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  1. Today
  2. Like My New Pants and Shoes?

    Hey, only I can pull that off . BTW, :scratch and sniff: it's JACK!
  3. Yesterday
  4. Eir Ahlgren-WIP

    From the album Art in progress

    Another character profile for the new story I'm working on. It's very early in the process, but I thought I'd chuck it up on here, all the same. Behold, Eir Ahlgren! The bad-ass Viking lady.
  5. Rakesh

    I definitely have the most trouble with lighting. I'm forcing myself to do more pieces like this so I get out of my comfort zone and work on it. I have a habit of working in soft pastels and it makes everything look flat, so I'm trying to get away from that. Thanks for your comments!
  6. Last week
  7. Dorian tank progress

    i like this
  8. Biscuit

    Such a cute dog.
  9. IMG_20170912_214210.jpg

    I don't drive a big ass jeep but a cute and tiny Clio
  10. Yep, I'm...

    Awww, we made him blush!
  11. Earlier
  12. Barge 1.jpg

    I would live there forever, even though I didn't get to see the land much...
  13. Ocean

    So beautiful. Loved it...
  14. With Glasses

    Intelligent, kind, and handsome. Wow! You got it going on Drewbear.
  15. Calke Abbey, Derbyshire 3

    Same here. This was on a bright August day. I had to guide myself by keeping one hand on the side of the wall.
  16. Calke Abbey, Derbyshire 1

    @AC Benus @Headstall Sorry both - I only remembered this morning I hadn't replied to this. This is not the only property like this the NT owns. I didn't go into the main house, but essentially, the family fell on hard times and gradually retrenched back to part of the house. The rest of the estate was left to fester. The NT has done some restoration, but the decision was taken to keep it as a time capsule. The NT is a charity, not part of government. It has no power to force landowners to do anything - it only takes on things that it is offered, and then, only some of them. Its attitude to buying unoccupied land under threat is rather different eg the buying it does to protect the English coastline from development. Historic England is the government quango with responsibility for the historic built environment. It's a huge task, undertaken with limited resources. Inevitably, things get missed, or they're not known about.
  17. Cole and Ran at Canterbury Park

    You guys look so great together! Glad you had a fun day!
  18. IMG_2168.JPG

    5 Celsius at 10 in the Morning has winter arrived
  19. Gotcha! Lol

    From the album Some pics

  20. Flores

    To me, the edging looks art deco. Beautiful and fascinating, as ever, Drew.
  21. Setting Sun at Crane Beach, MA

    Diffuse: Very apropos word, Moggy. Unfortunately, seeing the moon from Crane Beach isn't possible, because the gates at the entrance close at sunset. Hence, why the photo is of the sun setting. We didn't want to get stuck behind locked gates - the car, that is. I'm sure we could have walked out if we had to, but that would have made for a very long journey home.
  22. Calke Abbey, Derbyshire 2

    From the album More interesting places

    Another part of the same shed.
  23. Hunting Season

    Can't wait Papi Carlos. You and your stories keep my interest.
  24. 21078394_620055793302_427417925505854737_n.jpg

    Yeah it generally is. It is my favorite way to go home from my parents house.
  25. From the album Random

    One of my favorite views in Frederick... The water towers in the distance are at Fort Detrick.
  26. fulfillment

    That's really beautiful!
  27. received_1618110341534652.png

    I agree. Hello handsome!
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