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Well.  Here I am.  I've finished off my two weeks at my last job.  Saying goodbye to the great people I worked with was hard.  I did that on Friday.  I finished packing and moving Saturday.  (and did 13,600 steps before taking off the Fitbit...).  Sunday was Easter with the family and now I'm looking at the giant pile of boxes and furniture and trying to figure out how all that stuff fit in my old place and will fit here at home.

I've known this was coming for awhile, of course.  I built my mancave last year.  It will serve as my entertainment and fun room.  One of my computers is in here so that I can enjoy writing and what not.  I'll do some site work in here as well.  My main computer is set up in the Family room, which was the other renovation we did in the last 3 years.  We converted a covered porch into the family room.  It's all windows.  Perfect place to work most of the day until the sun swings around and then you have to close some of the blinds or get blinded by the sun (on those rare occasions the snow stops and the gray clears).

I'm in the mancave at the moment taking a break from moving things.  I'm hoping by the end of the week, that things settle down and I can start work on my new normal.  The new job starts next Monday.  I figure by May, I'll get my routine all settled again and instead of so many trips on weekends, they'll be more open to doing site stuff and getting into a regular writing routine.

I'll be on at weird times this week as I pop on and off between sorting and organizing my disaster.


Time Just Zips Along

As an introspective person, I do a lot of inward looking, as you can probably imagine.  There has been a fair bit of stuff going on in my life outside of GAGA, oddly enough, has been one of the ways I've stayed sane.  Well, in part.  There are a bunch of things that I do on a regular schedule for GA and that helps keep my semblance of normalcy.  As it looks right now, I'm down to weeks before I pick up roots and move.  It'll be the first major job change I've made on purpose.  It brings a raise, new things and new people.  It'll also bring more hours at times.  The upsides vastly outweigh the downsides and I'm moving closer to the family.  This eliminates most of the other stresses in my life too.


Of course, this means for the next couple months, I'm going to be crazy busy.  Between work, moving, new work and the house renovations I'll be doing, I'm going to be going crazy.  I've been doing prep work though.  I've been working on writing blogs ahead so that I'll stay on my posting schedule.  This blog, which is posting live when I'm done, is actually the fifth blog I've written today.  I'm about to get up from the computer to head out to the barn and my mancave so that I can do more prep there in anticipation of the move.


This past Wednesday marked 3 years since dad passed away.  I still miss you Dad!


Since the beginning of November, I have been posting regular blogs in various places.  A big part of this has been getting into the habit of writing regularly.  Some of the blogs I do in batches and others, like this one, is posted when I'm done writing it.  For the last few years, I've had a lower profile on the site and lot of the new folks don't know much about me.  So, I've also been trying to be more personable.  Well, as much as a grumpy bear can be personable at least. lol. 


So part of this habit is to make sure that I write something every single day.  Now, that all of that is blogs, as I am working on entries for the anthologies and other writing projects.  I've found that my creativity is flowing better if I write a blog entry of some sort before jumping into story writing.  Not sure why, but it's working for me for now. :)


I am at my mother's this weekend.  I've been going through the slow process of moving back in with her.  I built my mancave in her barn last year and now I'm looking for a job I can jump to in her area.  Saves a ton of money for both of us to share resources.  And moving back in with her frees her up from a bunch of stuff so she can help my grandparents.  So, anyway, we're talking about more renovations to the house.  Upgrading the bathroom, the kitchen and turning a room into my dedicated office.  The office will give me a place to close the door and do work.  It would not be a place to play.  Apparently, psychologically, it is much easier to discipline ourselves when we keep the areas we work and the areas we play separate.


I seem to have rambled a bit :)  I'm going to get off the computer for now and go take care of some of the stuff I moved back here, then go do some organizing/planning in my mancave.  I plan on doubling the size of my mancave by converting the backroom of the barn into my little rec room complete with a pellet stove for our long winter months.  I'm also planning on sticking a 3d printer in there when I'm all done so I can design and make stuff.  

When I say barn, by the way... this is what I mean:

the Barn


It is 120 years old for those keeping score.  We've got some work to do in a couple of places, especially after last year's internal roof work.  They installed collar ties and supports for the roof trusses, as it is basically wide open upstairs.  


