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Unstuck...for one more week

stephanie l danielson


Hello one and all!


Well, since my last entry, things did pick up. I found a temp gig that ends....next week. Yup. Then I'll be, as I quote from Titanic..."on God's good humor".


in the meantime, I want to amp up everything book-related in my life.


I want to thank everyone who's reached out to me and given advice, even just a friendly word or note; it is HUGELY appreciated!


Maybe NaNowrimo will get the juices flowing again? Not sure....LOL


Until then, pray that the job gods find something for me (that won't kill my hands/eyes/back) and that pays the bills (flying solo on the income front).


Hope everyone is doing well in your own particular pursuits!






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Wish you the best of luck toward finding a good job, Stephanie.

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