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  2. Chapter 20

    Yes indeed - bring on the cavalry
  3. Chapter 10

    I have come to realize that I have my own promise seal. A birthmark upon my heart. In the shape of a stylized heart on its side with a line starting from the cleft and ending at the wall to lower part of my body, close to bisecting the heart in half. I'm loving this story and wish I would have started reading earlier.
  4. Destiny Begets Destiny

    Hi, GJJ! It's cool to hear you've read Morningstar twice. I would love to write a second book, and it's my plan to do so sometime in the future. If you follow me on my author's page... https://www.gayauthors.org/author/headstall/ ... you'll get updates for it when it happens. I'm really pleased you enjoyed it... I have other stories if you're interested. Thanks so much for leaving a comment... these make me happy... cheers... Gary....
  5. Chapter 20

    I was pretty sure that the tranquility of chapter 19 wouldn’t survive into chapter 20. What a dastardly bunch of people messing with our heroes. Let’s find them.
  6. Destiny Begets Destiny

    Hi! I just finished this great story for the second time. I would love a second (and a third ) book!
  7. Make us laugh!

  8. Chapter 15 Dinner with friends

    I just love this chapter what a nice dinner date candle light, wine and good food A and J story of how they got together was just great! And they cemented there friendship I do hope we get to see more of those two Loved this chapter
  9. Last Post Wins #44

    ...and back to me!
  10. I heard back from the harried group of people I'm working with. 


    In my head, it's like watching sekaiichi hatsukoi from the inside :heart:!


    Only I'm one of the mangaka. (Metaphor, i dont draw) Hopefully I'm not causing too much of the drama. Or, at least not every month. 


    Do a search for the manga/anime. 

    Check out my blog's first entry for the details of my part. 


    If I want to keep the drama to a minimum, I better stay where I'm at. A month ahead! Go for 2? Okay!

    1. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler

      I think I heard of Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi before. Yaoi, right? :gikkle:

    2. VampireMystic


      Indeed. Don't take the comparison too far. I'm not gonna end up dating my editor. 


      Unless my love decides to join GA and officially become one of my editors. Oo (confusion eyes) Would that be weird?


      In my head:


      "You've got to rewrite all 7 pages! By Thursday!"


      Me: "But it took 6 weeks to finish these!"


      *some sort of expression with meaning*


      Me: "Well ok, but you're cooking dinner for a month!"


      "Okay, what do you want tonight?"


      Me: I don't know, you pick. 


      (Sigh... If only we weren't so geographically apart. Hehe)

  11. MetaPrompts 622: News (MW9)

    A new hope … 😍
  12. Halcyon Days

    Still, it's lovely.
  13. Today
  14. Sitting at 13 squared. Always a favorite number. 


    And hey, 1 69. It's like a coupon!*


    * redeemable only to your own significant others. 

    1. BHopper2


      It doesn't last long around here.

  15. Last Post Wins #44

    Tsar Steve!
  16. Chapter 20

    Mmmm... I too like happy endings...
  17. Chapter 19

    Thanks, Canuk. I worry I'm a bit preachy sometimes. I Think we are not alone in disputing some of the 'rules' about how to be 'gay'.
  18. Halcyon Days

    I hasten to add it isn't my photo. It's from a rights-free image I used when reposting the story to my external blog.
  19. A Whole New World

    Awwww Empress, We won't be back on the Cape for quite a while. For now, we're in MY hometown!
  20. Just Ryder

    I agree with what Bushman60 says, but that's also why I find Oli so frustrating: While he may want unconditional love/affection, he doesn't necessarily know it when he sees it. Granted, the parents have lied to protect Oli, but he is too young to appreciate that love was the motivating factor, however misguided. He also continues to think the worst of Teddy: When Teddy discovers that his father wants to ship Oli off to a military school, he expresses shock and says that it's "not going to happen"; but does Oli appreciate the support? He completely discounts it: " 'You don't have to lie.' Oli forced out. 'I know you probably want me to go too.' " Teddy has to remind Oli that he still lives in the Haner household BECAUSE of Oli, not in spite of him. I think that Teddy may finally be getting through to Oli because of Oli's agreeing to show his brother how to drum--the tentative breakthrough. I just hope that Oli continues to grow to the point where he accepts the love that's offered and doesn't try to drive people away.
  21. Chapter 20

    Barts mother sounds like, given time, she'll come round. That is if Bart and Robert live long enough... given the rant about no gay stories with happy endings, I am hoping like hell this story has a happy ending? (And I mean happy ever after ending, not a rub-and-tug happy ending!) Assuming the brake "failure" was Lance related, I am looking forward to karma striking back big time there....
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