So, I use Wunderlist to keep track of my To Do lists.  I have a lot of them.  Stuff for the site, stuff for the business, stuff for home, stuff for mom's home, stuff for the mancave, stuff for writing, and even entertainment.  There are more too.  As of this moment, I have 69 things on my To Do list flagged for Today.  After 50 hours sucked up by the work week, I'm a bit grouchy that I've got more stuff to do. 


My nerdy nature doesn't help.  I like doing research on stuff.  (like reading books on string theory and Einstein-Rosenburg bridges for my sci-fi stuff.)  But I'm also reading psychology and marketing books. They go in fits in starts as I get a few moments.  I am constantly reading about all the changes to Google that affect our lives.  It seems kind of endless.  Some of this stuff I can't just let slide either.  We have to march to Google's constantly changing beat so we can be found in the search engine so that we can get traffic so that we can get ad revenue so that we can stay open.  I don't do this nearly as often as I should be.  There are tools out there that help with all this, but the good ones cost a fair bit of money.  It's worthwhile to invest in them from time to time to make the improvements, but I need to have more free time when I do that so that I can take maximum advantage of the tool while we have it.  I wish I had more time to devote to the site.  Short of a sudden 10x increase in subscribers, I won't have that time.  Though, if we do get a 10x increase in subscribers, I'd be able to dedicate full time to the site and really do some interesting things. lol.


I should probably do some chores, eat breakfast and then triage my to-do list.


The start of a new year is a time of reflecting.  I've been doing a lot of reflecting lately.  I'm in the process of searching for a new employer so that I can move.  We're coming up on three years since dad passed away.  I've more than quadrupled my visits to mom since then.  Most of the summer and fall, it was every weekend.  It's not a horrible drive, but I'm tired of it.  Mom wants me to move back in with her and I'm good with that.  It would let me take care of the stuff she needs and let her take care of her parents.  (Grandpa is 86, Grandma is 83).  My career is flexible enough, in theory, to move and get a new job and with the economy going finally, this should work in theory.  But I am getting rather sick of working for other people.


When you step back in look... there are 168 hours in a week.  Scratch 50 hours for sleep.  Scratch 60 hours for work, going to work or getting ready for work.  Scratch another 10 hours for chores/bills/other requirements of life.  That leaves 48 total hours in the week.  then GA.  figure 4 hours a day averaged out for what I do.  That leaves 20 hours.  chances are good that not more an 2 or 3 of those hours are consecutively available.  And by the time all that is done, I don't want to be on the computer anymore.  I usually read or occasionally I'll get time up in gaming.  This pattern has been pretty much the same for 10 years.


So, I'm working on breaking that pattern a bit and get into a pattern of writing more.  Some of this is the blogs.  I'm now handling three site blogs per week.  Some of them are fairly simple, but the Tech Tuesday blog is a lot more involved.  I'm also thinking of doing just a general sort personal blog, like this one, once a week.  I'm also looking more into alternative revenue sources for the site.  One of those options is what they call affiliate marketing.  That is, we link to products that other people are selling and we get a small fee if you buy after clicking on our links.  Since I'm a gadget kind of guy, I've thought about talking about some of the gadgets I get in my blog and putting up an Amazon link to it so that if you decide you want to try it too, the site can get a cut.  Also thinking of doing the same with books and movies.


Writing and posting blogs regularly keeps me in the writing mood and helps prompt me to write more in other areas.  I'm currently reviewing my Harry Potter and Parliament of Dreams story so I can finally complete it and then focus on new stuff that is wholly my own.  I'm also targeting the anthologies this year.  Slowly but surely I want to get myself back into a regular writing habit. 

Time will tell!


Let me know what you think.



Potpourri of Updates

Welcome to my little potpourri of updates.  It has been a little while again.  As it happens, I get way too busy bouncing all over the place with all the stuff I'm doing.  Some personal stuff first... the project I started two years ago with my mother after dad died is now pretty much done.  We converted the back porch of the house into a very nice family room that iBlacklightss pretty much all windows.  (There are 15 windows in the room).  It turned into a great place for me to write and to read when I stayed there during my vacation from work.  Mom is also very happy with it, which is the most important part, of course.

