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The new and not so new



A quick update about what's happening in my neck of the woods.


Departures, a new chapter about my Demon will be making its appearance shortly in Hell_is.com. Chapters to this will post only as I have the time and inspiration.


My sequence of stories featuring Geoff and Tony will be extracted from my prompt collection and be posted separately so I can add other stories. This will mean I'll lose all the lovely comments but it's not the end of the world. I may take the opportunity to edit and alter the existing stories but essentially I'll be posting old stuff as new ... 


My first chaptered story is getting close. Part 1 of a longer tale, I decided that I'd just about reached a point where I could stop, get it out there, and see what responses are forthcoming. Early versions of the first few chapters were posted on the GA test server. Never too late is the story of a coming out with a difference.


I've also been creeping out my long-suffering editor with the start of a supernatural tale. It came out of a prompt response but it's already much too long. It may be a stand-alone story or it might end up being my entry for the next anthology (Secret spaces).  


So, all in all, I'm keeping myself out of mischief. ;)  As ever, I thank @Parker Owens for his skill, advice and patience.

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I shall try to collect my comments for your Geoff and Tony prompt stories, so I can repeat them when you repost. ;)

But you could also make a story topic and quote all the comments and the replies in the topic, so they are preserved. Then your readers can pick up their own comments and repost them, or think of new things to say. :) 

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Hmm ... a story topic seems a little pretentious for three linked prompt responses ... ;)   I'll see ... 

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2 minutes ago, northie said:

Hmm ... a story topic seems a little pretentious for three linked prompt responses ... ;)   I'll see ... 


Not if you're planning to expand the story. Alternately you can place the quotes here to preserve them.


I look forward to another Demon installment. :2thumbs:

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Nice to hear you have so much in the works.  I look forward to reading them. :D 

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Thanks, Gary @Headstall. Anything that helps you be happy has got to be good. :)

Edited by northie
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