mad man all the way across San Francisco to his restaurant which has the most lovely view of the Bay Bridge.  I arrive right at 11:30 and just wait outside, seething the entire time I’m waiting. 


    About 11:45, he comes out of the restuarnt and locks the front door.  After he locks the door, he picks up a bag and looks around until he sees my car across the street.  The moment he sees me, he smiles and starts walking to the car unhurriedly.


    I’m not going to lie, when he smiled at me a bunch of my anger went away.  But I wasn’t going to let this go and he had no right to say/type some of those things to me.  I opened the car door and stood up, ready to give him a good tongue lashing. 


    The last four steps he runs and jumps into my arms and kisses me until I can’t think straight.  After a few minutes, he stops and hands me the bag, saying, “I got you your favorite.”


    “Why” I’m a bit shocked.


    “Because I knew you wouldn’t eat dinner because you were mad at me.”


    Fuck him, though he was right.  I hadn’t eaten dinner.


    “How’d you know I would even be here tonight?  This whole thing started because I refused to pick you up tonight.”


    He looks at me, smiles the biggest brightest smile I’ve even seen and says, “Babe, I know you better than anyone, why do you think I said all those thing to you, I had to make you come here somehow, dumbass.”

    It was late, around 2am, and we are in his bed, a hot sweaty mess on his bed with one fan blowing around hot stagnant air.  He’s snuggled up to me, gently snoring into my shoulder.  And I have to been at work in two hours to struggle through another hot day with bitchy guests.  Life could not be better and one day, I swear, we are going to be exchanging “I do’s” before our friends.


    After all, the sex is simply amazing.

  6. Today is Saturday, September 9th, 2017, and I'm writing this from being in the path of Hurricane Irma. For the last week, National Media churned up a panic in South FL, as they were so certain that Irma would strike Miami-Dade as a Category 5 Hurricane. They showed the Carribean and the devastation caused by Irma there, to gin up the Panic. This is our national News, they drove people, who were DAYS away from EVEN KNOWING if Irma was coming their way, to uproot and run to my home city of Tampa. Now, today comes and is Miami-Dade in trouble? Not as serious as the National Media made out. They'll get stuff, but it's the Tropical Storm Level Whether they know how to deal with.


    So, where is Irma going? Well, it's headed to Tampa. Granted it can change, and we are watching it by the hour, already in places where we are safe, but all these People from Miami-Dade who DON'T need to be in Tampa, are here and in Harm's way, and taking up shelter space for people who need it. So, now people who don't need to be here, are in danger, while people who live here are running trying to find a safe place, further and further away, all because the National Media put people into a Panic days before they needed to leave.


    Yes, be prepared, keep an Eye on the LOCAL Reports, but don't Panic. Have plans, and know where you are going to go. But, for heaven's sake, don't listen to the National Panic Pushers, and listen to the Local reports, and the Local Authorities. Keyword, being LOCAL.

  7. Hey everyone

    I have located all four books of my "Outback" Story.

    Luckily it didn't get lost like some of my other stories.

    I would really like to have an editor go through all 4 books for me,

    and correct any spelling and grammar errors, of which I am sure there are plenty.


    Your reward is lots of gratitude and thanks from  me.

    Apply via this message or you can email if you like.


    Regards Quokka

  8. It's that time of year again!!! Normally today would be a prompt day, but as I've been having trouble fitting in this post, I decided to go ahead and post it on a prompt day. As those who have been here for years can tell you, it's the members who help us determine the themes for the years anthologies. Even with all the recent changes to the anthology, we still want the members to help us come up with suggested themes. From now, until September 29th, the GA membership can suggest themes and then a group of authors will narrow those themes down.


    The following are the new theme suggestion guidelines (more details in the theme suggestion thread):

    • Members can suggest up to 5 themes
    • All theme suggestions can be no more than 3 words (any theme suggestion going over this will be disqualified)
    • Suggested themes can NOT be a previously used theme. You can check the list of past themes, here.
    • Theme suggestions posted on the blog entry do not count. You must post your suggestions in the theme suggestion thread.

    Once the theme suggestions are closed to new themes, a group of authors will help narrow down the list and pick the themes for the 2018 Anthologies, which will then be posted both in the forum and in the weekly wrap up blog.

