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Sharing your life view with someone else is greater thing in My View. There are a lot in everyones life they want to share with somebody else. My blog going to be My Life which I can't Live in regularly, but I will share everything here with whom

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Emi GS

Hello guys...


An hour before, my phone landed and bounced about three or four times on the road. Presently it's fine but there are chances are there to get crash in a day or two. And I have decided that I am not going to go for any repairing to it until I can afford it myself. And it will take some time than expected. So that might be it. And that means I might not going to be available like now, on regular basis, here on GA. And that too if the phone got crashed. Last time it survived for two days before collapsing. And it had cost me a lot, that time too. 


So Until then, Alvida my friends. It's not a good bye, yet. But I might be away for long time because of this damned phone, if it get crashed. I just hope it won't get crashed. 




Emi GS

Happy Epiphany

Hey guys, it's me again...


One of my DR friend said Jan 6th is another important day, called as Epiphany. As Christmas, it also goes with the tradition of giving the gifts to family members and friends and relatives and each other. So whoever have missed to buy my book series 'April Tulips' I wanted to give them the chance grab it for free. Just like a gift. And whoever have missed to download, now it's the chance to get it. So don't miss this time.


ere are the links for both of them.


April Tulips 2016


Emi's Summer Tulips 2017


Enjoy the books and don't forget to review and rate the book. Happy Epiphany guys... :wizard:


PS: Small problem has happened with the timings of Amazon, so the books will be available on both 7th and 8th January, 2018. 




Emi GS

Happy New Year

Hello guys. I live a day ahead of you so the new year came early to me. So I was going to be the first one to wish on the new year eve here on GA. And I am glad and very happy because of it. 


Another year passes

Yet here comes another, anew. 

All the heart full wishes

To be healthy

To be lucky

To be happy

To enjoy life


To deal with it. 


Happy New Year


On this occasion I want to share my happiness with you guys more by offering my NaPoWriMo books to guys for free. For I have took care of the all the things with Amazon. So April Tulips series is free for the new year day. So just grab it and enjoy reading about the part of my life, NaPoWriMo. Make the January 1st the Day if April Tulips... :heart::heart::heart:


Here are the links for both of them.


April Tulips 2016


Emi's Summer Tulips 2017


Enjoy the books and have a great day. And once again 'Happy New Year'...

Emi GS

Hello guys


I don't know how many of you guys enjoy paperbacks, but our friend @Caz Pedroso had encouraged me by telling that she would have enjoyed a paperback more rather looking into a cellphone or an Ipad. And I always plan to bring the paperback version of my April Tulips book, if there may be someone interested like Caz. And this time I tried my best bring the NaPoWriMo 2017's book earlier than I planned because of the competition and now paperback for Caz. I'll be more thankful to her for encouraging me always and surprising me all the time with her mails(posts). I am glad that I have got a friend like her. Thanks Caz. 


And here is the link for my new paperback,  Emi's Summer Tulips. I hope you will like it more reading in hot copy and help me to spread the word. Thanks everyone...


Emi's Summer Tulips - 2017


Happy news: I want to share another happy news here. Last Thursday before Christmas I have got two surprises from two important people. First it was a Christmas and New Year wishing card(on an unexpected time) from Caz. And a call from SacredLove. He said he is doing fine. And still going on with some issues though. But he is doing fine. And he said he will log in soon on GA

Emi GS

Update on the Competition

Hello guys I am back


After the half of the competition time(15+ days) over here is the update on it. Overall I have got four sales and some borrowings by Kindle Unlimited members and two reviews from our friends here @Caz Pedroso and @Wesley8890. Thanks for the reviews guys. As you can see I still needed lots and lots of support from you guys. For that: 


  • You can purchase the book
  • You can borrow and read, if you are a Kindle Unlimited member
  • Read and Review and Rate
  • Suggest to your friends 
  • You can also gift it to your friends


I have got some complaints like the book is not available when they have checked. It is because amazon prefers the customers to purchase from the market place sight of their territory. So, I am gonna give you guys direct links of various market places of amazon so that you can find it easily. 



