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  1. Yesterday
  2. I think it would great addition to food bytes ... I'm imagining one with salad.
  3. What wonderful colors ...
  4. I DO NOT care for rhubarb ... it's toxic, however, this does look tasty.
  5. Mine looked like that this morning.
  6. Is this story still on GA?
  7. Aww So cute !
  8. OMG fluffy puppy!
  9. Last week
  10. Every Sunday's lunch in Hungary, served with potatoes or rice, no healthy vegetables. We take Schnitzel in sandwiches when we are traveling, in the cinema, at the opera :-)
  11. From the album jamessavik's stufs

    Self licking ice cream cone- exists to serve no other purpose but its own.
  12. See! I was right in my first comment
  14. You pervin' on the shearer? LOL He was cute, in an alternative, bearded sort of way.
  15. Can't escape the hungry birds. Pip, pip
  16. Thanks kindly. That's my usual scruff level. I never fully shave in case I end up looking like one of my students. But this works out well. Oh yeah? Meow!
  17. From the album A Haphazardly Random Place

    I dunno, this one resembles a flower too me, especially the center. 'Course, that could just be me, lol.
  18. It's about a metre - but it doesn't grow up. Rather, sideways which annoys the groundsman, I think. I would tie them up but they're not very trainable, the woody stems are pretty inflexible.
  19. I love links - I've still got this one and now a dark red one as well. Your photos in the resurrected topic, are gorgeous.
  20. gosh that is wonderful!!
  21. There are very few things that are easier to cook that taste so good!
  22. They are. Futuristic cities and urban wastelands are some of my favs. I found that one on ArtStation, a site for Professional Artist. Most specialize in Digital Drawing.
  23. I just noticed that, myself. There is a slight resemblance.
  24. From the album Aeris - Guardian Force - Story Inspiration Pics

    Ben #10 by Matt Mien Photo @ DeviantArt This is who I see Will being close to in likeness.

    © Matt Mien Photo

  25. WTF! You're what? How scandalous! Awww.... Cele. You're not unattractive and weird.... But then we're all weird in our own way.
  26. Mid yawn?
  27. That's so cool that you guys got to meet him!!
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