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  2. I don't use a 3d printer myself but because I have a suspicion that with a few more advancements they will revolutionize engineering and industry, I used the idea of a future 3d printer giving an AI independence from human support as a tenet in my Mparntwe story.
  3. Space Twins Study

    That's really interesting. I'm currently writing a story about twins going into space.
  4. After a year in space, NASA finds returning twin is no longer genetically identical to the twin that remained on Earth. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-03-15/twins-separated-by-outer-space-no-longer-identical/9553134
  5. It’s well on its way. We have CES in Vegas to introduce new consumer electronics. The 2 biggest areas of concentration were Alexa and Google assistant. More TV sets, introducing microwaves and bigger home items.
  6. We're getting closer, and closer to what people call the singularity. I don't find that prospect frightening like some do, but I think we're coming into a new golden age of mankind. Voice control is the next leap in that direction. Personally, I have Cortona disabled on my Laptop. She's a ram hog, on my ancient craptop.
  7. My life depends on voice control more and more. Being blind, it’s greatly appreciated. Siri is used on my phone and tablet. From search to calling. Anything in between. She has a lot of failures, but gets the job done. The only reason to use her is her complete integration in the Apple ecosystem. Our home is connected to both Alexa and Google assistant. Alexa wins with amount of skills. However; Google does a better job with natural speaking patterns. I have everything from speakers, lights, alarms, HVAC, blood pressure monitor, thermometer set up. This has been a life changer for the blind. I rarely ask my partner to assist me. That’s HUGE for a fiercely independent person.
  8. It is clear that as we move forward we are getting closer and closer to the day where we hit the Star Trek level of Computer voices in our lives. How do you think things are going? I'm in a cross-functional world at the moment. I use Cortana on the PC to a limited degree. Cortana is also on Xbox One, but they've crippled her pretty severely. I see them dropping her altogether as a failure, to be honest. Google gets used more and more on the phone and Alexa rules my house. Alexa is the one I'm using most, as it ties into my Wink home automation, My Nest and my Phillips Hue gadgets. One of the developing areas is voice search and I've done some preliminary research into how that is going to affect us here on Gay Authors as well. There are big changes coming in how search engines work and it'll have an effect on us as well. They really need to settle on a standard soon so that we can start doing whatever it is we need to do. Right now, there are competing standards and methods. I suspect that it's going to be a lot more semantic markup in website coding. (Semantic search is how Google knows explicitly that something is a review or a navigation menu or that a person is an author or an editor.) Are any of you using voice controls for things yet?
  9. Now that I'm getting closer to my move, I'm looking more and more at what I want to put in my workshop. I'm planning on renovating/building said workshop this summer and ordering a 3d printer by fall.
  10. Photo taken by David Nadlinger, The University of Oxford Read the article for more details : http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-02-14/atom-photo-taken-with-ordinary-camera/9445288
  11. Space Exploration

    I guess sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.
  12. Space Exploration

    It was just a rock.
  13. SpaceX Launch

    OMG! Goosebump stuff to watch. Thanks @Myr
  14. SpaceX Launch

    It’s quite an impressive feat. Such a waste of a good car though. 😊
  15. SpaceX Launch

    and landing 2 boosters at the same time. Damn...
  16. So, I have to admit, I'm fascinated by SpaceX. And I have to say, they are really persistent. They tried recruiting me for the Mars program. I had to tell the recruiter no 3 different times. He ended up hiring away my coworker. Seriously. I wasn't interested in going to California. But damn! Very cool to see this stuff going on: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/02/07/elon-musks-spacex-rocket-heading-towards-asteroid-belt-overshooting/
  17. Thanks for the Head's up... I've got to check them out.
  18. They sure are. for games like @BHopper2, you can print your own miniatures. In fact, there is a company out there that specializes in selling you 3d models to print for gaming. Just one of many: http://www.fatdragongames.com/fdgfiles/?page_id=2567
  19. I personally would have little use. It’s amazing technology though. Replicating limbs at an affordable cost. A friend replicated a new part for a machine he had, long discontinued. The technology is also becoming much more affordable. Uses are endless.
  20. I'm an engineer and I tend to keep current on technology. I've been watching 3D printing for the last few years. I can tell you that we have 3 massive 3d printers at work that are basically running 24/7. The amount of stuff we can do with them would blow your mind. But the interesting thing is that there is a company out there that brings the power of this stuff right to your home. https://www.prusaprinters.org/ The guy in charge of our industrial grade machines has one of these at home. As do 3 others that also use work's 3d printers. That's a pretty big ringing endorsement for me. Of course, the fact that the demo picture is printing a dragon helps I plan on picking up a Prusa printer when I have completed stage 2 of my mancave project. I need a nice temperature regulated place to keep my new printer before I go and buy it. I figure putting it in the new workshop I'm designing and building would be the best bet. Is anyone here playing with 3d printing yet?
  21. The more we learn about the Mayans, the more interesting everything is becoming... http://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-42916261
  22. Space Exploration