  9. jamessavik
    Latest Entry

    Hurricane Harvey, a cat 4 storm, makes a direct hit on the sixth largest city in the country.


    In addition to storm surge and wind damage, there is historic levels of flooding damage that add to the misery.


    It is expected that Harvey might be the most expensive natural disaster in American history.


    Here we go again. We've been here before with Katrina and New Orleans. Almost right on the tick of the solar cycle(1,2).


    Only this time we've got another hurricane from the Cape Verde Islands bearing down on Florida.


    Here's my worry. The US Insurance industry is structured to deal with one of these huge mega-disasters. How is it going to handle two within weeks of each other?


    Right now Irma is poised to strike some of the most expensive real estate in the country and she's loaded to pack a wallop.


    Irma has the potential to be even more destructive and costly when it strikes Florida-man's abode.



    What happens when the huge institutional funds that the insurance industry uses to back their policies have to dump billions of dollars in securities to raise the cash for these disasters?


    If you are sitting on stock, you might want to ditch it before the institutionals flood the markets with the blue chips. 


    I'm worried that we are about to see a market correction that will make Black Friday look like a Sunday picnic.


    If we get hit again for another multi-billion dollar disaster, it'll be a giant shit sandwich and everyone will get more than their share.








    1) Nature: Sunspot-hurricane Link Proposed

    2) International Journal of Climatology: Evidence Linking Solar Variability and US Hurricanes


  10. Once upon a time scientists thought the world was flat.

    Then they discovered chromosomes .

    (these two events have nothing to do with each other, I'm simply using them of references to establish a time line)

    Scientists discovered the (X) Chromosome and (Y) chromosome. The pattern in which these chromosomes occur decides whether someone is born (male) or (female)

    All eggs start out with with (XX), female. Then once fertilized a surge of hormones in the uterus decide whether a fetus stays female or becomes male.

    This path to maleness or femaleness originates at the moment of meiosis, when a cell divides to produce gametes, or sex cells having half the normal number of chromosomes. During meiosis the male XY sex-chromosome pair separates and passes on an X or a Y to separate gametes; the result is that one-half of the gametes (sperm) that are formed contains the X chromosome and the other half contains the Y chromosome. The female has two X chromosomes, and all female egg cells normally carry a single X. The eggs fertilized by X-bearing sperm become females (XX), whereas those fertilized by Y-bearing sperm become males (XY).


    That was a lot of science talk, I'm sorry. But are you with me so far? Good.


    So... time skip...


    Due to ADVANCES IN SCIENCE (dun dun dun... oh no! that means somethings going to change!) scientists have now discovered that this isn't always the case!  They have found that their are MORE THEN TWO POSSIBLE CHROMOSOME PATTERNS! (le gasp!). So what does this mean? 

    (get ready for some more SCIENCE!)


    Some genetic men  possess an extra X chromosome (XXY) or more rarely, two or three extra Xs (XXXY, XXXXY); they typically produce low levels of testosterone, leading to less-developed masculine sexual characteristics and more-developed feminine characteristics than other men. In contrast, some men receive an extra Y chromosome (XYY) in the genetic lottery (and while they have been referred to as "supermales" that is more sensationalism than science).


    Some genetic women  have only one X chromosome; they often display less-developed female sexual characteristics than other women. And people with a genetic mosaic possess XX chromosomes in some cells and XY in others.


    Even if you get the "right" combination of sex chromosomes, it's no guarantee that you'll fit into the little boxes society has defined as of male and female.

    For example, genetic women (XX) with congenital adrenal hyperplasia produced unusually high levels of virilizing hormones in utero and develop stereo typically masculine sexual characteristics, including masculinized genitals.


    Similarly, genetic men (XY) with complete androgen insensitivity syndrome don't respond to male hormones and fail to develop masculine sexual characteristics. Most live their lives as women.


    So what does this mean for society?

    Some people with penises are more feminine and some people without penises are masculine. 

    The way we characterize this difference is called GENDER.

    (I know it's scary, but please, stay with me!)


    Sex refers to what sexual organs you have. There are two kids of sexual organs, MALE and FEMALE. And there fore four possible combonations






    but! We're not done.


