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I love books.  I talk about them here.

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So, I thought I'd start with one of the first published gay books I've ever read.  I have this in both paperback and Kindle.  This book is outstanding in that it creates a fantasy world that has a very unique magic system.  I've never really read anything that was similar.  The fact that it has a gay teenager as a lead character just rocks my world.  There is an age struggle basically between an immortal 20-something? 30-something?  and a teenager.  It works very well since, by the time anything happens, there is certainly no coercion or even ability to coerce in place.  


I loved the book and have read a few times over the years.


By the same measure, I can't stand the sequels.  The sequels to this book suck to such an extreme it is hard to believe the same author wrote them.  So, by all means, check out this book.  Skip the sequels at all costs.



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