Important notice: If you are going to review then please do it on the India Kindle store. The competition being held in India, it is a mandatory. So here is the link for that, below.  And remember guys I still need lots and lots of support from you guys. 


Reviews and Ratings


Thanks to all of you guys for supporting me on this. I appreciate every effort you have put to support me in the competition. 


You can also check on my other books here

Emi GS

Hello guys...


I finally got the time to post this blog entry as my sister's family went to their house today. I was all crazy this entire week with my nephews being home. And this week has been very tension filled one with, of course because of my nephews are home and, the publishing of my new poetry book for the Kindle competition. Kindle held a competition called 'Pen to Publish 2017' and I have published my new NaPoWriMo Poetry Book for the competition. I am very proud to say, it is the one of poetry books and one and only by a gay author out of 950 participants in the competition. 


And now I need all the support I can get from you guys. You can help/support me with anything like purchases(ok, importantly purchases:gikkle:) , reading, referrals, reviews and rating. Kindle is offering the book free for Kindle Unlimited members. And you can also borrow a sample of the book for free too. You can also suggest about the book in various sites if you want. Anything to help me win the competition. Rate and review must. 


Here is the link for My Book


Emi's Summer Tulips


If you want to check on the competition page/sight you can find it here. Lots of books to check on. 


I owe GA and so many from here. They don't just help me with my English, but they had been supporting me and my talent of ruining English from the very first moment(:lol:jk). Whatever I am now, is only because of you guys. And I made sure everyone know about that in my book. And some of you have a small surprise in the book. I am very thankful to each and everyone here. Thanks for encouraging me, reading my silly poems and stories and for helping me improve my knowledge. 


PS: There is a small request on reviews and ratings. You guys have to review on 'amazon.in'. Even though I have got two reviews,  where reviewer reviewed from their domestic amazon portal,  the list is showing no customer reviews. So don't forget about it. Here is the link to it. 






Emi GS

Happy New Year Ga


It's already new year here. So I am wishing you all "HAPPY NEW YEAR"


For me new year started with some unexpected events with unexpected people. Yet it has been crazy and fantastic. I loved how this year started with all the excitement.


I wish for greater happiness, this year, to all my besties, friends, and all GA members. I love you guys...

Emi GS

Caz's Surprise


As I was just starting the day, my aunt and my mum gave me a pack and told me it's for you. The postman delivered it just now, they say. And I don't have to look at the pack, as I happened to have an idea who might have send it. So I just smiled.


Thank you Caz for making my day. I loved the card and the surprise. I know I am going to smile all day. Love you for that.

Emi GS

Possibly Or Accidentally

Hello guys.


As you all know, I am not out of closet and still think staying there will be better for a while. But sometimes somethings are just occurs as it's God's will.


Yesterday I possibly... accidentally... outed myself to my brother. I was checking on anthology stories and one is on my phone's display. He just took the phone and as unlocked, he looked at the page and almost two are three seconds been there as he has the mobile. But immediately I just pressed the home button and let him use the phone as I have never seen him looking at the Web page.


He hadn't said anything, or behaved different. But as I know him, his silence is more dangerous than his anger. I might end up in a family drama and a big war might result between me and my family. Or, it might results in different way as me and my brother are going have best relationship we ever had.


I don't know what to do or what to say. My mind felt numb. Either way I just hope this will end soon...

Emi GS

Am I That Straight?


You know who is my first crush was!? A Girl. Yes, a girl. Its about almost ten years back, my brother, brother-in-law and I went for place of devotional aspect.


We travelled through a train and after some time I saw her. She is beautiful and a full traditional girl. It was just some peeks at each other and some smiles at first. But after some time we just forgot all the people around and just looking at each other. Hahaha, I almost wanted to propose her. But we arrived at our destination and I tried to give her my mobile number through the train ticket, which utterly failed.