    Gender refers to your mind, behavior and thought patterns; wither someone displays more 'masculine qualities' or 'feminine qualities' , which is in part determined by you chromosomal patters (which we have now learned has MANY MANY options) and how you were raised/ influenced throughout your life (nature vs nurture debate is on going).

    Since the discovery of these chromosomal patters that differentiate from (XX) and (XY) scientists realized that not only does your sexual organs not always match your personality qualities but that their is a


    (wait for it.....  )




    Now referred to as Gender Spectrum.

    This is Science (biology, sociology and psychology)


    So since there are more then two options we need more then two classifications, but unlimited possible patters mean way too many classifications for people to keep straight. 

    Non-Binary is a good start. it's an umbrella term for anyone who doesn't fit into either the 'masculine' or feminine' box.


    But mostly what it means is;

    Once scientists thought the world was flat.

    Once scientists thought that the earth is the center of the Universe and that all other objects move around it.

    Once scientists believed illnesses could be cured by bloodletting.

    Once scientists believed the Earth was constantly growing and shrinking in size.

    Once scientists thought frogs and toads could give you warts.

    Once scientists thought lightening never struck the same place twice.

    Once scientists thought there were only two genders.


    Science changes, people. Get with the times. Educate yourselves. 


    This has been A Science Lesson with Professor Lee.

    Thanks and Have a nice day :)

  11. It's live! We've finally hit the release day for Earning His Trust, which originally started here on GA as No Flash. AND guess what? It's 30% off at Dreamspinner Press through the 8th! You can get it there for just $3.49 if you haven't already. 

    Purchase Links: 
    Universal Amazon Link: http://mybook.to/earninghistrust


    Evin lost the only two men he ever loved. But he might get a second chance with one of them—if he’s willing to take the risk.  


    Following the death of his husband, Evin is living in Portland and raising the infant son they had through a surrogate. Six-month-old Micah is his life, and if it means no time for activities or friendships beyond his minuscule support network, that’s a sacrifice Evin is willing to make. When he suffers a burn baking teething biscuits, the last person Evin expects to encounter in the ER is Ben, his lover from college—and the man who left him without a word of explanation.  


    Ben knows it won’t be easy to earn Evin’s trust and prove he’s not the same man Evin once knew, but he can’t bear to watch Evin struggle to care for Micah, hurting and alone. He wants back in Evin’s life, as a friend and hopefully more, but Evin’s heart is fragile, and the years have changed him too.



    The curtain slid on the overhead rails, and Evin held in his urge to snap about how long it took to get to him when the nurse said the ER was slow, but he froze with his mouth open.


    “Hello, I’m Dr. Perez. I see you burn—” The doctor snapped his jaw shut and stopped before he reached the head of the bed. Micah was oblivious, sitting between his legs and playing with his fake keys, chewing away on the rubber tips and drooling. He clutched the soggy remains of a biscuit in his other hand.


    Evin had to swallow hard himself. Of all the hospitals, in all the cities, his old boyfriend had to be in this one.


    He looked… good. Older, some wrinkles at the corners of his eyes. It had been… how long since he’d seen him? Not since Ben was graduating medical school the same year Evin was graduating with a business degree. Evin certainly never expected to see him here, and by the shocked look on Ben’s face, he hadn’t known Evin lived in Portland either. Evin waited for Ben to say something else, but he just kept staring. Evin took a deep breath. He could be an adult. He was a dad now.


    “Burned my hand,” he finished the sentence Ben never did. “I did it about an hour ago, and it really hurts.” Maybe he could move this along. Plus, Micah was on his third biscuit and getting fussy again. He probably needed to be changed, have some lunch, and then would fall asleep for the afternoon, just so he could keep Evin up all night again.


    Ben dropped his gaze to Micah and then looked up to stare at Evin again. “What happened to you?”


    Did he mean how Evin probably looked like he’d aged at least ten years since Ben bailed right before graduation, the last night they’d spoken? Well, spoken wasn’t a very good description for the fight they’d had after weeks of Ben ducking Evin’s questions about what he was planning. Maybe their relationship had run its course; maybe it was better for them not to be together.


