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Well I have just completed publishing my tenth story on GA, and began posting chapters of two more stories.

Those being Outback Corporation and Wellstead, with Outback Corporation being in two parts, the first has 9 chapters the second part has 5 chapters.

While the story - Wellstead has a total of 21 chapters.

I have also began writing a second book for the story - New Beginnings, titled - NB New Direction, the number of chapters is yet to be finalised,

which I will begin posting once Outback Corporation is complete.

A number of other stories are partly completed, and will be published once they are completed and edited.

Thankyou to all of my hard working editors and Beta Readers, plus all of my followers, for all of your continual Support.

I have three editors, all from very different time zones, which makes it fun trying to keep in touch with them. They are from UK, South Africa & USA,

and because I have a varied style of writing with different themes. A super big thanks to you.

Regards Q




I am so adorable in the photo, am I not?


Im Back

Hello Followers

I have had to take some time off from GA.


I have been still writing a little, starting a second story, with a

2nd book of New Beginnings, that is called NB - New Direction.


It still has to go through editing, so it will be a while before it appears on GA.


Meanwhile the next book of Outback is almost ready for publishing, so stay tuned for them.

Regards Quokka


Same Sex Marriage in Aust

Great news, as of 6pm Eastern daylight Australian time, Same sex marriage is now Law in Australia.



Christmas Special Story

Hello to my followers.


Just a short note to let you know that I am in the process of writing a christmas special story, as past of an existing story.

That being - New Beginnings.


There are three chapters, each will be posted six days apart, with the last chapter to be posted Christmas Eve my time.


Wishing you all a very happy and Safe Christmas holiday and New Year, and thankyou for all of your support in the past year of 2017.


Preston aka Quokka



I spent a few hours sailing today and it was bloody awesome...     :*)


The yacht was a Beneteau 40 foot, and it was great to have the wind in my face as we sailed in the large harbour,

with an average of 15 knot apparent winds.


The Shipwreck in the background,  in the first photo is the Cheyes II, one of the last Whaling ships in Australia.


Southern Ocean Sail.jpg

Southern Ocean Sailing.jpg




Just letting all my readers know that Outback is back online, with a re-edit

of the first chapter complete


Regards Quokka


Yes folks, the time has arrived for the final chapter of Book one of Frontier


I hope you have enjoyed the story so far...

Book two will commence being posted, as soon as I get the chapters back from my editor...

Regards Preston aka Quokka


At Sea

I am in the process of re-editing one of my original stories, titled - At Sea...

I will start posting the chapters shortly...

Stay tuned...




News Flash

A small quokka was seen near the peak of Bluff Knoll, the tallest mountain  in the Great Southern of Western Australia,

where there was snow early this morning.

Quokka on Stirlings 1.jpg


Next Postings

Hey everyone

Just thought I would let you known what my schedule is for posting chapters of my current stories.

Frontier - Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (Unless my editor tells me to slow down, then Saturdays postings will be dropped)


Cheers Quokka

P.S The days listed above, are Western Australian Standard TIme:- UST +8 hrs


New Story Coming

Hello my followers

I hope you enjoyed the story - Uncertain Future

Stay tuned for a much shorter story - Twin Change

Simular to a movie that came out on television a few years ago, but different in many ways.

Felix and Finn are twin brothers separated at the age of two years, following the separation of their parents.

One twin remained with his mother in the UK, while the other travelled to New Zealand, his fathers home country.


