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Just a blog of what I'm thinking, plus where I can plug my stories, do a short, give history, etc.

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Commentary on the 10 Rules SciFi/Fantasy Writers Should Break

I came across this article by accident. I belong to a few subreddits, and it was linked to one for writers. Normally, I don’t click on such links, but this one caught my attention. The article itself is older, was originally published in 2015, but the advice in it is one that can be used today. It goes over ten writing rules that they feel and supported by some survey, which SciFi and Fantasy writers should break. They give supporting reasons why when they discuss each rule. I do recommend reading the full article, and seeing what you think of it.     For me, I already break most of these rules, or at least I feel I do. I write InfoDumps. I write in Third Person Omnisentience. That’s two of the rules they say that writers should break. I agree with them. Another article on the same site, has InfoDump listed as one of the “writing terms, Authors wish would disappear,” among others.     The 10 Rules they list are: 1.       No third-person omniscient. 2.       No prologues 3.       Avoid InfoDumps 4.       Fantasy novels have to be series instead of standalones 5.       No portal fantasy 6.       No FTL 7.       Women can’t write “hard” science fiction. 8.       Magic has to be just a minor part of a fantasy world 9.       No present tense 10.   No “unsympathetic” characters     To date, in what I’ve written and posted on GA, I’ve broken rules 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, and 9. I can’t break rule 7, being a male. Rules 4 and 5 are being broken in my Fall 2017 Anthology story, and rule 10 I want to try my hand at.     For my take on some of these: 1.       I find the first person very wonky and struggle with it. I’ve done a mixed POV story with Finding Eros in Florida, where the first person is used from the POV of the God Eros. I normally always used third person omniscient in my writings, and I prefer it that way. 2.       I love Prologues and wish I would do more. Only my Aeris – Guardian Force has a Prologue, and it is a snapshot of a scene, that won’t be the full story. However, it set the tone, which I wanted to share. I had a Prologue for Finding Eros in Florida, but cut it out at the last moment. 3.       I love InfoDumps. Chapter 1 of Aeris – Guardian Force is almost an entire chapter of InfoDump. It’s needed. It set the foundation of the world, around which Aeris is a member of. 4.       Larry Elmore, a Fantasy Artist painter from the 80’s and 90’s wrote a standalone fantasy novel. It was awesome. I love standalones. Many Authors on GA have done one-shot stories, and they are awesome. Readers want more like I do with Myr’s Ranger story.     I could go on, but I feel you should read the article. See what they have to say and if you agree with it, let me know in the comments below.     Thanks. Link Here: https://io9.gizmodo.com/5879434/10-writing-rules-we-wish-more-science-fiction-and-fantasy-authors-would-break




Easy Cook Quiche

An Easy Cook recipe I found online.   Ingredients: 1 - 3 oz Can of Bacon Bits 1 - 9 in. Deep Dish Pie Crust 1/2 Cup of chopped Onion 8 oz of your favorite shredded cheese 4 Large Eggs 1 cup half-and-half   Procedure: 1.  Preheat oven to 400*F   2. Combine Onion, Bacon, and Cheese in a Bowl and mix well.   3. Put Cheese mixture into Deep Dish pie crust.   4. Mix Eggs and half-and-half together, and pour over cheese mixture. Use a fork to make sure liquid is well distributed.   5. Bake at 400*F for 15 minutes.   6. Turn temperature down to 350*F, and bake until golden brown on top. Approx 30 minutes, more or less.   Serve hot, or let cool.



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