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  1. Past hour
  2. Brokeback Mountain? Mebbe . . .

    Well, less uniforms and certainly not free
  3. Yesterday
  4. Big Cypress National Preserve - Water Lilies

    Thanks, Gary!
  5. Everglades National Park - Clouds

    You can't fool me. You're Ansel Adams and a vampire! We should meet up one night and trade doners! Anyways, absolutely beautiful art! I love black and white photography wether it be nature or models. I can really enjoy the lightplay with BW.
  6. Last week
  7. Camp Stevens - Julian, CA

    very perdy
  8. Benny's Jacket

    Reminds me of the one I still have. I'm still proud of it.
  9. Andyvion

    I ❤️ IT!!!
  10. healing well

    I remember now. When you showed us a picture of this tattoo, I thought it looked like the heart was smiling, joyfully. Of course it is, it’s your heart surrounded by the keys to your heart. Who wouldn’t smile at that, right?
  11. Stourhead folly Oct '17

    I clicked on it, and it's beautiful! The pictures look great.
  12. Stourhead folly Mar '12

    Thanks, tim. It was just one of those times everything worked. You can see how still it was by the reflections. If you'd like to use it as the basis for a prompt, feel free.
  13. Earlier
  14. new_one.jpg

    *passes out from cuteness overdose*
  15. Laughing

    I was laughing. It really doesn't take much effort to make me laugh.
  16. Icky giant spider!

    You get no junk mail with these...no postman either!
  17. Birthday surprise!

    I like them too but they probably wouldn't fit me.
  18. Swedish armed forces celebrating Pride Week

    Brilliant, well done Sweden!
  19. IMG_0021.JPG

    From the album Me

  20. IMG_0020.JPG

    From the album Me

  21. Pic 1 11/14/17

    From the album Me

  22. halloween.jpg

    It looks like Overwatch. I think?
  23. Who? Me?

    Hilarious he looks so innocent
  24. A better photo

    So Beautiful Love it
  25. Curling, back on home ice

    Short for Thomson. I call silly nick names for everyone of my friends here on GA...
  26. Roman baths - votive hot springs

    You know me ... Never miss an opportunity to inflict my photos on my friends.
  27. Some Autumn Color, 2017

    Splendid Ben. I loved it. And it's highlights my favourite colour, Blue. Really beautiful...
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