I can also report that the mancave I built in the barn at moms is also finished stage 1.  Aside from the nice Phillips Hue lights in the room, I have some black lights mounted on the back of the projection screen. There are no windows, so this room can truly be a cave.

As for the site, we have worked out the majority of the bugs from the transition to the new software.  Just in time for the next transition, it seems.  Forum software 4.2 is in Beta 8 and is scheduled to be released in the first week of August or there about.  We will be waiting until or so before we upgrade if we even have our software update ready for that.  Stories do work with the update already, but some new features aren't integrated yet.  We hope to have that all set by the time the software is ready to upgrade.  The upgrade to the new version should not cause all the issues we just went through, as the hardest parts are now behind us.

I am also in the process of writing the specifications for the next feature update to stories that focuses on adding the "Reading Lists" feature into stories.  This will also replace our dodgy "Favorite Author" and "Favorite Stories" list with something much more useful and obvious.

In addition to that stuff, I have also been researching business and marketing stuff.  With our business model, we need a constant flow of new people and new material and the success of eBooks has taken away a lot of our feeder streams.  These means that we have to take more effort, time and resources in order to further develop our own stream.  We are working on a bunch of stuff that's more long term development in nature.  It is exactly what the revenues from Premium Content gets sunk into.  If you don't already subscribe, doing so keeps this train moving:

In addition to all of that, we are also working on developing more writing resources for our authors. Comicality has been very kind in helping me out with articles for a new feature that will be coming later this summer.  I hope to get that set up so we have regular articles and other helpful material to be released on a regular schedule.  


I've also been making an effort to write something every day.  None of it is worthy of you guys seeing yet, but it will be when I get back into the regular swing of things. I promise.


That's all for now.  I'll try to do this more regularly, even if it is just to bs a bit. :) 



Has it been two weeks?  It already feels like two years.  Aside from all the work here, I work full time.  We have the same issue with our programmer, but he's on a totally different time schedule.  So it adds to some complications in getting these bugs fixed.  I'm sorry it is taking so long, but some things are being a bit stubborn.  You guys see the ship is moving, but you don't see that the engine keeps randomly spewing oil all over the engine room.  I'm just happy we keep moving.


In order to stay somewhat sane, I've been taking a break from working on stuff to enjoy the new game, Mass Effect: Andromeda.  I'm enjoying the game a lot, even with all the well documented quirks, shall we say.  It is truly funny at times... both intentionally and not so intentionally. (look up duck walk Mass Effect on YouTube)


Hopefully, we'll get these bugs all wrapped up in the next couple weeks and we can focus on the new stuff going forward.  There are some pretty nice changes coming in 4.2 version of the forums.  We're looking at replacing Chat.  The next version of stories should have the previously mentioned "Reading Lists" feature in it that does a much better job with Favorite Authors, Favorite Stories, a To Read List, Your Reading History, and custom lists.  (Stories 2.1).  The version after that is aimed at authors and making managing story posting a lot easier for both authors and for us with our new Story Queue system. (Stories 2.2).  Both of these features were removed from this release of stories in order to get it out faster.  Also, we should have a lot less issues with the next updates, as they are relatively minor changes to existing stuff, unlike the giant upgrade we just did.


Once all that stuff is finally behind us, I'd really like to get back to reading and writing for fun. :)



Thoughts on Upgrade Bugs

I thought I would take the opportunity to explain some of these glitches and bugs we're all enjoying.

First and foremost, the forum software version 4.0.0 was a complete rewrite from the ground up that converting our existing data to work in the version.  This has happened before, because we started on version 1.1 back in 2003.  That's years before Facebook, for you Millennial.  This is a lot of baggage from issues over the years and things glitch.  Indeed, we experienced a bunch of issues during the upgrade process stemming from this.  But to add fun to the whole thing, we went from version 3.4.9 to  This means we jumped over 50 updates in one go.  That is just the forum software.  Our stories archive software is a fully rewritten from the ground up to work with the new forum software.  We tested a LOT of versions.  The one that went live on Gay Authors was our 26th update.  The tenth of 'feature complete'.  We've squished a lot of bugs.  Unfortunately, technical bugs are like Hyrda.  You cut one head off only for two more to appear. 


