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  2. Renee Stevens

    2019 Anthology Theme Selection

  3. Mikiesboy

    Writing Prompts #692 & #693

  4. BHopper2


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  6. cognac69


  7. Timothy M.

    Featured Story: Kissing The Dragon

  8. Puppilull


  9. rckclimber27

    Moving On

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  11. Saint Peter

    Real BF , Where Are You?

  12. Valkyrie

    Life Happenings

  13. TheLotus

    What Does A Penis With Ears Look Like

  14. BHopper2

    Hammerhead 19

  15. Mikiesboy

    Weekly Wrap Up (July 29 - Aug 4)

  16. mollyhousemouse

    Poetry Might Not Be my Thing

  17. Cia

    When to Critique

  18. Parker Owens

    Ask an Author 2.0 #10

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