    But he’d never expected Ben to just up and leave. It’d been hard, but Evin had a job offer in Portland and he’d taken it. Fortunately, his best friend, Gianna, came with him, and they got an apartment together in a not-so-great area of Happy Valley. It’d been nice to have a friend he knew would stick by him, but then she met Carl, and they fell in love. Not long after that he met someone, but that had gone wrong too.


    Gone was the bright, glittery guy who lit up the room in a flash, and this version of himself was all Evin knew how to be anymore. It was probably a disappointment. His hair was cut short instead of hanging down to his shoulders, and he was in a blue T-shirt and a pair of gray sweats instead of skintight everything. Nothing at all like how Ben would remember him.


    Was he wondering how in the hell Evin had a kid, since he’d never even kissed a girl—at least before when Ben knew him? Probably.


    Or had he brushed off their history, leaving Evin as the only one thinking about how the years had changed them—Ben definitely for the better. Most likely, he meant how Evin got the burn. He was a professional after all, and Evin was probably just another patient to him.


    In the end, it didn’t really matter. His appearance, how he got hurt, it all came down to just one thing.



  12. Please join the Author Promotion Team in congratulating Parker Owens as GA's newest promoted author! Parker has been a member of GA for two and a half years and during that time, he has written thirteen stories to share with the members here at GA and has written over 1,300 reviews! His latest story A Fall Observation is at just over 11,500 words. If you want to read more from Parker, you can visit his author page (and check out his new banner while you're there).


    Please join us in congratulating Parker on his well deserved promotion.





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    is it any wonder i prefer hiding inside my sketchbook

    over being in a crowd of people who don’t understand?

    my lifestyle — a mystery they try to dissect

    put me under a microscope all you want

    but you won’t get it because you choose not to


    i am no slave nor toy to kick around

    have my own opinions and voice to be heard

    give over control to another, because that is my choice

    gain strength and reassurance from my submission

    i can be no other way and no other person


    who i am, and who i am when i am with Him

    is protected and taken care of

    loved in ways that may not appeal to most

    but they are ways that fulfill and make me whole

    pain and discipline needed and desired


    just as others need kind words and soft caresses

    i need a firm hand and guidance to focus

    and when i stumble

    there’s comfort in knowing i am not alone

    and Someone believes in me


    He will pick me up and dust me off

    always, tirelessly

    so go ahead misunderstand me if you must

    but your ignorance will ultimately destroy you

    not me




    Special thanks to

    @MacGreg Sir for giving this writing task and to @Mikiesboy for help with arranging.
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    Did you ever wonder.. 

    If everyone who's focused on meaningless things, violence and hatred, lies, getting the illusion of power would instead focus on what really matters... How beautiful we could make this world?

    If everyone cared, just for a single day...

  13. Ingredients


    1 (15.25 ounce) pkg. devil's food cake mix

    1/2 cup vegetable oil

    2 eggs

    1 pkg. Andes Mints





    Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.


    In a large bowl, combine cake mix, oil and eggs.

    Drop spoonfuls of dough onto a baking sheet.


    Bake for 6-9 minutes.


    Take baking sheet out of oven and while cookies are still very hot, place an Andes Mint on top of each cookie.

    In about 5 minutes, the mint will be melted. Take a spoon and smooth out each mint like frosting.



    Note: I have found it easier to buy a bag of the andes mint pieces (can be found with the chocolate chips). I mix some into the batter, and then melt the rest to drizzle over top of the cookies instead of using full Andes Mints and having to wait for them to melt and then spread them. You could also melt the extra pieces and dip the cookies and place them on wax paper.


    *Recipe courtesy of Six Sisters

  14. Ok Guys... The time has come. New entry time. What's in an Avatar? 

    This is an important entry for me. With my blindness, I have no clue about your avatars. Unless, it was described to me. 
    Theirs three things I'd like to know! What is the avatar? Why did you choose it? How does it connect to your personality? 
    Obviously, mine is a rainbow heart. The rainbow represents my pride in my being Gay. At my age, I don't give an F if people accept, or not. I've happily acclaimed that part of me. Just a piece of my many puzzle pieces. The heart is because I live with an open heart, express my love, and with 12 year diagnosis of HIV. My heart gratefully and courageously still beats. With the breakthroughs in medicines. Hopefully many more years to go..... So, What's in an avatar?


    PS: I told @Cia what I wanted in my avatar. This beautiful woman provided what you see. 

