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  1. Today
  2. Got a haircut. And no @Page Scrawler I ain't posting a pic! 😝

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    2. Daddydavek
    3. ancientrichard


      I'm struggling to connect haircuts to pie!


      There must be some recondite mathematical truth that applies to haircuts and involves pie.

    4. Daddydavek


      Pie or pi?

  3. I've posted another story to my collection Care Studies in Modern Life.


    Hopefully, if all goes well, the story will be available to read tomorrow.


    Happy waiting.

  4. Bit of a freak out this morning when I woke at 6:00 and realized Baby J hadn’t woken me up during the night! A rush to where he was sleeping and there he was, still sound asleep. Now wondering if him sleeping through the night was a one time thing or if I can look forward to more mornings of waking in a panic, lol

    1. Mann Ramblings

      Mann Ramblings

      It's fun to watch new moms. :D 

    2. Reader1810


      Your little man is growing up, Renee. :) 




    The Miss Universe pageant is fixed.


    All the winners are from Earth.








    Never do card tricks for the group you play poker with.


















    What did the hurricane say to the palm tree?



    Better hold onto your nuts because this is no ordinary blowjob.








    As I watched the dog chasing his tail I thought


    "Dogs are easily amused",


    then I realized I was watching the dog chasing his tail.



















    The policeman arrived at the scene of an accident to find that a

    car had struck a telephone pole. Searching for witnesses, he     

    discovered a pale, nervous young man in work clothes who        

    claimed he was an eyewitness.                                                           


    "Exactly where were you at the time of the accident?" inquired   

    the officer.                                                                                               


    "Sir," exclaimed the telephone lineman, "I was at the top of the   



















    What has a head, a tail, and no body?


    A coin!








    A memorandum is written not to inform


    the reader, but to protect the writer.








    Seen it all, done it all, can't remember most of it.









    20 October






    Nat. Youth Confidence Day

    Nat. Sweetest Day (3rd Sat in Oct)


    Nat. Brandied Fruit Day

    Internat. Independent Video

             / Store Day (3rd Sat in Oct)

    Birth of the Bab

    Bridge Day (3rd Sat in Oct)

    I Love Yarn Day (Sat of 2nd full

                                          / week in Oct)

    Internat. Sloth Day

    Miss American Rose Day

    Nat. Call-in Day for Health Reform

    Nat. Suspenders Day

    Internat. Day of the Air Traffic

              / Controller

    World Osteoporosis Day



    20 October


    2011 - Muammar Gaddafi is Captured

    The deposed leader of Libya, Muammar Gaddafi, is captured

    by the National Transitional Council Forces. He was killed by

    the troops soon after.


    1982 - Luzhniki Disaster

    A stampede during a UEFA Cup soccer (football) match

    between Dutch club Haarlem and the Moscovian football club,

    Spartak at the Lenin Stadium in Moscow left about 60 people



    1973 - Sydney Opera House Opens its Doors

    The iconic building, which was declared as a World Heritage

    Site by UNESCO, was designed by Danish architect Jørn

    Oberg Utzon. Construction on the performing arts center began

    in March 1959 and cost over $100 million.


    1968 - Jacqueline Kennedy marries Aristotle Onassis

    Former American first lady, Jacqueline Kennedy, married

    Greek shipping magnet, Aristotle Onassis


    1962 - War Breaks Out Between India and China

    The month-long border dispute began after the Chinese

    launched a two-pronged attack on the border between the two

    countries. During the duration of hostilities, China and India did

    not officially declare war on each other nor cut off any

    diplomatic ties. The conflict ended with China taking control of

    Aksai Chin and both countries accepting a de facto border

    along what is now known as Line of Control.





    1971 - Snoop Dogg

    American rapper, producer, actor


    1958 - Viggo Mortensen

    American actor


    1950 - Tom Petty

    American singer-songwriter, musician


    1931 - Mickey Mantle

    American baseball player


    1859 - John Dewey

    American philosopher, psychologist





    2011 - Muammar Gaddafi

    Libyan politician, Prime Minister of Libya


    1984 - Paul Dirac

    English physicist, Nobel Prize laureate


    1964 - Herbert Hoover

    American politician, 31st President of the United States


    1950 - Henry L. Stimson

    American statesman, lawyer, politician


    1890 - Richard Francis Burton

    English soldier, geographer, diplomat





    Did you know?

    Switzerland invasion of Liechstenstein - WTF Fun Fact





    Did you know?






