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I'm a big collector of movies.  I figured I'd talk about them here.

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I thought I'd jump into the way back machine and bring up a movie that's even older than I am.  I was big into disaster movies when I was a kid and there was quite the string of them of them in the 70's.  This was a grand-daddy of them with a who's who from a couple major studios coming together.  You had superstars of the time together in this thing.  Paul Newman and Steve McQueen.  They have exactly the same number of lines.  There are a ton of other recognizable stars of the day in there and the score to the film was done by none other than John Williams.  (of Star Wars theme and Jaws theme fame, you heathen!)


Great movie.  Top notch acting.  Top notch special effects from a time before computers.


So, this is a TV show and not a movie... but the show is really fascinating.  There are 10 seasons now.  What I love about the show is that it asks questions that don't have ready answers.  Now, I don't agree with them jumping to "it was aliens!" to everything they ask.  But that doesn't change the fact that something is wrong with the history that we know.

Oh.. And this is the source of Alien Hair Guy Meme.



I've used some of the questions generated by this show as background in my Psionic story universe.


The Prestige

So, this week for my Monday movie mania, I thought I'd stick with a Christopher Nolan movie and recommend the Prestige.   This movie was great.  It has a few good twists.  


Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, Michael Caine and Scarlett Johansson are pure magic in THE PRESTIGE on Blu-ray Disc. Dubbed "wildly entertaining" by Rolling Stone, this riveting tale is more astounding than ever in this dazzling new format. Two young, passionate magicians are friends and partners until one fateful night when their biggest trick goes terribly wrong. Now the bitterest of enemies, they will stop at nothing -- including deceit and sabotage -- to learn each other's secrets.


I think I might pick up a copy in Blu-ray as I have on DVD.




This is an interesting movie.  It is probably the only movie I know that you have to pay full attention in and stay engaged with because it is such a mind job.  Literally.  The special effects are cool.  The concepts are crazy and the acting is interested.  I quite enjoy the movie.  If you haven't watched it, check it out.  I added the top.  You'll know what it is for after you watch the movie.



This movie is interesting.  The actors are cute in it.  It does wander right into controversial teritory of course.


A 15-year-old Long Island boy loses everything and everyone he knows, soon becoming involved in a relationship with a much older man.

It's definitely worth seeing for the character development and tough topics it hits on.


Mysterious Skin

In last week's promotion of Latter Days, I mentioned the trivia that Joseph Gordon-Levitt auditioned for the lead gay role in the movie.  Well, he got it in this movie.  There are actually a couple of sex scenes in this one and you get to see stuff. lol.  It is funny that for a long time if you typed "is Joseph Gordon-Levitt gay?" in google, it popped up to Gay Authors and a topic I made years ago...


Anyway, the movie itself is a bit odd.  It was definitely interesting.  Different.  And worth watching, even without the eye candy incentives. 


Director Gregg Araki's MYSTERIOUS SKIN, adapted from Scott Heim's acclaimed novel, is an intensely powerful chronicle of childhood innocence lost. The film features starmaking turns from Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Don Jon, Inception) and Brady Corbet (Simon Killer, Martha Marcy May Marlene) alongside outstanding performance from co-stars Michelle Trachtenberg (Eurotrip, Ice Princess), Mary Lynn Rajskub (TV's 24) and Academy Award nominee Elizabeth Shue (Leaving Las Vegas).

At the age of eight, Kansas youngsters Neil and Brian played on the same little league baseball team. Now, ten years later, the two boys couldn't be more different. Neil is a charismatic but emotionally aloof male hustler while Brian is a nervous introvert obsessed with the idea that he has been abducted by a UFO. When the boys parallel lives inevitably intersect, the pair unearth dark, repressed secrets on a harrowing and unforgettable journey of self discovery.


Check it out!


Latter Days

Like last week, I've pulled this movie out of my gay movie collection.  This has some nice eye candy is a touching movie. 


From C. Jay Cox, the writer of the hit comedy Sweet Home Alabama, comes a heartwarming and tender gay romantic drama that combines laughs, seduction and tears with plenty of romance. The handsome Aaron (Steve Sandvoss), a Mormon missionary, travels door-to-door in Los Angeles spreading the word of his religion. Christian (Wes Ramsey), a cute West Hollywood party boy, goes from man to man without much commitment. Opposites will soon attract when Aaron and Christian meet and sparks begin to fly. Featuring two star-making performances from Sandvoss and Ramsey, the film also features a terrific supporting cast including Mary Kay Place (HBO's Big Love), Joseph Gordon-Levitt ((500) Days of Summer) and international screen legend Jacqueline Bisset


Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in this movie as well.  He auditioned to for the gay lead. (just a bit of trivia from IMDB on the movie)



Beautiful Thing

So this week, I wanted to break into my extensive collection of gay movies.  This is a good movie.  The British accent can be a bit much at times if you are in the USA.  It sounds sexy though, even if you can't figure out what the hell they are saying.  That really is only a few scenes.  It is a good movie.  Well worth having in the collection.