  15. So, this is it. In ten hours I'll be on a plane to my new home in Prince George, five hundred kilometers away from everyone and everything that I've grown up with for the last twenty-seven years of my life. 


    I wish I could say I was excited, because I should be, and on some level I suppose I am. This is a chance for a new start and to erase all of the mistakes I made in Vancouver. No one knows me in Prince George; I don't have to face the stigma of all of the things that people think I am or anything like that. I can be a completely new person and not be held back by my past life. Except that this is my home, the place that feels most comfortable to me in spite of the summer heat wave and the fact that I'm completely persona non grata in the gay world and my political world. I'm utterly alone here, but at least I'm alone with people who love me. I won't have anyone or anything when I get to Prince George.


    I wish I knew how things would turn out, or that at least I'd be okay up north. I don't know anything about the culture of the city or even what the food will be like, and I'd hate to think that I spent all this money just to get sick repeatedly and not be able to actually do any of the things I want to do. I'm scared that this will be another stupid detour and waste of my time and money, that I won't be any more employable than I am now and that I really am to be relegated to a pointless existence for the rest of my life. But there are no guarantees, and staying here is nearly a sign of surrender. So I guess I'm off. I don't know what it will accomplish, but I will be back again someday... I think.


    Except for GA. I'm not leaving here, you people can't get rid of me that easily.

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    As most of my friends were graduating college and moving on with their lives, I was getting left behind. I couldn't afford to finish school and worked my life away. Every day waking up and doing the same thing. Go to work. Go to a second job. Go to sleep. Repeat. It was horrible and I started falling into a pretty dark depression. Writing was the one thing I could turn to that would make me feel happy. Make me feel like me again.


    Any free time I had I would try and write something. Many ideas came and went, just like all writers, but one idea stuck with me. A story about Patrick and his college experience. For months I wrote about him, his friends, his school, his loves. All these different stories making me feel nostalgic for college but helping lift my spirits. I fine tuned his adventures and compiled things into a neat little snippet of his freshman year. From move in day to the start of winter break. It wasn't half bad either. Something I rarely said about my own work. In those weeks, The CSU Stories were born.


    Most of my projects sit on a computer or notebook somewhere and are never seen again. It didn't feel right for Patrick to fade into obscurity though. I shared the story with my Mom. An editing queen and published author herself, she read the story and was not shy about leaving her remarks. At first I felt discouraged. Like maybe it was garbage that I wrote but then I got to the last page. She wrote a paragraph telling me how proud she was of me and how amazing the story was and would be after I finished the editing process. Something  a Mother had to say.


    It spurred me on. I edited everything she marked and resubmitted it her. Round two of edits came down and I flew through them. Patrick was finished and ready to be something. What I didn't know. My Mom suggested I make it an ebook and I thought she was crazy. No one would want to read it. She pushed me until I finally did and in 2013, Patrick was released on Amazon. Four years later we worked together to make Patrick a paperback as well. It's been an amazing journey to this point but I'm proud of the work we did. Now almost six years since I started work on Patrick the next book in the series will be releasing on Friday!


    You can get Patrick on Amazon in either format at https://goo.gl/szVDR5

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    I am very excited to announce that my eBook CARRIED AWAY is available now for FREE. Follow the link to get a copy. I truly hope you guys enjoy the read. Comments and reviews would be of course well appreciated. :D




    Mason has no friends - though it's not for lack of trying. He resigns himself to being a loner for the rest of his high school days - until popular Asher Raines stumbles into his world. Mason has a long-time crush on Asher, but he knows that boys who like other boys don't often get to have a happy ending. But could Asher Raines be a risk worth taking?


    Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post.


  16. MichaelS36
    Latest Entry

    For tim


    You are this beautiful creature that has graced my life

    A zephyr that blows softly lifting nary a hair

    I cannot cage you or keep you from those who love you

    Water that runs unfettered through my fingers

    You love is like the grains of sand on a long white beach

    Quicksilver that flows, cannot be molded or shaped

    Your radiance cannot be closeted or hidden

    Clouds that skim playfully through the blue above

    How can I lock up the wind?



