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It's worth a try.

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Timothy M.

How to write a blog? I've no idea, since this is my first try. I've looked at a few blogs written by other GA members, and I don't think I could come up with anything remotely resembling the interesting, funny or cool entries of other people.
In any case I don't have much to say, and I certainly don't expect anyone to pay a lot of attention. Except my GA friends who're kind, supportive and wonderful. You know who you are. ;)


My main reason for creating a blog and making an entry is to compile a list of the reviews I've written for the site blog Featured Story. This will make it easier for me to find them, mainly when I want to enjoy reading the nice comments they got. Apart from having the chance to draw attention to stories I admire, one of the best things about writing reviews is the feedback. I'm grateful for every single reply and like I got for those story reviews.


I can recommend writing reviews for the blog, and Renee Stevens is always happy to receive them. I suggest reading her description of How to before you take the plunge.


My list of Featured Story reviews:


Judas Tree by AC Benus
Misunderstandings by BigAKHorton
The English Year by Jwolf
Meta by JohnAR
Savory, Bitter and Sweet by Percy
Prophylaxis by Rambling Robin
Presence by carringtonrj
Confounded by Andr0gene
Kissing the Dragon by lomax61
Trouble Plus Trouble by Palantir
Team Building by EBWilson
Red Running Shoes by Aditus
Thaw by Puppilull
About Carl by Diogenes
A Taste of Desire by Arazon

The Navigator by Cynus

9.11 by Mark Arbour

Little Man by Mann Ramblings

Christmas at Famous-Barr by AC Benus

and blogs shared with review team
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