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  2. Halcyon Days

    Still, it's lovely.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Traditional Swedish semla!

    Thank you, Puppi! These are sinfully wonderful. And thank you @AC Benus for the recipe! If I get courageous enough to try making them myself, I shall know where to go.
  5. Last week
  6. Rainy Day

    Thank you, tim..
  7. Happy Valentine's Day!

  8. My Newest Tattoo

    That's an awesome tattoo Caz. Nice tattoo for a Valentine's Day special. I liked it so much...
  9. Earlier
  10. Mavis St. Patty's day

    i think she got a hold of one of my green pens, Sir. At first i thought food coloring, but found no evidence of that, but one of my good green pens seem to have gone missing.
  11. Stokesay Castle, Shropshire 3

    I too liked the building from this side. And the new pictures, and for the new knowledge related to it, are really great...
  12. Stokesay Castle, Shropshire

    that looks like a welcoming gate house
  13. Stokesay Castle, Shropshire 2

    From the album More interesting places

    That is some door. Where I took the first photo from. It leads into the C14 main building.
  14. 20180207_132616.jpg

    great picture, full of character... but it looks kinda cold there!
  15. 20180207_132302.jpg

    There’s no negotiation on the drink consumption, sir.
  16. 20180207_130621.jpg

    Decorative structure in the water feature in front of the visitors' center at Florida Southern College. I want one like it but I don't have a water feature at my place
  17. PENCILS.jpg

    Love this collection!
  18. 20180207_133222.jpg

    From the album This n That

    Annie Pfeiffer Chapel skylight. Florida Southern College, Lakeland, Florida

    © CA Hazday

  19. DSCF2041.JPG

    Lovely view...
  20. It's my Birthday.jpg

    Happy Birthday Dodger Hope you had a great day!!!! One question, did your puppy start drinking before or after 12 noon? PS, if it is Stardust's bday, let me know and I will edit this
  21. Birthday Boy.jpg

    Beer pong! Yeah! It's alright for him, he hasn't got so far to fall!
  22. IMG-20170830-WA0007.jpg

    I'm with moggy they look very good
  23. Order-of-Planets

    Picture not drawn to scale....
  24. pax sketch.jpg

    If I could draw them all properly, they'd all be yummy.
  25. New Pics 2018 002.JPG

    caught the rush hour again.
  26. Nullabour736.JPG

    Prime spot for advertising!
  27. 1 001.JPG

    From the album Story Pics

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