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  • Cia

    Writing Prompts #692 & #693

    By Cia

    Happy Friday, prompt authors! How do a few creative prompts sound for this week's challenge? There's something very, very wrong with both of these scenarios, and you have to figure out what that is... have fun!    Prompt 692 – Creative Tag – The trunk Aggravated, you march out to the garage looking for boxes to pack your belongings in. You spot the trunk in the corner, grab the handle and go to drag it out, only to nearly dislocate your shoulder. Stopping, you open the trunk only to stand there screaming into the night. What was in the trunk?   Prompt 693 – Creative Tag – Twin This morning you got up and knew something is was wrong. A minute later, your mother calls demanding to know if your twin is okay. You have no idea, because as far as you know, because you’re an only child. What’s going on?   Did you write a prompt response last week? Don't forget to share it below.

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