Now, we've gotten a few people tell us how awful we are handling the upgrade and how we shouldn't upgrade without bugs.  This statement shows a lot of naivety when it comes to dealing with software in general and this site in particular.  Microsoft is a company employing 100,000 people, yet turns out bugs daily.  We have 0 employees.  We have a volunteer staff that must make time between full time jobs, family and the general requirements of life in order to run a website.


It frankly pisses me off that people have the audacity to demand anything from me at all.  This site is free.  We don't charge you to read stories. We don't charge you to post stories.  Sure, we have have Premium Content, which offers a number of additional stories and ad-free browsing on the site.  And it is through the generosity of those members that makes the site viable.  It also pays for the server, the government requirements of businesses like licenses and taxes.  And, like the rest of the site, we barter with our premium content authors compensating them for participating in the program.  The ads help pay for things too.  We do not put up donation requests or constantly beg people for money.  That is not the model I decided on when I built Gay Authors.  We started there and it sucked.  Never knowing from month to month if I had to scrape money together to keep the site going.  Screw that. 


So, yes, we have bugs.  But ask yourself this:  What is the critical Mission of Gay Authors?  Providing access to great stories.  The bugs are not preventing this.  Stories can be accessed.  New stories can be added.  The bugs we are experiencing are annoying, certainly, but they don't stop you from reading stories.


So go read some and we'll work on getting everything else going.


Reflecting On The Past

Today would have been Dad's 69th birthday. Today mark's two years since I last talked to him. In a few weeks, it will mark two years since he died.

I have been in a contemplative mood all day. Withdrawn would be a good word.

A lot has been going on in the last two years. I've spent a LOT of weekends at Mom's, which means a lot of traveling. I've had a lot of ups and downs and being there for mom. I've not had much in the way of downtime trying to take care of things Mom can't, working a full time demanding job, and running Gay Authors. Certainly somethings have taken longer than I'd have liked. This software upgrade has dragged on for too long, but I've not had the time to chase it.

I'll be doing even more shaking up in my personal life over the next year. Things on the site will continue as they have. We'll have that upgrade soon. I'll have more time to write. Try to spend less time stressing on stuff and more time living.

Dad had a great philosophy on life. Grasp a hold of it and live it. Never go to bed angry.

I'm trying Dad. Love you. Miss you.


Last Saturday morning, about ten minutes after arriving at my destination on campus my mother called my cell phone. I could barely make out what she was saying. The gist of it was that dad had a massive heart attack and collapsed in the driveway. She told me she was getting on the ambulance and hung up.


It took me almost 15 minutes to trudge across campus through the snow to my car. I was going as quick as I could without falling on the ice. I drove to my house and grabbed my meds and some clothes. Before jumping back in my car, I called my uncle to get the hospital they took him to. I jumped back in the car and drove to the next city over. The normally 70 minute drive was nearly 2 hours. The Thruway was covered in snow and it was snowing the whole drive.


I arrived at the hospital and when I checked in at the security desk, the guard basically said "Oh. Come with me."


We went through a maze of hallways. As soon as I came around the corner my wailed "he's gone". I think that sound she made will hunt my nightmares for years. Dad went just like his father did. Grandpa died at work at age 51. He just dropped and was gone. Dad was 67 and a couple weeks and he he just dropped and was gone too. They tried in the ambulance to bring him back. But he was gone when he hit the driveway. The last time I talked to him was his birthday. My last words to him were "I love you dad." His last words to me were "I love you." So, though I wasn't there when he went, he knew how much I loved him and I knew how much he loved me.


I'm an only child and this week has been hell on earth. For those of you that have siblings, you probably never give much thought to it, but at the end of the day when everyone goes home, there is only you and your mom. Mom had dad for 38 years. They still acted like teenagers when they went out. Nothing can fill that hole and trying to hold it together for mom has been the hardest thing I've ever done.


I've got a lot of stuff to do ahead of me, but I wanted to write this to talk about dad. And because dad was a funny guy I want to leave this on something upbeat, because that's what he'd want.


