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  2. Several of the authors I work with complain that a character demands attention, or insists a story goes differently from the way it was planned. They come to life, not just in the authors head, but if done properly in the readers as well. Some days beta reading for these characters in this story is more like refereeing a fight between the character and the author!
  3. geez i'm not bawling over some part of a story, assuming its not a comedy, then something is wrong...
  4. WOW...I'm speechless...trying to hold in the rage that is consuming me right now and even though it's your story.. .I assure you that NO one reading it could hold back the tears!! I wish I could understand the mentality of the type of person that can wake up in the morning after causing another human being such pain and agony, and not want to kill themselves!!! It scares me that beasts like these walk among us incognito! This was such a well written, descriptive chapter...too much so...we felt the pain!!
  5. I think Alek used self-rising flour which made him rise down there and made the Rolls hard....... great chapter.
  6. Royal British Legion Village, Kent, Surrey
  7. How 'bout I keep both the and the lollipop, deal?
  8. to a mom, no matter how old the child, they'll always be "babies". have a lolly and i'll have the to keep you safe from the sharp edges
  9. Today
  10. I'm not a baby. I'm a MAN!
  11. Love Ilya - very sexy -- him and Raymond perhaps???? I hope. You didn't mention Raymond being involved or I missed it if you did. Grammar - "They new what it" should be the other knew
  12. Summer memories... coming home covered with mud, mom would hose us down in the yard before she would let us in the house...
  13. Summer memories... coming home covered with mud, mom would hose us down in the yard before she would let us in the house...


    1. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler

      As for me, I was always a very clean kid. :)

  14. I know that trust is a work in process for you, tim. Pondering the shackles might allow you to be less hesitant. However, trust can't (and shouldn't) be pushed. Only encouraged. As for your subspace... being able to get there is good because it gives you endurance, but if you're not self-reflecting or seeing the larger picture of the lesson, then you may be missing out on something. It depends on how you feel afterwards: What did you gain? What did you lose? Points to discuss with Mike.
  15. ohh stealing from the babies
  16. Thank you my dear! I was indeed full of emotion when i wrote it!
  17. Thank you AC! it's a rather old poem, but i like it a lot.
  18. Thank you my beloved friend!!!
  19. Thanks a lot
  20. New chapter at midnight tonight? Please!!! Pretty please!!!! Don't make me beg more 😂
  21. I love this story. Thank you Just one little grammar issue that I noticed "while i'd stagger" and "i'd throw a fit" should be I'd not i'd
  22. When the moon landing occurred, I was -25. Oh, but my parents were toddlers at the time.
  23. i don't live there anymore, but i was BORN there. its too hot to do anything i was 7
  24. Alek is worried about moving too quickly and losing what they've started to build together. The nice thing is Liam can see how much Alek wants them to work out this time around. Thank you for your comments and support,Jeff.
  25. You're gonna have to share the shiny with me, since I too live in PA. Same here for me. I got my walks in early. I have a thermometer here that show it's 92 but feels like 99. As the Panda Roach pointed out, it was 48 years ago today that man landed on the moon. I was 16 at the time.
  26. Alek is a character that I know very well. I know all of his motivations and thought processes. I chose not to have the reader in his mind so that they could get to know him through Liam's eyes, and I am glad that many adore him as much as I do Thank you for your comments and all of your support, my dear, patient friend
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