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  2. OK thank you so much for your help! This time I got everything! Yay!
  3. Recently I saw a friend who I thought was publicly being misconstrued, and I felt the need to publicly defend him. It may have been a wrong way to deal with it (given the reaction to what I said), but I don't regret feeling protective of friends. I DO regret and sincerely apologize for my part in hurting anyone or making anyone uncomfortable. I love this place. It's felt like a second home and the only place I felt safe to share my writing. Right now I'm feeling kind of raw and out of place, so I'll be taking a break. Again I am sorry. Please be good to each other
  4. Ok, I am now totally lost as to recent craziness, and think I may want to stay lost. If my post yesterday in any way hurt/irritated/annoyed/pissed off anyone I am truly sorry. I love each and every one of you. In no way was my attempts at a show of support for some meant to hurt others. If I hurt you, please pm me so we can make things right.
  5. The biggest thing is that it doesn't appear on the main pages or used to insult/offend anyone. Excessive cursing would probably be an issue if it's being used just to use it, but the occasional use isn't a big deal. In this case, the character isn't 16... so that's not against the rules. Yes. The gist of this is that, in most cases, children, preteens, and teenagers do not have the mental capacity to make the type of decisions that lead to a non-abusive relationship with an adult. The power dynamic is not equal, and cannot be equal, which equates to taking advantage of them or flat out abuse. That is why abusive relationships are allowed to be shown, but we do not want authors making this appear as if it is a good thing or acceptable relationship to readers. About their sexuality? Sure. If it's a graphic fantasy scene or more than a 'omg, he's cute, I'd like to kiss him' then yes, it's sexualizing and that wouldn't be allowed. While it may not be realistic for all kids that age in real life, we have drawn the line at 12 and under being unacceptable. Kids should be kids. The like age group is our way of getting around say, an 18 year old as a junior/senior in high school dating a freshman/sophomore who is 15. Yes, the 18 year old is considered 'an adult' in the US law system, but he and the younger teen are in a similar place in life and a 'like-age' group. It's more flexible than saying, "No relationships involving anyone over 18 with anyone under 18". The logic is that they're in relationship that doesn't have an inherent power gap based on their age/mental capacity/life experience like say, a 22 year old college senior with a 15 year old sophomore in high school living with his parents. Adults being with other adults doesn't create that inherent issue because they're fully-matured and have the ability to be independent, no matter what the age difference.
  6. There's a hole in my bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza. There's a hole in my bucket, dear Liza, a hole. National Mint Julep day should be the first Saturday in May to coincide with the Kentucky Derby.
  7. Freerider, welcome to the epic journey that is Forever. And, yes, PLEASE avoid spoilers, people!
  8. I get that a lot, but it's true - I had never written anything before sitting down to tell this story in Aug 2014. And my papers in college were the bare minimum to get by. Nothing to get excited about, I assure you. It was interesting to go back to these initial chapters and revise them (I'm a better writer now, hopefully).
  9. Happy Birthday :hug: 

  10. That is my hope, too.
  11. Ha ha. That's exactly who he is.
  12. Like drought, I'm not a cat person but that didn't stop me from enjoying the story. It made a very interesting change.
  13. Yay! And tasty !
  14. Happy birthday beautiful! 

  15. Thanks Parker, let's see...
  16. You have to read to find out
  17. Today
  18. The person ahead of me in the drive-through this morning paid for my breakfast. :) So I paid for the person behind me's breakfast.  It's small acts of kindness that remind us that people are essentially good.  Pay it forward. 

    1. Caz Pedroso

      Caz Pedroso

      So good to read this.. :heart: 

    2. Mikiesboy
  19. i thought everything was bigger in TX? or is the supposed to say pink?
  20. Taking a breather.  Be good to each other.  

  21. @sweetlion86 When you walk out of The Tombs, if you look to the right, the Exorcist Stairs are at the end of the block. The Abello house is meant to be there. I took some liberties with the location and decided you could see the entrance to the restaurant from the house's front windows. The real house served as the inspiration for mine but I heavily modified the structure. The Tombs I tried to be faithful to in my descriptions. Some of it was based on memories. But when I visited DC last, a year after I'd started the series, I went there for lunch as part of my research. At least that's the excuse I gave myself. LOL
  22. thank you. sometimes i just look like this when i reread it
  23. I love your sappy stuff
  24. my character stopped bitching at me months ago, but the sap i write (like the stuff in my signature) continues--sometimes at a manic pace
  25. Hope work goes okay timmie. My lunch is ready, but i promise to return to my writing straight after.
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