When I was 24, the first father's day after coming out, I played golf with my father/son golf tournament. While sitting in the golf cart waiting for all the people to play, my father kept pointing at the various sons and going "What about that one? His ass sticks out. do you like that one?" as we passed various guys, he kept doing this. finally he points to a kid,maybe 15, and says, "what about him?"

"DAD!! Sure, when he's a few years older and not jailbait!"

"Bah, if there's grass on the field, it's ready to mow."

I smacked his arm.


Did any of your dads point out guys to you after coming out?


Bye Dad. I'll love you forever.


A Time of Reflection

They say that the new year is a time of reflection. It has been a very long time since I just sat down to write and I did that last night. It felt good to do it.


I decided to stop by my blog because I was cleaning up old stuff. With the big software upgrade, some of the old junk needs to go. I decided to keep this blog though because of it's long history. But since I was here, why not write something?


One of my goals for this year was to be more visible on the site. You've seen some of that by my weekly Tech Tuesday posts. My hope going forward is to be more involved again this year. Remind myself again why I spend so much time here, even when you don't see me.


We have so much to do this year. It's going to be busy.


See you soon!



A Little Experiment

We have been thinking of several different ways to reduce the complicated nature of the forums. Right now, we have a forum for every Hosted and Promising Author. That means there are a TON of forums. This makes the site a little overwhelming for new users.


We thought about and hit upon the idea of using the blogs for handling Author interaction. As part of this, of course, we'd need a couple of people in addition to the author that would post to the blog. That's easily handled here.


This is just a test for us and we will expand the experiment going forward. Any comments would be welcome, of course.


So, I haven't written a blog since November 2008. I feel like I have been slacking somewhat.


In truth, I have been very very busy in life. Work has been a trip. I enjoy what I'm doing for the most part and we are doing well.


Other than work, I've been very busy with Gay Authors, of course. I've been coordinating the various Premium Content authors to make sure we have a steady flow of stories for Subscribers. I've been keeping the site up to date, including the new Live Chat software. There is a giant update to most of the software coming in a couple of days that I've been staying on top of. I also have been writing the specifications on the software that we will be using to replace all the story hosting on Gay Authors. It is custom designed by me to meet our needs. It will give all the stats and review opportunities that eFiction has to all authors. Even off-site ones that link in.


I have been playing a lot of Xbox 360 too. It is the main way I unwind these days. It also tends to motivate me to write, depending on what I'm playing.


And speaking of writing, yes, I have been writing. I have completed a rewrite on the first 15 chapters of PoD. I had written myself into a corner on that and I'm correcting that sort of thing. It is a slow effort, but I will get that complete. I have also updated/rewritten Three-Edged Sword. I am currently wrapping the fifth and final chapter. I will post all 5 chapters at once when I'm complete.


As for stuff you can see... I have entered an entry into the Summer 2010 Anthology "Out of this World". I won't say what it is, but it is just over 7900 words. Thanks to my beta reader Cia and my editor Talonrider for chasing me around to get it out.


I am continuing to develop a few different fantasy stories, some short and some long, that all fit together in the same world. A lot of my time has been going towards world development. I even have maps and documents explaining how the magic works.


It will be quite a while before those see the light of day. I do have a one-shot Valdemar Fanfiction, I'll probably wrap up soon. There was a comment on an early preview of it. Did I continue to write it? Yes. It is almost done. I just need to make sure that it has a beginning, middle and end that all work.


That's all for now. It will probably be a while before I make another entry here.


It has been quite a while

I always seem to forget about this blog. I get myself tied up working on something or another and don't come back for months at a time.

So, since my last entry. I have moved into my new townhouse and started a new job. My new company is still going balls to the wall, despite the slowing economy. They are holding back from hiring many more people to try to insulate from issues in the future.


I'm personally very busy.


As for the site, we have been doing a lot behind the scenes and some things visibly. Steph has been a great help with the new skins. My current work project is converting Comicality's site over to the new design. Again, thanks to Steph for making things pretty. (check out the gone From Daylight parts... those are done)


I have been writing some. I'm hoping to have something to post before the end of the year.


