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Ten's Unit - They Really Work



So, as I mentioned yesterday on the blog about the new bed I ordered, my back has been pestering me for the last week or so.  On the suggestions from several friends from work and here, I picked up a Tens unit.  Since I was so in need of relief, I picked it up at Walmart (ick) and paid a lot more than Amazon for the pleasure.  But let me tell you, that little thing really really helps with muscle issues!

There are a lot of them out there and I'll be doing research on them.  For now, this little Omron unit has helped a LOT.


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Hubby bought me one a few years back.  I would not give it up for the world.  Mine works as well as the huge unit my chiropractor uses, is smaller than my phone, and holds a charge for what seems like forever! It lives in my purse so I always have it when needed.

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When I had my ACL repaired in '85, when I woke up after the surgery, they had a Tens unit attached to me instead of any thing actually useful like drugs.


I was in real pain and they had this BS thing wired up and it was doing absolutely nothing. Not being the shy and retiring type, I used my aggressive/aggressive personality to attack the hospital staff for extreme idiocy.


They played with the gadget for a few minutes turning it all the way up before determining that the battery was dead.


The nurse plugged in a fresh 9 volt and I levitated.

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2 minutes ago, jamessavik said:

and I levitated

Lol I know this feeling.  The tech in the chiro's office will turn it up till I say enough.  Then she noticed a wire was a bit loose and pushed the connector in tighter.  I didn't know the human body could come straight up from a prone position like that!

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Oh I'll have to talk to our PT at work about this.  I have chronic muscular back issues and would love an alternative to taking painkillers and anti-inflammatories every day.  

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I got my first one in 2000 when I shattered my right femur/ because I wanted off oxycodone and it worked sooooo good. I used it for years and got a new one a few years ago for back issues. The only downside is when you do mess up the settings (I have the type you turn down all the way to turn off thankfully) or once I was using it on my back and stretched too far. The electrode wire popped out and zapped me. I yelled, "Fish!" and scared the crap out of the elementary school librarian who was on the other side of the wall we were decorating at the time. :P 

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Between the accident and when I could get the ACL surgery my knee hurt so bad I bought a tens. Worked great on the knee, at least while it was running, so I thought it would work on my back pain too. It didn’t. Apparently my lower back pain is radiating deep hip pain, but it was worth a try.

BTW, make sure the pads don’t go through the wash, all the stick’em comes off.

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I'll have to look into getting one of these.  My husband has back and hip problems so it would be great if this helped. 

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At work I apply TENS to patients on a daily basis and use one myself every once and a while.  They are amazing.  

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