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  2. Losing Kevin

    Ronyx’s stories are always well-written and thought provoking. This one is an exploration of identical twin dynamics. Neither the author, nor the parents were aware of the famous Gay porn star when Kevin was named! ;-)
  3. The Hostage

    At the rate @Dodger is posting this story, we should be finding out Andy’s fate sometime around November or December! ;-) Poor Andy. Dodger loves torturing him. First by pairing him with slow Bob, then by making him the focus of Tyrone’s ‘interest’ and the wrath of Dewsbury! Church has been held just out of his reach since the story began. ;-) I’m still annoyed that Dodger has slandered the US by transferring the nationality of Canada’s notoriously infantile ‘singer.’ ;-)
  4. Linked Words

    cigar anyone
  5. Chapter 8 Battle Fatigue

    I think most of us to do that to varying degrees... I know I do. I was really good at doing the arms length thing after I got hurt. Yeah, it's an excuse, and you're right that the kiss didn't help matters. Drake is terrified, but he has to overcome it for his own sake before he can move on with his life. 'Projecting Dick on to Jimmy'... made me laugh... sounds a little naughty. I agree Jimmy hasn't really pushed, but Drake does feel the pressure of now knowing how deeply Jimmy feels. He needs to sort that too. You're right that the good ones don't stick around forever... thank you, my friend... cheers... Gary....
  6. Losing Kevin

    Losing Kevin is a study in opposites. Kevin and Devin are identical twins, but one is straight and the other is gay. The story covers their relationships with each other, their parents, and their loved ones, with many situations being reflected on both sides of the sexual orientation mirror. While it can be read simply as an enjoyable story, it can also be make the reader reflect on how people treat gays and straights differently, and why.
  7. Chapter 7 Another Man's Shoes

    LOL. Yeah, he did that... we can't see inside Richard's head, but it could be that he's telling the truth when he tries to explain the kiss. Still, it was inappropriate as hell. I understand sexual confusion and latency, so I got Richard's panic over what was happening to him... and I believe Drake finally saw that side of things too. I'm proud he hung in and actually listened. The depth of his pain makes sense to me. Now Drake has to sort it all out... thanks, Def, and cheers... Gary....
  8. Author's Note

    My stories are prompted by ideas that rattle around in my head demanding escape. Fidel is the result of wondering what life will be like in another few decades when the planet’s population has doubled to fifteen billion, food and water are running out, infrastructure is decaying, and the climate has become ever more dangerously unstable. Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr, commenting on social order in 1849 wrote; “plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose”. A proposition I choose to interpret as meaning: Circumstances may change, but how we govern ourselves doesn't. Why is it that most humans always end up being exploited? In my opinion it’s because for the first three hundred thousand years of our existence, humans survived by being strongly individualistic, and ten thousand years of living in permanent social groups [civilization] hasn’t been long enough to quell this individualistic urge. The result being that would-be Chiefs, Kings, Presidents and others who want to rule us, are forced to control the revolting individualists by giving them ‘bread and circuses’, and if that doesn’t work, by using their well armed police enforcers who are ever ready to kill, hurt and imprison all who step out of line. Their allies in this subjugation of the masses are organised religions that augment the physical threats in this life, with the prospect of eternal fire, torture and damnation after death, to all who refuse to obey the priests. This vile concept was invented by power-hungry witchdoctors who cleverly replaced the multitude of personalised, relatively benign, natural gods of forest, river, air and sea, with a single, omnipotent angry, vengeful supernatural deity. Powerful men and women are almost always bad. Corrupted by wealth and power, they see the state and its citizens as the means to garner ever more power and wealth to themselves. This is done by enslaving most of them, and waging wars against all obstacles to their desires. No nation state has ever gone to war for the good of its citizens. The sole purpose of war is, and always has been, to make powerful and wealthy men richer and more powerful. The unsurprising result of centuries of repression of individuals and constant war has been to maintain the same division of wealth as has been the case in all societies since humans first huddled in permanent settlements – the ruling 1% owning 99% of the wealth. The sole change to the equation today, is that ubiquitous and total surveillance of every individual, combined with ever more lethally armed police, has made revolution impossible. Please don’t let the future depicted in Fidel depress you unduly – I could be wrong.
  9. Fidel

    Fifteen year-old Fidel runs away to the city where he falls into trouble, then falls out again and then is too busy living to notice a quiet political revolution. He and his friends fall foul of the new government and, after a series of adventures, excitements and horrifying experiences, work out how to live, what to value and how to survive during a reign of terror that it seems is not going to end.
  10. Yes, Food Bytes, Again

    Yes! My mom’s family is Sicilian. Their diets revolves around many vegetables. Healthy and long lives for most. Nothing out of boxes, Mickey D’s, etc. Just natural grown foods.
  11. Chapter 47

    Ok, I am offended LOL, Now offend me some more with another chapter. Great work!!!!! Keep it up, I really do love this story.
  12. Yes, Food Bytes, Again

    My pleasure tim. It works well and it’s easy to clean.
  13. The Hostage

    I want answers to all these cliffhangers, there’s just so many of them. I hope it’s not to long a wait or Andy will freeze.
  14. Chapter 9 Wake-up Call

    Seee... you snooze you lose.. But seriously, admitting that he loves Jimmy is the first step. I bet he feels a whole lot better now that he’s acknowledged that. Getting Jimmy to believe the sudden turn around may prove to be harder. Jimmy may get whiplash cause I’m pretty sure he’s resigned himself to thinkingvthere is no Drake and him. I’m rooting for them though. I just went through the last 3 chapters and still I ask....is it Monday yet?
  15. Losing Kevin

    Another fantastic story from Ron. This shows that despite the difficulties that twins have being different to each other that the love as brothers win through.
  16. Mojo

    And speaking of laments (Ch 17), here’s a cool link on lament base: https://musictheorybridges.wordpress.com/2014/11/23/descending-tetrachords-muse-and-handel-are-both-sad/ One take away, to oversimplify a bit, is that the lament base is so powerful, grabs so much of your attention, that it almost doesn’t matter what else is going on. Purcel throws in harmonies that might not fly otherwise, and Muse’s "MK Ultra" is just—well, it’s over my head. But doesn’t this notion remind you of Chapter 17?
  17. Beginning and the End

    Just make sure he’s already strapped down and sitting up in a gurney so he doesn’t hurt himself when he faints! ;-)
  18. Birds Don't Sing Before a Storm

    This is one of my favourite stories from Ron. It shows that all challenges can be overcome.
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