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Worldbuilding: The Fairie



For those that have been reading my Story:  The Half-Elven Warlock and read my writing article: How Role-Playing Games Can Help You Write A Better Story, here is my Worldbuilding of The Fairie. It will be Updated as time goes on.


Worldbuilding: The Fairie

Name: The Fairie

Location and Introduction: It overlays Earth as a separate plane of existence. Landmasses are distinctly different, but both worlds are same size and shape. A veil separates the two worlds, with thin spots located around both worlds. Some just allow a small bleed through, like magic from Fairie to the Earth, or Radio Waves from the Earth into Fairie. Others are more open and used as a cross over spots from one world to another. Not all spots are known, and some will open for short periods of time, for various reasons. The known permanent crossover points are guarded by the Nation that they are located in, to keep larger more dangerous creatures from crossing over. The agency has a presence in this as well.

Humans of Earth are largely ignorant of The Fairie. Only the Catholic Church, primarily the Holy See, the United Nations, The Agency, and the leaders of the different nations of Earth know for sure that Fairie Exists. Some governmental programs know as well, such as the USA Department of Defense, who maintains an Overwatch Base on the Fairie.

The Fairie is a high-magic plane, and magic bleeds over to earth. Magic is a force of nature, and cannot be stemmed. Anyone can learn to use magic, and magical items can be fashioned from various materials, and for a wide variety of uses. Most inhabitants of the Fairie, still live at a Medieval Level of technology. Those that have crossed over, or have had contact with expeditions from Earth, are familiar with modern technology and have found ways to adapt them to use magic as a power source.

Section Contents:

1.      Mythology

2.      Planetology

3.      Major Settlements

4.      Major Races

5.      Languages

6.      Major Factions

7.      Magic

8.      Roll of Years – Major Events in Fairie



Section 1: Mythology

Pantheon of the Fairie






The First One







Open Book

Mysteries, Fairie

Neutral Good



Dark Star


Neutral Evil






















The First One: Supreme God of the Fairie and Earth. He is an overwatch god, which has little to do with mortals. She watches the other Gods and Goddess and makes sure they follow the rules as set forth in the Divine Compact. It is rare for him to intervene in the affairs of the Fairie, and has never directly affected the Earth. When she has contact with the world, it is via messengers to the gods themselves, and not in person. The First One has chosen mortals over the years to be the messenger, taking control of them, and using their bodies as vessels for his power. This has left them shattered beings, once they are no longer needed.

Mithras: The Living God of the Fairie, and the god of Mysteries. He was born at the same time as his sister Sayver was, and the two have been rivals since birth. Mithras was tasked to be the Lead of the Pantheon of Fairie and is worshiped by most of the inhabitants of the world.


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