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About this blog

I love gadgets and technology.  This a place where I will share some of the things I come across, buy, or find fascinating.

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So, as I mentioned yesterday on the blog about the new bed I ordered, my back has been pestering me for the last week or so.  On the suggestions from several friends from work and here, I picked up a Tens unit.  Since I was so in need of relief, I picked it up at Walmart (ick) and paid a lot more than Amazon for the pleasure.  But let me tell you, that little thing really really helps with muscle issues!

There are a lot of them out there and I'll be doing research on them.  For now, this little Omron unit has helped a LOT.




As I mentioned in my blog yesterday, I like stuff.  I like gadgets and I like new technology.  I figured I'd start posting some of this as affiliate links.  If you are buying something off from Amazon here in the United States and you get to the Amazon site after you link from here, then we get a percentage of whatever you buy.  It's a pretty cool Affiliate arrangement.  So, I'm ordering this new memory foam mattress tonight along with accessories.  My current boxspring and mattress have seen better days and are contributing to my irritated back.  So, now is as good a time as any to make the leap.


My coworker bought the queen size version of this mattress last year and both him and his wife love the thing.  I've got a few memory foam pillows that I really like, so this wasn't a hard sell for me.  So, here it goes. 


Remember, the links above are affiliate links.  If you buy the stuff above, we get a cut.  If you click through to Amazon from the links above, we also get a percentage of everything you end up buying.  A great way to support the site is to click to Amazon from one of the links you see on the site.


I'll make a follow-up post to let you know what I think of my new purchase.


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