And I just went my way. But we again met at the temple. And these are my feelings, below, I got when I had seen her in 'Langa & Voni' a traditional South Indian half saree. She just looks like an Angel. But I never get to see her after that and I never ever told her how I felt. And what a surprising news(for me) is I am active about my feeling for boys then too.


A glimpse of her face

My heart raced with the blood flow
A small smile appears


A wind blew across

My core filled with aroma
A blush generates


A gleam of her eyes

My soul gotten a purpose
A life just fulfills

Emi GS

Am I Worthless?


Every time this question popped into my head, you people made think different and made me feel great. But once I go off of this alive space, reality hits me so hard. So hard that my heart will get squeeze to pulp and hurt me so much.


My parents never cared about what I want and they always never give a sh*t about me. And now even my things are became worthless to them. My cloth, my books... my all things became a unwanted stuff in their house.


My Ex. He even flirts with me even though I don't gave any importance to him. He never lose the chance to flirt and take money related help. All he cares about money. He is as selfish and he just care about what he gets in return. And he willingly hurt me and tells me that he will give importance to the other guy in his life. He alway do things for him and he would make to know about it all. He is just mean? Or he is saying I am not worth to him.


And for the I don't have any friends in my life right now, I was talking about not here but in the real world. Everyone left me for reasons. Am I that annoying?


I have every reason to say I am worthless. And have no hope to say I deserve better and the courage to ask more. My life and heart felt like EMPTY...

Emi GS

Thank You Caz


For the first time in my life I got a package through normal mail, a gift from my friend here, for my birth day. It was not simply a gift, but for me more than anything in my life. My first ever printed poem. I don't have words right now and don't know how to thank properly other than the way I knew, writing a poem for them. And Caz, this is for you... :)




simple 'Thank You'

was not enough to say

our gratitude towards someone




a simple 'Smile'

was not enough to give

how fortunate you made me feel




this simple 'Verse'

was not enough to tell

how, much, fond I got of your gift

and you.


Thank you so much


Giving me

The best Gift of My Life

My First ever printed Poem...

Emi GS

Happy Yet Sad


Feelings. Both happy and sad. They lay beside each other with a thin gap, needle like. Some are happy for some thing and they cry for being happy, called happy tears. Some are sad and again cry here too, called various names. Breaking apart, grieving or just tears.


Happy and sad, both has different roles in someone's life in various situations. Or in every situation. Ever heard about both being in one. Blended. They call it 'Bittersweet'. You are happy yet sad. Or sad yet happy. Different reasons. Different perceptions. Different take-ons. Different results. Varies from one to another. But same yet different.




My current state of mind.

Or my mood.

I am happy because of the new world, new family I had created here and living along with it. Here I have reasons to be happy. The Care. The Love. Everything. Its true. Some real world. Real world, is it??? Or just the thin air/space making us unite.


I am sad because, once I am off of this airy world, reality hits me hard. I have to bare that all the hurt. All the pain. All the failure. They love me for sure, but never played the good role in showing it to me. I just gotta go along with it. Silently.



If it wasn't for you guys, its just another Sunday in my Life.

Nothing Special at all.

Emi GS

Mgk! Not Anymore...


MGK. The name tag you know of me. But its not my actual name(no wonder, right?). Its my name that linked with, sorry I linked with my Ex's name(MK) and feel it like my name(GS) got completed. But I was wrong. My love, my lover, and this name all was turned out to be wrong.


Day-by-day, as I am knowing how douche-bag he is!!!? made it all wrong. Atleast I thought love is pure. But I finally understand that what we have is never was love at all. So this name, is never meant to be exist. So that's why I never wanted this name anymore. And I don't want this name to be a road-block for my life. I have to move on. So I must change this name.


That's where its became more complicated. Most of the GA members know me by this name. So out admins thought that it must be most related to old or people have to recognize it clearly. Or I also can get any name I wanted. They left decision to me. I am asking you guys to help me with that. I am some name tags for my future user name. Here are they:




EmiGS Em

EmiLeo GS

The Eminent GS


The Eminent MMGB

What do you think Guys...!!!???