  17. Relationships, what really defies one? When you meet someone you both decide to form a union between the two of you. It is a commitment that no one else will come between, but when two friends of the same sex create this what does it really mean? While growing up we are brain washed to believe it will have to be between a man and a woman, but what if those men secretly like men? You know the down low or bi-curious men. Can they truly have a relationship with another man? Maybe seeing it as a bromance makes it a little easier for them to go through with it. However you chose to look at it, it’s still dating.

    I had this friend I’ll just call X. X was someone I counted on for a lot, as did he did with me. In the beginning the motions were ones of just a friendship, yet as time went on we learned it could be more. If he needed someone to vent to, I was there. If I needed a shoulder to cry on he would hold me. For the first few years of our friendship we build this bond that most men didn’t have with another man, with me being gay and he straight that was a given.

    The first night I realized things with X were different was when he had been badly blown off by a girl. That night we drank until he couldn’t drink anymore then we crashed. I held him all night as he held onto me. X was a good guy, an attractive one too, but for some reason he picked the wrong girls. Makes you think right? Every girl he dated seemed to want nothing more than just sex from him. Ironically for a man his heart was always on his shoulder, or maybe he was really looking for something a woman couldn’t give him?

    Let’s fast forward to three months later. X was trying to be a man all about the girls. You know those types. Strip clubs, random hook ups, and getting girls to cheat on their man with you. I felt as though he was now taking a new path to find a girl, only this night that didn’t work. We ended up going back to his place where the night lead to hours of amazing, mind blowing sex. The kind of sex you’ve only heard about. So X never said he liked men nor did he ever say his sexuality, but I knew, he was bi-curious. The sex between us was way more than just a random thing, it felt as though it was a buildup of a strong connection between us that no one would admit. 

    Although the sex didn’t happen as often as I had wanted, X made sure to treat me better than most men had before. He would take me out for drinks, dinner, sometimes even the movies. The nights we spent in he made sure to listen and still be that man I needed to count on, as I did for him. Our friendship seemed to advance to a new level, sadly that didn’t last long.

    Like most bi-curious men X would go back to women. Once that happened I was out of the picture and sometimes for a while. Only when the girl was gone X would come crawling back to me, the one person that would always be there. I never minded being that person for X it made me feel more fulfilled. The friendship we had was one that was much needed in life and one you would do anything for. We all have those friends that we call ride or die and X was the one man I learned I could truly count on, well at most times.

    X never wanted to admit what we had was something real nor could he ever admit to having actual feelings for another man. One time when he was drunk he confessed his love for me and how he felt I was the one. He went on to explain that he never looked at a man the way he saw me. The truth was somehow he had fallen for me and I knew he was scared. Since I had first met X he always had the women, there was never a girl he couldn’t get. When out, I’d see girls throw themselves at him along with his phone always going off. Some girl begging him to take her back or one needing him to satisfy her. We believe women view sex differently than men while being X’s friend I learned some use men more. Sadly for X he was the type of guy that you had to have at least once, okay maybe twice.
    The thing was I never treated X as some dick that could make me scream. He was always more to me and that I knew he felt. When we would be together he made sure I was always his main one, I was always the one he went to. Only for some reason once a girl showed any kind of interest he threw me out like the trash. The part that killed me the most was he even had the nerve to disappear and ignore me. As if I would expose him or ruin his current fling, but that always ended and he found his way back to me.
    When that happened the dating and the nights of amazing sex would continue. He always made sure to spoil me and make me feel as if I was the one person he wanted to spend his life with. I was always the first person he called in the morning and the last one he would text before bed. It was funny that a man who considered himself straight treated me better than a man that was openly gay. X really did know how to make his other half someone that was more than just special, I was his everything. We never called each other boyfriends, just best friends.

    It was funny though when we were together he made it very clear I couldn’t see or have sex with anyone else. In fact he made sure I got everything I needed from a man. We took care of each other sexually, mentally, and honestly financially. We never wanted or needed a thing when together. Everyday we did all we could to keep each other happy. It was better than any relationship either of us had been in, at the time. Even though he could never admit he was bi-curious, or that we were dating, X really was a good boyfriend. 

