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Tech Tuesday - Series Feature in Stories



This week's blog was triggered by the observation that some authors and members seem to be unaware of a built-in feature of our Stories system.  This is the Series function.  First, for the readers, you can find Series easiest by using the right-side menu on the main stories page. See below:

Screenshot showing location of Longest Series Link


If the Longest Series is not your thing, you can easily adjust it by selecting "Sort By" and choosing a different option:

Shows Longest Series Page with highlights on how to use Sort link


When you click on a Series Title, say "Gone From Daylight", the stories will be listed in Series order.  You'll recognize Series stories in the system because they'll have a Series # followed by Series Title after the Story Title.  For example, on the Gone From Daylight Series page, you can see the highlighted Series # and Series Title:

Shows Gone From Daylight Series page


That's all great for Readers, but how to Authors make a Story part of a Series?  Easy!  Edit the Story and right at the top of Step 1 is the Series Title and Series Number:

Where to Add Series Title and Series Number on a story


We do ask that Authors not add the Series Title and Series number until there are at least two Stories in the Series posted in the system.

Also note, that is a great way to tie related Anthology stories together.  Although in the case of Anthologies, the staff will have to edit the story for you. 


I hope that helps everyone understand our Series function in Stories.

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Good info, Myr. I've been following a story in process but already labeled as entry 0 in a series. I wasn't even aware that was possible. This type of information should be required reading for anyone trying to post a story!

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