    Did you know?

    People Raised in Warmer Climates are Friendlier - WTF Fun Fact







































































    .           :thankyou:          .


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    2. Ivor Slipper

      Ivor Slipper


      Nat. Suspenders Day


      I've been hanging on waiting for today to arrive. :)

    3. Puppilull


      I think Lucas would say the moose in Sweden are pretty invincible too. Though I doubt he holds a grudge, since that's how he met Joel. ;)


      As for the impact of cold climates on people... I'll let you the the judge of that. 

    4. droughtquake



      I think Lucas would say the moose in Sweden are pretty invincible too. Though I doubt he holds a grudge, since that's how he met Joel. ;)


      As for the impact of cold climates on people... I'll let you the the judge of that. 

      @Puppilull, I’ll be able to make a better decision after you’ve sent me my own Joel…  ;–)

  6. 2019 Anthology theme selection is now complete!  Hope you got your votes in. The 2019 GA Anthology themes are....



  7. Made some progress today pinning down the characters and order of events.  


    Having to take care to make sure I don't run into any events from.... other writings...


    Gonna feel like a tailor carefully sewing fabrics together.  One chapter down.... no clue when and/or how this ends. 

  8. Yesterday
  9. I wonder whatever happened to Ben and Travis...?

    1. Mikiesboy


      are You going to tell us, Sir?  i'd love to know.

    2. Valkyrie


      Does this mean a new Dissonance chapter soon?  *happy Snoopy dance*  

    3. MacGreg


      No guarantee when, but assured,  they are not forgotten. 

  10. I am binge watching Once Upon a Time, didn't watch it during its original run


    Is that normal?

    1. BHopper2


      I didn't watch Supernatural until I caught on a TNT rerun Season 6's The French Connection. I then binged watch seasons 1 - 8, so I could catch up. Now I watch it religiously.


      So, yes... it is normal.

    2. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler

      I watched Once Upon a Time for several seasons. Lost interest when they added a certain "icy" character. I just wish the story had gone in a few different directions than the ones it took. I might have to watch it again on Netflix.  :)

  11. @Milind


    Hi Milind. Okay, this time I really can say I have no idea what to say about you. There is 0 on your page. On the positive side, you did stop by in August, so maybe you will continue to pop in. Browse our story selections, something there is bound to catch your fancy. You have nothing to loose and every thing to gain.


    I want to wish you a Happy 20th Birthday, your first non teenager party. Welcome to your next decade. Be seeing you (I hope).


    Take care


  12. For the people that read this story in the past. It has been rewritten and updated.


  13. ...


    1. Mikiesboy


      was torn between wow as in ? and laughing  ... maybe i should go and cook something.

    2. Valkyrie
  14. Listening to a 90s mix. Suddenly, "Nothing compares 2 u" comes on and I'm transported back in time. 16 yo me slowdancing with Arturo, a hot Mexican guy I met while travelling to St Petersburg. Much too old for me and he knew it. But days of exchanged glances couldn't be denied. That one night of dancing was all we had. I'll never forget. I wonder if he ever thinks of me. 

    1. Slytherin


      :hug: I’m sure he does :)

    2. Thirdly


      Meanwhile in Florida:


      Around that same time, I went out with a tall Hawaiian. At an amusement park at night, we held hands while riding a rollercoaster just as it started to rain and the ride was closed immediately afterwards. I remember he was obsessed with tiny pizzas, but to be quite honest, I can’t remember his name. :lol:

    3. Thirdly


      Wait, it just came to me! I think it was “Johnny.”

  15. This maybe slightly off subject, but here is my first entry in my new blog, called Seven Days a Week. This blog is about my job, as a Community Nurse, with reflections on the different aspects and challenges of it. My first blog is about working in other people’s homes and how different this is from other areas of nursing.


    Happy reading



  16. My first story in Stories Written on Lined Paper is up and can be read at:




    That One Big Role is about an actor on his journey to the theatre for his performance that evening, but all is not well...


    Happy reading.

  17. Woke up at 8:30 a.m. due to a small earthquake, oh what fun!  :rolleyes:

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    2. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler

      I could make a smart-alecky comment, but I'm not in the mood for a glitter nuke right now.  :gikkle:

    3. Slytherin
    4. Drew Espinosa

      Drew Espinosa

      <nukes @Page Scrawler anyways> :P 

  18. I am taking a weekend trip away with friends. Maybe a museum or a winery tour? 

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    2. CassieQ


      I second Valkyries wine suggestion.