    Only when it came to women he still couldn’t say no. I felt X wanted us to work out only on his terms. For him he wanted to be able to go off and be with a woman when he needed. Then to have me there waiting for him when he wanted me back. For four years this went on. I dated X and no matter what he thought, he had a boyfriend. Bi-curious men sometime have a different idea of what it is to date or be with another man. Maybe I didn’t know what it was to date a bi-curious man, yet.

    X and I finally ended it all when he met a girl and they got married. That was it. For at least ten months we no longer spoke until one day he text me. We talked debating if we should try and be friends or work on us. Of course this lead to us hanging out and then he would be nothing but apologetic. X made sure I understood the why behind his hiding and that he would make me happy again. He would build up new promises and make plans for us. This time I knew to stay away but when he told me he loved me and needed me, I had to go back. If I had listened more closely I would have heard that drunk in his voice. X only admitted any feelings to me when he was drunk.


    So we would meet up for drinks and as the drinking got heavier X would begin to talk about how much he needed me. Then once we got into his truck he started to cry and tell me that he doesn’t know why he keeps pushing me away. Crying that I am the only person that has ever truly been there for him. We’d hung and he’d hold me begging me to forgive him and how he never wants me to leave again. Then we would go back to his place and we would have some of the best sex, I swear his neighbors had to have heard us a few times. 

    Every time we had sex I felt as though we grew closer together and what we had became stronger. The feeling I’d get when he touched me or I felt him deep inside showed me we were more then just friends. But there’s only so much that moment of passion can give you until it’s over. The moment we would finish X did seem a little distant only it was always the next day he started to wonder about us. This time he called me the next day trying to make an excuse as to why he told me all he did. He would always make sure to end the conversation with telling me I was his best friend, yeah I was more than that.
    After a few days had passed we would be back to normal. He usually only acted a little nervous after anal sex, as if that was going too far. Yet he wouldn’t feel bad to ask for oral sex every time I saw him. That was like most guys though for them to get head was a must, not that I am complaining. X just didn’t seem to understand what was truly between us. Part of me felt he wanted a boyfriend yet was too afraid to give into his feeling for me. It seemed every time we got one step closer to actually being a couple he’d find a girl. Then he was gone and that’s exactly what happened again.

    X met a girl and he seemed to believe this was the “one”. We spent weeks talking and arguing about the situation. I couldn’t help but feel used, which I had no idea why he felt the same way. We both realized there was no reason to talk about this. Whatever X and I had was truly over.
    We did have a different relationship honestly one we could never explain. Our story may never have a happy ending, but it ended. We both just stopped talking to each other and went on with our new lives.

    Bi-curious men sometimes come with a lot of baggage. Very few know how to put it in the back of their minds while others continue to follow their paths. Each man sees a relationship with another man differently and soon we may not be able to tell what we really are. Then there are the men that truly are just curious maybe not ready for the physical side of the relationship. When it comes to dating, every guy is different. I wonder how far they would let their curiosity take them???

  18. On Monday, August 21st I got to see the solar eclipse. In my area, it was about 77 percent coverage, so just a partial one, but still incredible to watch. I got off work around 1:17, and drove over to the Glasgow County Park on Route 40. There's a little running hill where I went to the top and watched it with about 20 or so people. It was pretty cool- absolutely amazing to watch the sun turn into a little tangerine slice.


    Definitely won't forget it, for sure.

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    Hello All! 
    I've been instructed to write this letter. For my actions and reactions to an issue with a friend. I did not handle myself in an appropriate way. Being irrational. 
    I apologize to the Sirs I disrespected. With the way I may have addressed them. Along with not honoring with proper title. I deeply regret my actions to you. I've embarrassed myself and Sir. 
    I promise to be more mindful in future. Respecting Sirs and friends. Showing respect and settling my issues directly with individuals involved. 
    I hope you can forgive my outbursts and current irrational behavior. I'm working through what I need too. With Sir, and hopefully Dr. help. 

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    Someone gave me the advice “ don’t cross an ocean for someone who wouldn’t cross a puddle for you”.


    Today I’ll paddle and you rest. Tomorrow we’ll swap. Together we’ll make down stream.

    I’ll hold my hand out, the choice is yours if we dance in the rain and splash in the puddles. 


    Love and life are not about what you get but what you give.
    Unless it endangers your life, cross puddles. Climb mountains, cross oceans, open doors.

    Love people. Love unconditionally.




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