A crowd-pleasing, heartfelt drama of young love triumphant against all odds, BEAUTIFUL THING is a winning combination of My Beautiful Laundrette and Romeo and Juliet and has been hailed by critics as"one of the best movies of the year" (Amy Taubin, VILLAGE VOICE). Buoyed by an irresistible soundtrack with the music of Mama Cass and The Mamas and The Papas, BEAUTIFUL THING is a winning, old-fashioned love story with a fresh and contemporary twist for anyone who ever dared to risk everything for happiness and won.


What are you waiting for?  Go get it :)


X-Men First Class

I loved the eyecandy on screen.  Special effects and good looking actors.   It was a good movie.  Plenty of action and it tied logically into the existing X-men movies. This is definitely in my collection and staying there.


So I finally got around to watching this.  I shouldn't have waited so long.  Oh... mmmm.  Tom Holland.  What an adorable Spider-Man he makes.  What a great selling feature too, showing him in boxers.  More than once.  lol.

Eye candy aside, both male and special effects, I also enjoyed the movie in general.  It's really good to see Micheal Keaton back to acting again.  He did a good job with a complex character.


I'd definitely say this is worth having in your library.  The 4k version is also worth it if you've got the hardware to rock it. :)


Wonder Woman


This is the best DC movie I've seen in awhile.  Probably the best since the Dark Knight.  It is way better than the Superman movie, and Batman V. Superman.  I also enjoyed Chris Pine in this movie.  Though, to be truthful, I seem to like the job Chris Pine does in all the movies I see him in.


For the movie itself, it has a good solid plot.  It explains the picture from Batman Vs. Superman very well.  The movie has action and character.  It's good to see a kick-ass woman kicking ass because she's supposed to be versus some Hollywood virtue signaling deal.  They did a great job with this movie.




Well, this movie is a bit different.  So, right up front, let me say that I liked this movie a lot more than the critiques.  Sci-fi and fantasy are definitely in my wheelhouse.  I also enjoying watching Dane DeHaan.  Kris Wu is also a nice in the eye-candy category too. 


The movie's special effects are outstanding.  The plot, which those critiques complained about, requires you to pay attention.  Not Inception levels of attention, but not casual watching either.  I enjoyed the movie enough to watch again.  It's worth checking out if you like Sci-Fi, for certain.




I really enjoyed this movie. I got a few really good laughs out of it.  I'm a big fan of Samuel L. Jackson as long as he's acting and not yapping about politics.  He plays a really great BAMF.  (Bad Ass Mother F....).  This is true in most things he shows up in. 


This movie has both action and comedy.  It is definitely adult targetted.  If you are into action romps with comedy, this fits well.  Ryan Reynolds does come across a bit as his Deadpool character at times.  That's not a bad thing. lol.


Anyway, a good distraction for a couple hours.


American Assassin

I really enjoyed this movie.  It was good to see Micheal Keaton back in the game.  I'll admit that I also like staring at Dylan O'Brien.  I've heard really good things about the books as well.  There is a series of them.  This is one of those rare cases where I've seen the movie before reading the books.


I think this might be a new pattern for me, actually.  By watching the movie before reading the book, I can enjoy the movie for what it is and then read the book and enjoy that too.  Far too often, I read the book first and then watch the movie and come out of it disappointed in some form because something is left out.  The only scene I liked in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix book wasn't in the movie.  (Peeves and McGonagall)


So, anyway, I enjoyed the movie and I hope they make sequels :)


Baby Driver


So, while I was laid up this weekend, I finally had some time where I could do pretty much nothing but catch up on the very large pile of movies I have sitting here.  Well, I could have caught up on the very large pile of books or games or reading lists or nevermind.  I watched movies.  Baby Driver was one of them.


Now, I love action movies.  Check.  This has action.

I'm rather fond of any movie with a Twink-like character in it.  Check. Check. 

Kevin Spacey almost always plays an obnoxious prick.  Turns out the reason why is because he's not actually acting that part.  Knowing what we know about Mr. Spacey, I have some concern for Ansel Elgort... after all... Mr. Spacey was calling the guy Baby the whole time.  And was a manipulative bastard of the first order.


Anyway, I enjoyed the movie.  It went pretty quick and there were only a couple of slower spots to distract. 


The links above are affiliate links, so if you decide to go buy them from Amazon (USA), then Gay Authors gets a cut.



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