    Did they ever figure out what that was? I saw somewhere that they were investigating it for signals and such
  23. Astronomy

    NASA VIDEO: "Supermoon Trilogy!" --Tonight's Moon Kicks Off a Series of Three Supermoons on December 3, 2017, January 1, 2018, and January 31, 2018 (WATCH Video) December 03, 2017 Source Link: Daily Galaxy Mark your calendars: on December 3, 2017, January 1, 2018, and January 31, 2018. A supermoon is a Moon that is full when it is also at or near its closest point in its orbit around Earth. Since the Moon’s orbit is elliptical, one side (apogee) is about 30,000 miles (50,000 km) farther from Earth than the other (perigee). Nearby perigee full Moons appear about 14% bigger and 30% brighter than full Moons that occur near apogee in the Moon's orbit. “The supermoons are a great opportunity for people to start looking at the Moon, not just that once but every chance they have!” says Noah Petro, a research scientist from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. It’s hard for our eyes to distinguish these small changes in size when the Moon is high amidst the vastness of the night sky. But any time you catch a full Moon as it rises or sets, while it’s suspended low on the horizon beaming through the silhouettes of trees or buildings, its apparent size might make you do a double-take. You almost feel as though you could reach out, grab the glowing orb, and drop it into your coffee cup. Even more so if it’s a supermoon. If you can only catch one episode of the supermoon trilogy, catch the third one. It will be extra special. First of all, the January 31st supermoon will feature a total lunar eclipse, with totality viewable from western North America across the pacific to Eastern Asia. The Moon’s orbit around our planet is tilted so it usually falls above or below the shadow of the Earth. About twice each year, a full Moon lines up perfectly with the Earth and Sun such that Earth’s shadow totally blocks the Sun’s light, which would normally reflect off the Moon. “The lunar eclipse on January 31 will be visible during moonset. Folks in the Eastern United States, where the eclipse will be partial, will have to get up in the morning to see it,” notes Petro. “But it’s another great chance to watch the Moon.” The Moon will lose its brightness and take on an eerie, fainter-than-normal glow from the scant sunlight that makes its way through Earth’s atmosphere. Often cast in a reddish hue because of the way the atmosphere bends the light, totally eclipsed Moons are sometimes called ‘blood Moons.’ “We’re seeing all of the Earth’s sunrises and sunsets at that moment reflected from the surface of the Moon,” says Sarah Noble, a Program Scientist at NASA headquarters. The January 31st supermoon will also be the second full Moon of the month. Some people call the second full Moon in a month a Blue Moon, that makes it a super ‘blue Moon.’ Blue Moons happen every two and a half years, on average. With the total eclipse, it’ll be a royal spectacle indeed: a ‘super blue blood’ Moon. Sometimes the celestial rhythms sync up just right to wow us. Heed your calendar reminders. On the three dates marked, step out into the moonset or moonrise and look up for a trilogy of sky watching treats! The Daily Galaxy via Moon/NASA
  24. I certainly hope we get there. And I hope we don't do something that causes the Zombie Apocalypse in the process. Like "I am Legend" or "Walking Dead" or such things.
  25. I know there is always a new promise for finding a cure for cancer or other killing diseases, but seldom have I seen a promise to possible stop and cure both cancer and HIV. Also other diseases like Zika too. I appears this university PhD student in Canada in working with university and government labs, has possibly done that. Stopping the disease from the molecular DNA level preventing it from metastasizing and spreading. I really hope this isn't another false hope. The one thing that is heartening is the research is being done on the academic, government level and not through private industry. Conspiracy theorists might not be able to win this one

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