Emi GS

Sacred's Emi!


I wondered and laughed every time I see the word EMI, infact all the words that starts with the letters emi. Even some Telugu words spelt as emi, and I'll think about the name given by SacredLove(sorry I am not allowed to use his real name) to me. I don't know he just said it out of blue or he called me with that name after a deep thought. But he has given me such honor that no one can obviously thought about it... :)


In African Mythology, according to Yoruba religion; they had a lore about three vital spirits. One of them is 'Force of Breath', who occasionally called as 'Emi'. And also there is another saying in the religion itself. Olodumare, the supreme and sacred one of their religion, give Emi(the breath of life) to Humankind... :D


So, thank You so much to SacredLove for honoring me with such a name and I'll be glad to him for that. Here I had written a small poem as a gift, out of gratitude, for SacredLove... :kiss:



A new perception come to me

and I'm not —The Me —anymore

As they call me of affection

Named by a mysterious guy




The force of the breath

and the breath of life

And beware guys, don't let me go out of your life. For me being the breath of life, it would be too dangerous for you guys. :gikkle: So Praise me. 0:) And for that real reason, I'll never leave you guys... :)

Emi GS


Hey Fairy Tail, I don't know you are gonna love this surprise or not. But I had written a poem for you. And now it is presented here for you. I just hope you Love it... :)



You came to me, Love, as total stranger;

brought the joy, brought the zeal along with you.

Never stopped kissing me, nor to bliss me.

Oh! God's delightful angel, clasp my soul.

And have another small surprise too. A simple one.





:wizard: :wizard: Happy Birth Day Fairy Tail :wizard: :wizard:

Emi GS

I Quit

Some times we have take decisions which will more effect us than others. As well as some times they affect our life, our self respect and our personal life too.


I took new job in the aspects of unnecessary terms. I took it to prove that I am not nothing. But there I faced some obstacles which I never expected.


My own friends turned against me. They blamed me. And they broke my trust. Yeah I over reacted. Over expected. But I'll turn anything to prove myself as worthy, honesty and respectable person.


They broke me to this point that, I have to quit the job I took. They had already ruined my self respect by going against me. when I took risks for them they turned down me. And even blamed me for that. I don't have a choice.


So I Quit...

For My Self Respect...
For My Honor...
I Quit...

Emi GS

The Last Two Months...


Its been Two months, 60 days actually, that I have gone through a phase that made me to learn a lot. A phase that has given me lessons to understand people, situations and mostly about fate. I know I have gone through some bad situations and incidents that made my life so... I don't even know what that felt.


It is 12 August, I got a phone call saying my cousin is in hospitals and in serious condition. I went there after everybody visited her. Docs told us she is dealing with her life and death situation. When I went to see her in Intensive Care, she all equipped with ventilator, ECG plugs, Blood Pleasure plugs and all. She looks like a dwarf because of her back bone bend. She has a lump on her back because of that. She was looking too small between those machines.


She recovered on the second day and we are too happy. But that didn't last like that. Her health condition got more serious that night. Docs declared she have to be on ventilator till she recovered. I have pay the bills and take care of my Aunt(My Pa's Sister). My Uncle(My Pa's Brother) invested a lot of money but there no recovery on her health condition.


In this situation we told my Uncle(My Aunt's Husband) to stay at home. But on twelfth day he met with an accident when he was returning from the work. Again I got a phone call at the hospital about the accident and made efforts to not to tell my Aunt till my Parents bring my Uncle to the same hospital. Doc declared two long bone brakes, one in the hand at bicep and another in the leg exactly at the joint below his hip. My Cousin don't know about the accident. We never told her.


Because of his weak heart its been three days to declare for the surgery and decided the time at evening. After 15days of treatment Docs haven't tell anything about My Cousin's recovery so we decided to shift her to the city at another state. Which is exactly on the same date of My Uncle's surgery. My Aunt went with her daughter and I stayed with my Uncle. Operation gone well, they fixed my Uncle's hand and have to do another surgery to set the leg after some days. But the very next day he made a mistake by putting pressure on the hand and the clamps loosened and the operation failed. No fixing before his health condition get well.