    3. Headstall


      Yup. Wine gets my vote. :)  Have a great weekend, Parker. :hug: 

    4. Defiance19


      Uh.. we know where I stand!!! But if the museum offers a wine tour..🤷‍♀️ Even better



    However lonely you feel, you're never alone.


    There are literally millions of bugs, mites and bacteria


    living in your house.








    My birth certificate was a letter of apology


    that my dad got from the condom company…






    Dear Week, I'm so over you.                                


    I'm leaving you for your best friend, Weekend.


    Don't try to find us for at least 2 days.               














    Every 60 seconds in Africa, a minute passes.






    Why does someone believe you when you say there are four billion stars,


    but check when you say the paint is wet?





    20+ Hilariously Amusing Unexpected Fails

    Everyone makes mistakes. Some make mistakes privately on a small scale, others mess up big time. And these mistakes are often amusing because everyone but the management can see them.


    Ever seen an inappropriate road sign? Almost everyone sees it, laughs at it, and shares it on social media. However it still never reaches the management and thus it continues to stay. Similarly we see hilarious signs in supermarket that are known to all the shoppers but none of the workers see them. or maybe they simply choose to ignore them. Whatever the case, they’re seriously hilarious.

    In this post we have listed up photos of more than 20 amusing and unexpected fails that exist all around us.



    #6 - This is why punctuation is important










    When Ruthie's grandson Jordan was 5, he always told everyone

     he wanted to be a doctor when he grew up. One day he was        

    running through the house and into the corner of a chair and     

     hurt his eye. He cried for a while and kept saying, "Oh no, oh no,

    now I can't be a doctor when I grow up."                                           


    Ruth assured him he could still be a doctor and Jordan kept       

    telling her he couldn't. Finally she asked, "Why can't you be a     



    Holding one hand over his eye, Jordan said, "Because now I will

    have to be a pirate!"                                                                              














    Why does night fall but never break and day break but never fall?






    Constipated people don't give a crap.








    19 October






    Nat. Seafood Bisque Day

    Nat. Mammography Day (3rd

                                                 / Fri in Oct)

    Nat. Kentucky Day


    Nat. LGBT Center Awareness Day

    Dress Like a Dork Day

    Evaluate Your Life Day

    World Pediatric Bone and Joint Day

    New Friends Day (obs annually on

    / Jul 19th, Oct 19th and Jan 19th)

    Rainforest Day

    World Student Day (3rd Fri in Oct)



    19 October


    2005 - Trial of Saddam Hussein Begins

    The Iraqi Special Tribunal started the trial of deposed President

    of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, and 7 other defendants for crimes

    against humanity. Hussein, who was the fifth President of Iraq

    was found guilty and was executed by hanging a year later on

    December 30, 2006.


    1954 - Cho Oyu Scaled for the First Time in Recorded


    The 6th highest mountain peak in the world, Cho Oyu is part of

    the Himalayan mountain range and lies on the Nepal-China

    border. It was scaled by Nepalese Pasang Dawa Lama and

    Austrians Joseph Jöchler and Herbert Tichy.


    1950 - Battle of Chamdo (Qamdo) Ends

    Also known as the Liberation of Tibet in China, the war

    between China and Tibet began on October 6, when Chinese

    military forces under the leadership of Deng Xiaoping entered

    the country from Sichuan. At the end of the battle, the Chinese

    had taken over the border city of Chamdo. The battle was the

    starting point for negotiations between the two countries over

    the status of Tibet.


    1943 - Streptomycin is Discovered

    The miracle antibiotic that became the first line of offense

    against tuberculosis in the mid 20th century was isolated for

    the first time by graduate student Albert Schatz while working

    under Selman Abraham Waksman at Rutgers University.

    Schatz later sued Waksman to gain a portion of the profits and

    notoriety which came from the discovery. Waksman eventually

    received the Nobel Prize for the achievement. However, there

    was controversy as the award went to Waksman only.


    1914 - First Battle of Ypres

    Part of the Battle of Flanders during the First World War, the

    First Battle of Ypres was fought in the Belgian city of Ypres. It

    was fought between German forces on one side and the

    Belgian, French and British troops on the other. Fighting

    continued until November 22, when harsh weather forced the

    two sides to take a break from the hostilities.





