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  • wildone

    Weekly Wrap Up (Feb 19 - 24)

    By wildone

    Hi all! I decided to show my face around these parts again to see if I can do like my teachers taught me....learn from my mistakes and try and try and try again   So let's see what happened between February 19 - 24th.   Monday, February 19   Tuesday, February 20   Wednesday, February 21   Thursday, February 22   Friday, February 23   Saturday, February 24     Contests 2018 Summer Novella Anthology: Summer - Due April 15th, 2018   Anthologies 2018 Spring Anthology: Now or Never - Due May 15th 2018 Spring Anthology: Encounters - Due May 15th 2018 Fall Anthology: Fight Back - Due Nov 15th 2018 Fall Anthology: Good Intentions - Due Nov 15th   Blog Opportunities Story Critique: Open to all GA authors. Sign up here. Ask An Author: Send your questions for your favorite authors to @Carlos Hazday (no questions = no Ask An Author) 3 Story Promo: Open to all GA Authors. PM Renee Stevens to participate. Author Interview: Open to all GA Authors. PM Renee Stevens to participate. Favorite Self-Written Story: Open to all GA authors. PM Renee Stevens to participate Story Recommendations:  Open to all GA authors & readers. PM Renee Stevens to participate.   Premium Updates:   Harbinger by Cia *Premium*   Classic Updates:   You Promised Me a Tomorrow by Ronyx   Signature Updates:   A Love Story by CarlHoliday; Book 2 of Warnton Stories   Cozy Contemplations by Headstall   Denied by Cia   Insomnia by CassieQ   Mojo by AC Benus   One Hundred and Fifty-Five Sonnets by AC Benus; Book 5 of Verse   Shadow Honor by Cynus   Shelter by Comicality; Book 1 of Shelter   Promising Updates:   Georgetown: Over The Rainbow by Carlos Hazday; Book 8 of CJ   Here Kitty, Kitty by Caz Pedroso   timmy's poetry by Mikiesboy   ***Check out this GA Classic***   Circumnavigation  C James     Trevor, through little fault of his own, finds himself with few choices. Desperate and hunted, he decides that his best chance is to head out to sea on his boat, for a circumnavigation of the Earth. His boat, Atlantis, is a fifty-five foot cruising catamaran, bequeathed to him by his mother prior to her mysterious disappearance. Come along for the ride and explore with Trevor, as he discovers many things, not the least of which is himself.   Don't forget.... Read, Write, and REVIEW!!!

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