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  1. Today
  2. The new site redesign is like the old site, but better :D Thanks Mr. Wizard (Now I must write)

  3. I'm enjoying looking over readers' comments on old chapters of the CJ series. So much has happened since Summer and Autumn which meshed with expectations while at the same time some of the events came as a surprise. If I haven't made it clear before: I love my readers and the feedback!

    1. SolarMaxx


      Carlos, you write so vividly, sometimes you inspire me to give writing a shot! Looking forward to catching up on your works.

    2. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      it's fun to go back and check out (and like) your replies too.

  4. There are so many ideas that I have in my head right now, so many projects that I want to work on. I'm trying to hang in there and just work on the one. Decisions, decisions.

    1. Emi GS

      Emi GS

      Lol I too find it difficult to write many projects once. But, not a good decision at all. I am not ready for or capable for handling multiple projects. Which in result made me complex and I had to stop all. I haven't updated any for almost half year. Still confused about which one take first. 

    2. ValentineDavis21


      Yes. Sometimes it's hard to hang in there for the "long haul" especially if the project is the long one. Nice to know that I am not the only one who struggles with this.

  5. Looking forward to your CSR, Caz! :hug: 

  6. If anyone would like to make an appearance in my story shoot me a message. 

  7. I've been a little MIA on GA lately, mostly because I've been working on my CampNaNoWriMo writing. I hit my 50k target today, so I'm riding high :) 

    1. Valkyrie


      Congrats! :D

    2. MacGreg


      Awesome! Congratulations!

    3. Lux Apollo
  8. Yesterday
  9. Wacky Fact: today is International Nose Picking day! 

    Really, Is this something to be celebrated!! 

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    2. AC Benus

      AC Benus

      The old SNL skit comes to mind "You can pick your friends; you can pick your nose; but you can't pick your friend's nose!" :) 

    3. BlindAmbition


      Oh I'm getting older! I remember that skit @AC Benus

    4. AC Benus

      AC Benus

      Me too! hehe 

  10. Bike ride pit stop. Perfect day today.


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    2. MacGreg


      The water surface was like glass.

    3. Headstall


      Wow! Nice pit stop, Mac :) 

    4. Emi GS

      Emi GS

      I would have skinny dipped, if I were you...

  11. Authors:

    Don't forget to check out the possible new blog feature and sign up!


  12. Feeling like 


    1. SolarMaxx


      It's really nice to hear that great music happens all over the world. I don't understand a word they're singing, but I love their sound. Very mellow 🙃

  13. There were three fathers to be in a hospital waiting room, waiting for their babies to be born.


    The first nurse comes out and tells the first father, "Congratulations you're the father of two beautiful twins!"

    Amazed, the man says, "Great! I am the manager for the Minnesota Twins."


    The second nurse comes out and tells the second father, "Congratulations, you're the father of three beautiful triplets!"

    Amazed, he says, "That's cool, I work for 3M."


    All of a sudden, the third father opens the window and jumps out.


    The third nurse comes out, and asks, "Where's the third father?"

    One of the other fathers said, "Oh, he jumped out the window.."


    The nurse asks, "Why?"


    He replied, "He works for Seven Up!"



    Did you know? That the stomping effects in the song "We Will Rock You" by Queen were created by the band themselves, clapping and stomping. They then recorded the sound over itself (overdubbed) with delays to make it sound like many people are clapping and stomping.

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    2. Reader1810


      @Kitt We may be straight and we (yes, I do) may like Queen, but   we aren't and never will be, rabidly heterosexual.

    3. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler

      7 kids....yikes! :unsure:

    4. droughtquake


      There’s a big difference between straight and rabidly heterosexual. Many, but not all, sports fans are very homophobic.

  14. "I broke my heart this mornin’,

    Ain’t got no heart no more.

    Next time a man comes near me

    Gonna shut an’ lock my door"

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    2. Emi GS
    3. Dennis191


      I just listen to this when I'm broken hearted.. 


      Lonely angel

    4. Dennis191
  15. Reading your latest bug reports post - are we ok now to post antho entries? Puppi was just asking. :unsure:

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    2. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      thanks for the warning, Puppilull

    3. Puppilull


      And people are already reading it! LOL Oh well... 

    4. northie


      Not the end of the world ... :)

  16. My uncle called at 9am - 9am! - to know about the candidates for the presidential elections as he hadn't had time to follow the campaign! Seriously?!

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    2. Kitt


      9 am is not so bad. My phone regularly starts pestering me at 6.


      As for the reason for the call, at least he didn't flip a coin!

    3. clochette


      Lol @Kitt 9am on a Sunday morning here is like 6am on a week day


    4. Kitt


      Here too!  Weekdays my phone starts at 5!

  17. Happy Birthday to my favourite inked biker. :hug: 



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    2. AC Benus

      AC Benus

      Happy B. Day, Carlos! 

    3. Carlos Hazday

      Carlos Hazday

      Thanks, y'all! Love the cake.


      Rainy day in South Florida. I may have partied a bit last night so kinda laying low today. I was going to write but I think I'm going to take a break for the day.

    4. Reader1810


      I'll send you some of my sunshine and blue skies.


      And, seeing as how it is your birthday, taking a break from writing is allowed. ;)

  18. Authors:  Please check out the possibility for a new Blog Feature!


    1. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      i'll probably sign up for this, but I'm waiting for an author whose story I'd like to do.

  19. Londo says it best:


  20. Running for Home Chapter 50 is up for reading. Not my best chapter, but it starts moving things into the present focus now that we are done with flashbacks.

  21. Last week
  22. First grass cut of the year done. I forget how large the backyard is until I'm pushing the mower up and down it 50 times. :mellow:

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    2. MacGreg


      I'd love a rider. But the yard isn't gigantic enough to warrant one... That's my reasoning, anyway... So an old gas-powered push mower it is. And a prayer for no sticks or stones along the way. :/

    3. Headstall


      I spoiled myself when I retired... after all those years of pushing, pushing, pushing... it's a monster too... 23 horsepower :D 

    4. MacGreg


      I like your style, Gary.

  23. Dude!!!! It's been way too long! ((((hugs))))

    1. rustle


      Sir,you take liberties, and I love it. ***hugs back***

  24. Marky!!!!! We have to catch up!!!!!

  25. Want to read about more werewolves!

  26. Happy Earth Day -- Science is NOT an opinion!

    1. Drew Espinosa

      Drew Espinosa

      Science is Fact! :2thumbs:


      Happy Earth Day!

    2. Carlos Hazday

      Carlos Hazday

      And it's my niece's 21st B'day! I have a feeling she'll be consuming lots of fermented items from Earth's bounty today. I'll call her real early tomorrow morning to wake her ass up!

    3. SolarMaxx


      Not too early, I hope 😊

  27. April 16-22 NaPoWriMo responses are now up...

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