    1962 - Evander Holyfield

    American boxer


    1958 - Michael Steele

    American politician, 7th Lieutenant Governor of Maryland


    1946 - Philip Pullman

    English author


    1945 - John Lithgow

    American actor


    1944 - Peter Tosh

    Jamaican singer-songwriter, guitarist





    1893 - Lucy Stone

    American activist


    1813 - Józef Poniatowski

    Polish general


    1745 - Jonathan Swift

    Irish author


    1682 - Thomas Browne

    English author


    1216 - John, King of England





    Did you know?

    Breakup - WTF Fun Fact





    Did you know?

    The only underwater submarine vs submarine battle - WTF Fun Fact





    Did you know?

    The longest prison sentence - WTF Fun Fact






























































































    .         :thankyou:          .



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    2. Puppilull


      That was a hefty sentence! Why not go for life in prison instead?

    3. sandrewn




      That was a hefty sentence! Why not go for life in prison instead?




      The longest prison sentence - WTF Fun Fact



      I think the key word there was 'Members of the Thai royal family'. There is a sort of happy ending to all of this?!?!



      World's longest sentence for corporate fraud according to Guinness World Records 2006. She defrauded more than 16,000 Thais in a pyramid scheme worth $204 million at the time.[2] However, the Thai law of the time specified that those convicted of fraud could not serve more than twenty years in prison, and she was released after only eight.




      FYI, the actual sentence was 141,675 years, not the mere 141,078 mentioned above:gikkle:.


    4. sandrewn




      The only underwater submarine vs submarine battle - WTF Fun Fact


      The German submarine U-864 was a Type IXD2 U-boat of Nazi Germany's Kriegsmarine in World War II. She departed from Kiel on 5 December 1944 on her last mission, to transport to Japan a large quantity of mercury and parts and engineering drawings for German jet fighters. While returning to Bergen, Norway to repair a misfiring engine, the U-864 was detected and sunk on 9 February 1945 by the British submarine HMS Venturer, killing all 73 on board. It is the only documented instance in the history of naval warfare where one submarine intentionally sank another while both were submerged.




  20. Ever notice, when it rains it pours? My brother lost his mother-in-law today and is flying up to join his wife for her wake and funeral. I'm dealing with a cold, and my father just had shots in both knees for no cartridge. Trying to stay motivated with work and writing. Going to be a long weekend.

  21. @mberry


    Hi mberry.  Your page shows a blank, but that is not a true picture. You have given out 10 reaction points. So that means you have affected some people here at GA. Silently perhaps, but visibly none the less, thank you for that.

    I want to wish you a Happy 35th Birthday and hope your celebration was a happy one.


    Take care


  22. @chris191070


    Hello chris191070. I recall when you first joined, you said that you really wanted to be a part of GA. I think you have accomplished your goal. In the time you have been here, you have averaged over 2 posts and/or comments each day. Even more impressive are your reaction points given, over 14,000+ which averages out at 25 or more a day!! You are an important part of this sites' well being, thank you.


    I want to wish you a very Happy 48th Birthday and hope your party was a good one.


    Take care


    1. Thirdly


      @chris191070 Yeah, happy birthday!

    2. droughtquake


      One of my favorite people here on GA! Happy birthday! (But I feel sooooo old!)  ;–)

    3. chris191070


      Thank you 😊 

  23. Onerous adj. Involving heavy obligations. Involving a burdensome amount of effort and difficulty. “The court’s stipulations were onerous.

  24. We laid mama to rest today. I just want to thank everyone here who has helped me during this difficult time. You guys are like family to me and I love you for all the support you've shown me this week.

    1. droughtquake


      I guess it was because we had to gather family from across the country, but it was a much longer delay before my parents had their memorial services. Plus different cultures have different traditions. I'm sending you a virtual casserole now…

    2. Valkyrie
    3. Slytherin
  25. A postcard from San Francisco: 


    The shop was really busy today. I asked the boss if he knew way, and he said very prosaically: "Must be another tattoo convention in town." 






    1. Dodger


      There's a big tattoo convention every year in Toronto. This has given me an idea!

    2. AC Benus

      AC Benus

      Great! I love inspiring ideas :)

  26. Last week
  27. TGIF. Time to rattle some bones. 


    1. Mikiesboy


      this was  terrific... heehee thanks Sir

    2. Reader1810


      That was awesome! Thanks for sharing with the rest of the class, Mac. :D

  28. My cat ate some unattended nachos and now has so much gas he's a fire hazard.


    Friends don't let their furr-friends eat nachos. 




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