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Classic Authors

Classic Authors - Authors at Gay Authors that also represent some of our best writing. Like Signature Authors, you should be able to find something you like in this group. They do not post as frequently or have retired from writing altogether. Well worth the read!

    1. Altimexis


      • Author: Classic Author
      • 44 Stories
      • 122 Reviews
      • 1,173,641 Words
      • No website available

      Altimexis' stories typically deal with high school, coming out and falling in love. "Naptown Tales" is a series of stories centered in a conservative Midwestern American city. "Love in a Chair" is the first in a series dealing with gay youth with disabilities. "A Fish Out of Water" deals with two Jewish boys, one Hasidic, and their forbidden love. And there are more stories in the works.
    2. Andrew Q Gordon

      Andrew Q Gordon

      • Author: Classic Author
      • 16 Stories
      • 2,749 Reviews
      • 632,626 Words

      A bit of this, some of that, Q-Topolis will take you to different places. From the real to the fantastical, yesterday, today, tomorrow or to a time and place unknown. Hopefully, the characters will draw you into their lives and their adventures will entertain. Welcome and enjoy.
    3. Andy78


      • Author: Classic Author
      • 35 Stories
      • 610 Reviews
      • 250,300 Words
      • No website available

      My writing is an eclectic assortment ranging from humour and light-heartedness, through to the darkest aspects of horror and life. You just never know what is in my box of chocolates. The author formerly known as andy021278.
    4. Bill W

      Bill W

      • Author: Classic Author
      • 64 Stories
      • 1,504 Reviews
      • 3,362,907 Words
      • No website available

      BW’s stories present adolescent to college age young men dealing with issues and situations that confront the gay community. These stories often contain explicit sexual scenes, but the content of the various selections is about far more than the isolated sexual escapades. I hope you sit back and enjoy the fictional tales being offered here.
    5. Dabeagle


      • Author: Classic Author
      • 24 Stories
      • 933 Reviews
      • 741,185 Words

      I have been active in writing online since 2000 - so in internet years, I'm dead. I'd like to think my writing has gotten better over time, but I still have the occasional stinker. Feedback is always welcome. Find me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dabeagles.doghouse
    6. dkstories


      • Author: Classic Author
      • 17 Stories
      • 1,218 Reviews
      • 2,214,124 Words
      • No website available

      Writing stories since 2000 in the science fiction, fantasy and modern genres. He's known for his strong characters and political intrigue.
    7. DomLuka


      • Author: Classic Author
      • 11 Stories
      • 476 Reviews
      • 1,748,722 Words
      • No website available

      DomLuka's Official Story Site
    8. Duncan Ryder

      Duncan Ryder

      • Author: Classic Author
      • 4 Stories
      • 95 Reviews
      • 172,204 Words
      • No website available

      So. Welcome to my stories. Grab a coffee and linger awhile... and if the words touch you, then I have done what I set out to do. Because for me that's what it's about. Stories that touch.
    9. Gabriel Morgan

      Gabriel Morgan

      • Author: Classic Author
      • 4 Stories
      • 57 Reviews
      • 509,851 Words
      • No website available

      I write down-to-earth romances with a healthy dose of sex. No high drama, no bright lights-big city - just an exploration of the friendships and relationships that make life worth living. If you're in the mood for a story that will give you a chuckle, maybe make you cry, and leave you with a warm heart, try one of mine.
    10. GhostRyder15


      • Author: Classic Author
      • 2 Stories
      • 72 Reviews
      • 342,824 Words
      • No website available

      Ghost Ryder's Stories.
      Please note that Ghostryder15 passed away and as such his open incomplete stories will not be finished.
    11. Jack Scribe

      Jack Scribe

      • Author: Classic Author
      • 19 Stories
      • 83 Reviews
      • 1,130,467 Words
      • No website available

      Romance and life's daily experiences can be exciting, passe, rewarding and just a pain in the ass - depending on the situation and time of the day. They have been since Adam did his "apple thing" with Eve. Or was it Steve? Jack Scribe's stories involve contemporary gay males in a variety of situations that test the mettle of the characters in his novels and short stories. "Boy gets boy" is the end result.
    12. K.C.


      • Author: Classic Author
      • 27 Stories
      • 2,590 Reviews
      • 207,146 Words

      When it’s all said and done, K.C. is a hopeless romantic at heart. He wants the boy to get the boy and them ride off into the sunset together. K.C.’s stories are a blend of fantasy fiction sprinkled with supernatural elements creating characters and adventures that are sure to be remembered long after the words, ‘The End.’
    13. Kyle Aarons

      Kyle Aarons

      • Author: Classic Author
      • 2 Stories
      • 105 Reviews
      • 830,471 Words
      • No website available

      Kyle Aarons was one of the founding members of Gay Authors and he offers a very gritty and dark fantasy world in Kandric Saga. It breaks every taboo and is not for the weak.
    14. Libby Drew

      Libby Drew

      • Author: Classic Author
      • 13 Stories
      • 74 Reviews
      • 245,033 Words

      "Who is he, that boy across the room that makes his heart squeeze painfully?" For Libby Drew's young protagonists, this sudden attraction is a revelation, the first step on the path to self-discovery. If you're looking for unique, provocative fiction that grabs you and doesn't let go, you've come to the right place: first times as memorable as they are awkward, whether it's that first kiss, that first night, or that first realization that the rules of love aren't set in stone.
    15. LittleBuddhaTW


      • Author: Classic Author
      • 5 Stories
      • 23 Reviews
      • 291,769 Words
      • No website available

      Little Buddha TW's Official Story Page
    16. Luc


      • Author: Classic Author
      • 24 Stories
      • 29 Reviews
      • 185,994 Words
      • No website available

