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The ups and downs in my world of writing

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stephanie l danielson

Wow...I cannot believe my last entry was eons ago!

My life has taken some serious twists n turns...I got out of a loooooooong marriage in 2015, found love and married again just last October :)  I moved to a new state, new home, with my new man, lost my job (twice) and am once again on God's good humor. LOL

The one huge plus is that my stress level (not over jobs) but everything else is greatly diminished...so I can focus on life again and writing.


So...a question!  You know you love questions...right?


Do you want to see more of stuff I wrote as a teenager (and converting it to a lil more modern) OR new stuff that I create in my lil head?  :)  


Great to be back here again, I loved this site and the fabulous readers, authors, and helpful advice I get every single day. :)

stephanie l danielson

Well, after 15 years a story of mine is finally being brought out to the forefront, dusted off, and is being edited for publication (hopefully by year end or Q1 of 2015)!


That said, I've hit the wall with another story that even I am struggling with next steps on. How does one overcome a boring section or huge brick wall in your story?

stephanie l danielson

Hello one and all!


Well, since my last entry, things did pick up. I found a temp gig that ends....next week. Yup. Then I'll be, as I quote from Titanic..."on God's good humor".


in the meantime, I want to amp up everything book-related in my life.


I want to thank everyone who's reached out to me and given advice, even just a friendly word or note; it is HUGELY appreciated!


Maybe NaNowrimo will get the juices flowing again? Not sure....LOL


Until then, pray that the job gods find something for me (that won't kill my hands/eyes/back) and that pays the bills (flying solo on the income front).


Hope everyone is doing well in your own particular pursuits!





stephanie l danielson

Yup, in a rut in the mud or as I like to say a turtle in frozen molasses. LOL. Basically: writer's block.


The prompts here have helped me, but I am still frozen on my other major wip's.


Life has me stuck, I'm 4 weeks unemployed now and nothing in the hopper...which is scary and taking my focus away :(


Plus other family issues, etc...


Any advice from those in the writer's block prison?

stephanie l danielson

Hello there! I was hoping some of the wonderful people who fell in love with Ice Fairy could help me out.


So far my story (available for sale) has no reviews :(


I'm not asking anyone to buy it; but to just give me your review on it that I can add to at least one site...


Thank you!

stephanie l danielson

Finally! After over two years of writing only co-works; I was able to finish Ice Fairy all on my own and turn it into a series to boot!


It goes up for sale tomorrow at three different sites; Smashwords, Amazon, and All Romance Ebooks.


Homework and life are slowing me down on progress on other items; but those will get done too...I promise.

stephanie l danielson

I remember last year I had heard of Nano and truly wanted to do it..I was all set and had a story forming in my mind....when tragedy struck. My father-in-law died on November 11th and all hell broke loose in my personal life. Writing was out of the question and wasn't even on my brain again until sometime the following March!


Finally though, working through things and with help; life went on. When this November rolled around, I was determined to do it! I had two writing buddies that would help unstick my thoughts and get me rolling again, plus a wonderful beta that wouldn't let me post until it made sense!


So...long story short, this year I won Nano! 59K words in about 23 days. Ahhhh. I finally did it!

stephanie l danielson

Finally! After two years of not writing a solo work; I dusted off an idea that was almost three years old and finished it into the very-loved work of Ice Fairy.


My plans for it right now are to offer it on Amazon as well and to find a great cover for it. I'm open to imagery suggestions. :)


If you love my work on that, I do invite you to read one of my oldest works (2010 but orig written in 2006) called For the Heart of Phillip. Available only here on GA for 99 cents. :) Any feedback on that as well is always welcome.


Now...to outline book two! You are all very awesome and your feedback was instrumental in shaping the story of Sam and Brett. Thank you all!



stephanie l danielson

I admit it. I'm a newbie when it comes to blogging. Most days I don't get involved in too much conversation in person; much less online. I didn't even know what a blog was 3 years ago (yes, go ahead a chuckle). I'm old; and most of this is new to me.


But now, after a few years and after being published and meeting so many wonderful fellow authors and friends who've taken my hand and helped me step into the larger worlds. (special kudos to MS and SL)!!!!


I joined GA about 6 weeks ago and am loving it so far! I've heard so much about it from fellow authors and just had to finally try it out. Forums aren't my strong suit, it's stories that I love. Writing and reading them. So far, I've posted 4 stories, some of which date back to the big-hair-loving, boombox 1980's. I hope you take a gander at them; as they've sat on the drawing board for all this time, and they finally need to be dusted off and brought to life.


As for blogging, I honestly don't do too many entries, unless something jolts me into action or I feel particularly social that day. :) But I'll do my best.


I love being here and love all the feedback I'm getting! Thank you!




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