That's it for now.


Well... I'm moving back to the city I want to be in. I start my new job on 7/7.


I am moving this week. As such, I have been spending a LOT of time packing and going through my junk. I have more books than I thought possible. I'm going to need a large room just to hold them all.


Let's see... I have also been working on the Story Archive. There are some very major updates coming soon there. It will also be the first place we deploy the new logo. Steph has been working hard on getting that new system to work. Meanwhile, I've been working on the interface to allow all registered users to suggest updates to the archive and suggest new stories for it. When I'm all done, it will be a lot more member-friendly and should be the place people go to find the stories they want to read.


I'll write more when I'm settled in.




Oh.. a Real Post

Ugh. I've got a little problem lately that I can't seem to get under control. I can't sit still. This makes working on anything rather difficult as I have the most trouble sitting in my desk chair.


Motivation to do so is also somewhat lacking. I can't force myself to focus on much of anything lately. I'm hoping that it has just been the crappy weather we've had all week.


Today, I have a nice long list of things I plan on working on. I'm mowing the lawn, cleaning the basement, cleaning my room, (and other forms of spring cleaning), and I also plan on knocking off a few of the things on my list for the site. Keep your fingers crossed!


Tomorrow, I plan on taking some pictures of the great outdoors. It is supposed to be sunny and nice.


Anyhoo, I might be posting some of my writing updates soon. They are not ready for the site, but they might prove to some people that I have been doing at least a little writing lately ;)


Big Blog Changes

There is a major Blog update in beta right now. It adds a few features that people have been wanting for some time.


From IPS:

New Default Style


IP.Blog has been overhauled with a fresh new style, one which feels more like a traditional blog. Additionally, it has been designed with themes (see below) in mind, so there is plenty of room for theme authors to experiment in their designs.


Themes and Custom Headers


You can now install 'theme packs' and allow your users to choose which of these themes will be applied to their blog. Using themes you can completely change the look and layout of an individual blog (to see a demonstration of a theme in use, check out Rikki's blog). Users are also able to create their own unique theme, these user themes must be approved by an adminstrator before they are publically viewable by other users. The new custom header system allows you to create multiple header images for users to choose from.


Content Block Plugin System


It's now much easier to create your own content blocks, using a new plugin system. It's now possible to define settings for a plugin that apply to individual blogs, this means that you can integrate with 3rd party widgets that require a unique username for each blog. We've also included new content blocks in this release: Twitter, MyBlogLog, Google Reader, Friends Blogs, and Recent Visitors.


Social Bookmarks


A new bookmark manager allows you to define bookmark services for your blog system. These services will allow blog entries to be easily submitted to the bookmark services that you setup. There are several preconfigured services: Del.icio.us, Digg, Facebook, Mixx, Reddit, and Stumbleupon. Please feel free to suggest any services that you would like to see included by default.


Media Integration


The new tag allows you to automatically convert various media types into a more useable format. FOr example, [ blogmedia ]http://www.test.com/somemp3.mp3[/ blogmedia] would be converted into a mp3 player for the specified file. You can define any media type you like in the Media Tag manager, by default we include: Flickr Image Set, GameTrailers, Google Video, MP3 Player, MySpace Video, Veoh, and YouTube. Please suggest any additional media tags that you would like to see included by default.


Akismet Integration


It's now possible to use Akismet to filter spam for both the comment and trackback system.


Feedburner Integration


Users can now override the default rss syndication and use FeedBurner.


Other Changes:



  • Edit Entry Date
  • Display article count for categories
  • Blog Offline Mode
  • Entry author replies in comments are now highlighted
  • Admins can select a 'Featured Entry' to be displayed on the blog listing

You can see it here:



Busy, Busy, Busy!


It has been awhile, hasn't it?


For those of you that don't know this by now, I get up about an hour early every morning to take care of emails and other Site related stuff. I generally eat breakfast while doing this.


Then it is all day at work.


When I get home, I boot back up the computer and spend an hour or two taking care of email and posts on the site.


This is every weekday.


Weekends are much the same, except I don't have to go to work.


