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About this blog

I'm a big collector of movies.  I figured I'd talk about them here.

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American Assassin

I really enjoyed this movie.  It was good to see Micheal Keaton back in the game.  I'll admit that I also like staring at Dylan O'Brien.  I've heard really good things about the books as well.  There is a series of them.  This is one of those rare cases where I've seen the movie before reading the books.


I think this might be a new pattern for me, actually.  By watching the movie before reading the book, I can enjoy the movie for what it is and then read the book and enjoy that too.  Far too often, I read the book first and then watch the movie and come out of it disappointed in some form because something is left out.  The only scene I liked in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix book wasn't in the movie.  (Peeves and McGonagall)


So, anyway, I enjoyed the movie and I hope they make sequels :)


Baby Driver


So, while I was laid up this weekend, I finally had some time where I could do pretty much nothing but catch up on the very large pile of movies I have sitting here.  Well, I could have caught up on the very large pile of books or games or reading lists or nevermind.  I watched movies.  Baby Driver was one of them.


Now, I love action movies.  Check.  This has action.

I'm rather fond of any movie with a Twink-like character in it.  Check. Check. 

Kevin Spacey almost always plays an obnoxious prick.  Turns out the reason why is because he's not actually acting that part.  Knowing what we know about Mr. Spacey, I have some concern for Ansel Elgort... after all... Mr. Spacey was calling the guy Baby the whole time.  And was a manipulative bastard of the first order.


Anyway, I enjoyed the movie.  It went pretty quick and there were only a couple of slower spots to distract. 


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