      Luc's Stories and Poetry
    17. Lugh


      • Staff:  Review Team
      • 58 Stories
      • 697 Reviews
      • 367,014 Words
      • No website available

      Lugh writes fiction (both long and short) and poetry. Some is good, some is better, some is "Most Excellent Charley!" Among these pages you will find some gems: a few are polished, a few are still diamonds in the rough, a few might be lumps of coal. Lugh does not write any one genre, although he does tend to gyrate more to the speculative fiction realm with a focus on young adult characters.
    18. Mellicat


      • Author: Classic Author
      • 20 Stories
      • 14 Reviews
      • 167,054 Words
      • No website available

      Melina Catt's stories include: Shameful: Two lives converge and everything changes - a coming out story; Disenchanted: Sometimes saying goodbye means also saying hello - Sammie and Steve are at a crossroads in their relationship when Tyler appears and changes everyone's life; Dare: Three brothers come home when their father falls ill.; The Other Side: Three college friends try making their way in the world; Betrayal: A sex addict's story; Christian's Turn: Sequel to Betrayal.
    19. Myr


      • Admin: Site Administrator
      • 12 Stories
      • 265 Reviews
      • 211,506 Words

      Myr writes a variety of speculative fiction from science fiction and fantasy to some Harry Potter fanfictions.
    20. NickolasJames8


      • Author: Classic Author
      • 29 Stories
      • 27 Reviews
      • 628,536 Words
      • No website available

      Nick's Story Page, The Official Home of Nicolas James at Gay Authors, featuring a diverse collection of Chapter Stories such as "Bodega Bay," "Time In A Bottle," "My Jump Off" and more. You will also find popular Short Stories, which include "Obligation To Myself," "Sorry We're Together" and "Somehow Someway." In addition, this site also features Poetry by Nickolas James.
    21. RCMills


      • Author: Classic Author
      • 1 Stories
      • 18 Reviews
      • 52,560 Words
      • No website available

      Premium Content writer for Gay Authors
    22. rec


      • Author: Classic Author
      • 4 Stories
      • 229 Reviews
      • 269,056 Words
      • No website available

      rec's stories explore slow-building, long-term relationships and the acceptance of two people for one another. "Jake's Hand" and "Jake's Side," companion novellas tell the story of two college men, who have volunteered to tutor black kids in the South for the 1969 summer, grow more and more attracted to one another.
    23. Ronyx


      • Author: Classic Author
      • 15 Stories
      • 2,094 Reviews
      • 795,550 Words

      Ronyx is the creator and author of the gay teen story site, The Mustard Jar. His goal when he started a decade ago was to write stories that covered the real issues gay teens face. Ronyx hopes his stories speak to those needing advice or help dealing with a problem.
    24. Sara Alva

      Sara Alva

      • Author: Classic Author
      • 5 Stories
      • 1,094 Reviews
      • 124,041 Words

      Romantic fiction with a realistic spin carries Sara Alva's readers on journeys of self-discovery, heartache, personal growth, friendship and love.
    25. shadowgod


      • Author: Classic Author
      • 7 Stories
      • 42 Reviews
      • 263,727 Words
      • No website available

      They say it's the little things, and while there's nothing unassuming or inconsequential about the distinctive style or the rich and evocative descriptions that are so beautifully written, the stories unfold, as words embrace you, provoking you to expose yourself enough to grow and heal alongside his characters. An exercise in self-exploration and pride, love and angst, Shadowgod's stories will entice you to keep pushing until you reach your heart's ambition, sometimes, even before you know what that is.
    26. Stefan


      • Author: Classic Author
      • 8 Stories
      • 23 Reviews
      • 774,497 Words
      • No website available

      Stefan Schmidt's Site
    27. TheZot


      • Author: Classic Author
      • 7 Stories
      • 11 Reviews
      • 124,606 Words
      • No website available

      Zot writes stories of romance, adventure, and angst. The Sword 'n Sorcery adventures of Ben and William (heroes for hire), modern romance shorts (some with happy endings), and the occasional YA novel (though probably too occasionally).
    28. Tiff


      • Author: Classic Author
      • 10 Stories
      • 67 Reviews
      • 456,975 Words
      • No website available

      Exploring the harsh realities of life: full of unfortunate circumstance, tragic accidents, physical violations, messy and abusive relationships, hitting rock bottom, feeling hopeless with each new obstacle, persevering against the odds - but ultimately, love stories that give hope: no matter what happens, anyone can find their way to happiness.
    29. Topher_Lydon


      • Author: Classic Author
      • 11 Stories
      • 302 Reviews
      • 1,030,011 Words
      • No website available

      Topher writes Political Fiction and a popular Science Fiction series called the Falcon Banner. The stories appeal to a broad base of people who like stories which are lighter on sex but deeper on plot and meaning.
    30. underthehoodster


      • Author: Classic Author
      • 5 Stories
      • 57 Reviews
      • 731,121 Words
      • No website available

      "Perry and Jesse" is a soap opera-style story set in a Catholic middle school. There is a large cast of characters and some graphic sex. Though currently incomplete, the author has every intention of one day finishing this teenage saga of two boys in love.
    31. viv


      • Author: Classic Author
      • 11 Stories
      • 83 Reviews
      • 226,143 Words
      • No website available

      Masterful tales of personal interaction and complex relationships, stories that will move you, lift you up, and push you to the very crest of an emotional precipice, reminding you what's important in life. Come on in, take a look around, and stay a while. You can find Viv's stories, discussion forum, and blog inside, along with some of her favorites, maybe even make some good friends while you're at it... see you inside!
    32. vlista20


      • Author: Classic Author
      • 5 Stories
      • 142 Reviews
      • 538,405 Words
      • No website available

      VLista's Stories

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