Lately, I have been writing. I'm working on 3 different stories at the moment. A new Psionic Corp future state (spaceship future) that I haven't titled yet; a Valdemar (by Mercedes Lackey) FanFiction that is set between Brightly Burning and Exile's Valor in that time frame where there is nothing cannon; and the Harry Potter and the Parliament of Dreams Chapter 3 rewrite.


I am also working on eliminating problems on the Gay Authors site and designing a new look that is easy and straightforward to navigate and find things. In the meantime, I have put some search functions in to make it easier for people to find things.


In addition to all that, I'm keeping my eye on the future. There is some new software that I'm testing for the site. There are a raft of software updates for the site that I will be installing this weekend.


I will be taking a break to get more achievements on my Xbox 360 though. Hopefully, none of you begrudge me that. :P


One of the pet peeves of most online writers is the lack of feedback. Tons more people read than ever say anything back. That is why, as an author, I try to make sure that sure that I at least drop a little note back to someone on the latest chapter I read. I'm much less diligent with ongoing fanfiction stories though. Mostly because that is on FanFiction.net and keeping logged in on that site is too much of a hassle.


Any way, I bumped into some really high quality stories on Nifty. Unfortunately, there is no way to find all the author's work. It is spread through a couple of different categories. As it was particularly good, I sent the writer a note. I didn't hear anything back. I didn't think much about it. I figured it probably got caught in the spam filter or some such. I kind of forgot about the author, but I tripped over a new story he had written. It was, again, very good. So I sent out another message. I haven't heard back, again. Now, I must say, as an author, I always reply back when someone emails me. I check through my junk mail folder every day. I'm sure I've missed one or two over the years, but I make a strong effort to get back to anyone that takes the time to write to me. When someone doesn't, it is rather annoying.


This author, whom I'm not going to mention, by the way, would be offered a Hosted Author spot here at Gay Authors. Though, I'm not sure I'd do that now, given the sloth that the author is showing.




Kicking Down the Closet Door


Our local top 40 radio station morning DJ's son kicked down the closet door this morning. He's apparently been out for awhile, but he came out to everyone today. The local Syracuse, NY newspaper, the Post Standard, did a whole section on GLBT Youth and he wrote an article in it. I did a passing glance at the paper this morning because the roomie had it. And spotted it as something I wanted to check out later.


It slipped my mind by the time I got in the car and was driving.


But the morning sidekick on the radio brought it up. So the DJ, Ted Long, had some very nice things to say, but he said it best with "He's my son and I love him."


So, hat tip to Harry Long IV, for kicking down the closet door at my High School. I wasn't out in school. It was brutal then and from his article, not much better now. It was a very good article too. unfortunately, they don't put it on the paper's site. I will probably scan it though.


Another hat tip To Ted Long. It is always nice to see a father stand behind his son in one of the most difficult things a gay teen male has to go through. To say it on the most listened to radio show in a five county area...






So, this past weekend I went to see Rambo. holy cow, was that movie ever graphic. Extremely graphic. and it was pretty good too.


This weekend sees the opening of two things I've wanted to see. Spiderwick Chronicles and Jumper.

The more I watch the trailer for Jumper, the more I want to see.



Hayden Christiansan shirtless is probably enough... but you also have the uber cool Samuel L Jackson in it.


Anyhoo, I will be seeing both this weekend. And a trip to see hockey as well.


After sifting through a ton of suggestions from our resident authors, I have compiled a hitlist of things I'm currently working on. CJ has been nice enough to volunteer to go through the larger list to make sure that everything that has come up, at the very least gets addressed.


I am currently redesigning the main page. The new design that I come up with, will then be used throughout the rest of the site.

Design Criteria:

1) Easy to navigate. One of the biggest grumblings I've heard is that we have so much at Gay Authors that people are intimidated by all the possible choices. I have several ideas to solve this and we'll do some tweaking until we hit the sweet spot in balance between form and function.

2) Clean, browser friendly code. I am also working to make sure that the code updates we use are fully compatable no matter which browser you use.

3) try to comply with the guidelines for those browsing with vision impairment.

4) work to provide author posting updates in a more visual location.


There is a lot more, of course. But those are the major ones at the moment.

Comments, as always, are welcome.


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