My Writing

I have been writing short stories since my mid teens, sadly all of my original stories from back then have been lost, i guess i began writing as i found it to be a way to escape from my world of worries, pain, depression and anxiety.
Now with a far different world from back then, when i use to use writing pads and pen to write my stories, then in my early adulthood moved up to using a typewriter, and now using my laptop computer, my stories have changed dramatically.
Thankfully with the world of internet, i discovered Gay Authors and after a few months of hesitation i registered to become a member in mid Janurary 2014, then did nothing on GA for a few months, but continued to write, tossing up if i should or should not pupbish them on GA, i was very uncertain if my stories were good enough for a site like this.
Although I am gay, none of my stories had any gay characters or theme to them, and i felt very uncomfortable and uncertain how to do this, eventually i was able to review my first two stories and give a hint one character in the story being gay, and in mid April 2014, the first chapter of my first story was submitted to GA and I anxiously waited to hear if it had accept, meanwhile a second story i had been working on, i also submitted the first chapter and once again waited.
when i saw that my stories had been accepted and were now published, i was so thrilled, i wanted to yell out loud "I am an online published author", but sadly i could not do that. Over a year has passed now, and at that time of writing this blog, i have completed 19 stories, 2 stories are on hold and one story is currently in progress, the shotest story being 1 chapter and 2,109 words long, while the longest stories are 11 chapters and 51,437 words plus 15 chapters and 46,444 words long.
In the past 14 months Iv'e written a total of 22 stories, totalling a massive 381,048 words. Not bad for a fairly new author. Especially considering that iv'e had learning difficulites all my life, both socially 7and educationally, with mild dyslexia diagnosed in early adulthood, hense the reason for alot of spelling and grammical errors etc.
I hope to continue to write and publish on GA, all i ask is that readers not be too harsh with my writing as im doing most of this on my own with out Beta readers or Editors, because with the many times that ive asked for assistance, no one is prepared to help me long term.
Cheers for now.


Update on stories

Hello to all of my wonderful story followers.

Thank you for taking the time to read my stories, I get great enjoyment out of writing,

and its even more rewarding when I get so many people reading them and even commenting on them.

I know sometimes I get lazy and don't reply to all the comments,

and sometimes its because I'm just to busy with other things in my life.

Sailing Adventures & Wilderness - I have had an enquiry about if there is going to be a following up story to these two stories, and at first I had no intention of doing so, but as usually my brain had other ideas, and I now have plans to continue this story in the a few weeks time if all goes to plan, it is titled - New Adventures.

Outback - Yes there is a following story to my first story, which is now finally completed, and posted online. Keep an eye out for the follow story titles - Outback Empire.


A New Start - I'm not sure if there will be a follow on to this story, as I feel it has come to the conclusion that fits with the title, I will have to think on that one a bit more.

Grammar School - This is actually a bit of a autobiography of the time that I spent at a private all boys school in the mid 70's, I'm not sure if I will have any more chapters for this as some of the memories of it are not happy ones.

Return from Space - This is an attempt at science fiction, and it is currently with my editor, not sure if this will make it online yet or not.

Super Max - Well this one did have a story line about a young architect student, designing a super maximum security prison, but now it has completely changed, and from the feedback that I am getting, its going the right direction. At the moment I have no plans on how it will end, I have just posted chapter 10, and the main character is now facing a new future, where he will end up I am not sure.


Province - This is a brand new story, in its early stages of development, hope you like it once it is posted.


Once again thanks to all my followers, enjoy it and Happy Reading.

Regards Quokka


Quokka's Recipes

Baby Quokkas (Choc Coated Marshmellows)


200 grams of cooking chocolate

1 Packets of Marshmellows

12 Toothpicks

Wax Paper (Greaseproof Paper)

Packet of Almond Flakes

15ml Bottle of Whisky or Brandy


1/4 fill saucepan with water and bring to a slow simmer.

In a metal mixing bowl, place the broken up pieces of choc into the bowl.

Place the bowl on top of the saucepan to allow the choc to melt, stir occasionally.

Meanwhile place wax paper on a flat baking tray.

Skewer 6 marshmellow pieces with toothpicks & place in a shallow bowl with Brandy or Whisky

Place 6 more marshmellows on bench and gently place a small slot in each one.

Place a Almond slice in each of the marshmellows, then skewer those with toothpicks.

Once the chocholate is fully melted, remove from the heat and dip each of the marshmellows into the chocholate.

Use a teaspoon to spoon the chocholate over the marshmellows to get even coverage.

Place the choc coated marshmellows onto the tray of grease proof paper and place into the freezer until set.

Sit back and enjoy.

Bon Appetite !


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