On 16th day at City Hospital they have switch My Cousin to another Hospital for a small surgery before treatment. On the Journey the ambulance staff made a mistake to get ready with the Oxygen at the hospital. It took some minutes to arrange and we lost her because of that. They took care of all the procedure and bring her to our native place to took care of all the rituals. I had to miss the rituals to take care of My Uncle who is still at the hospital. Doc warned us not to tell about his daughter's death, because of his heart condition.


On the 18th day, to arrange the lunch for all who came to My Cousin's rituals, My Family took care of that all. But a tragic accident occurred and the gas cylinder was on fire. By God's grace there happened nothing to anyone but our kitchen was a mess. If anything happened on that day I would have lost my entire family. I was a total mess because I called My Pa exactly on the situation is going on. I was cried in the hospital between a large crowd but no one there to comfort me.


After some days we have to shift My Uncle to another hospital to get the treatment for his heart's weakness. I stayed there for 5 more days before shifting him to another hospital to take care of the second Surgery. Because of his diabetic instability it took two more days to do surgery. They put him in the ICU for 2 more days without allowing us to even see him. My uncle tortured us because of the pains and all. After 7 day of surgery they discharged him for home care and given the consultation after 7 more days.


Because of My Aunt's negligence and My Uncle's unnatural behavior, the wound got infected. I again took him to the hospital, they have to clean the wound entirely and have to re-stitch. We stayed another week at the hospital. One night he suddenly got a heart attack and we have to move him to another hospital to the cardiac observation. At there we have spent 3 more days again. And one tragic night he had another heart attack and he died before we took him to the ICU. We never tell him that his daughter was no more in this world even till he died. We took care of his rituals and both graves of My Cousin & My Uncle lying beside one another now at grave Yard.


In the hospitals I had lost my normal life, had seen deaths and diseases. Normal and abnormal. Sad things and Happiness. And all. I even got hospital sickness. I was upset that I haven't got any normal days these 2 months. I now have my normal life back to me. But on what cost...? I don't have any word for that...

Emi GS

Broken Angel


In everyone's life there will be a tragic hit you like speed breaker. Some will give no pain and some a little. But God will give this kind of tragedy that will give you so much pain that can't be bearable and can't replace... I have gone through these kind of heart broken things that I wish never happened.


When God think you are happy and to test you he will arrange some typical thing in your life, which will make a great impact on your love life. It happened in my life which made my all relations wreck and broke my wings of hope.


I happened like this:

I was too happy that My crush, Love of my life listened me when I was explaining him how much I Love him. He is being too polite and understanding. He behaves like a broad minded and told me that he was not like that and said I don't have to worry about our friendship. I believed him... I believed him that he is straight, I believe that he is too good to be my crush and first love.

Yes, I have a sad feeling that he doesn't love me the way I love him. But I have to adjust with what I got from him, that is friendship.


But something had changed. The realization that he know about me made both of us too close that; we are being too friendly, too talkative and too good to each other without hesitation. One fine day, it was like that, that I have to sleep over at his place and he continuously saying I am going to enjoy the night. Like he said we really enjoyed like he said. It was all sexual and hot, but haven't lost my virginity tough. I was just thinking about his satisfaction. Not only that, the next day itself is like that.


That given a simple hope he might be gay. But not he was acting straight again. And the very next day, we planned to attend a marriage ceremony and I went to his house to check on him whether he is ready or not. When I slowly entered, as silent as possible, his house to surprise him. I got shocked when I entered. Two male forms were so exited in seducing each other on bed, I seen. They wear no cloths and they are on each other. He saw me then and just whispered 'shit'. Yeah I walked in between my unboyfriend's sexual act with another boy.


I just out of the house with shock and a broken heart...

Broken like no getting back again.

Broken like never want to live.

Broken like an Angel crying for some peace to heart...


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