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  1. Today
  2. Sweet face.
  3. LOL... thanks, Tim. I should mention these pictures of me are actually photographs you can hold, that I leaned against my bookcase, and snapped pictures of with my cell phone... hence the poor quality
  4. Yesterday
  5. Awww, he's a cutie! Btw, is that your collarbone? Sexy!
  6. I love the hard rounded granite outcroppings.
  7. Last week
  8. At least you're not posed like you're leaning against it. After "Holding the Giza Pyramids" and "Touching the point of the Eiffel Tower", that's the most annoying tourist photo EVER.
  9. Dang, now I really wanna get a passport and visit St. Johns someday! Maybe we could meet up for lunch?
  10. Yikes!
  11. Cute, Shane! (both of you)
  12. Those eyes!
  13. We're all allowed to have our "derpy" moments!
  14. Two handsome boys!
  15. Two cuties!
  16. I love fishing, but strictly catch-and-release. I don't care how much capers and lemon juice you put on it, I will never put one of those nasty things near my mouth.
  17. Such a handsome man!
  18. Is this another picture of Cage? He's already breaking hearts, I'm sure!
  19. It was so much more green than you can make out in the picture. It's a great spot
  20. From the album Scenes From My Life

    The house smells awesome! The skin is blackened all over. The peppers will go into a bowl with a tight lid for about 10 minutes. I'll scrape and rub off the skin as carefully as possible. Then I'll cut the stem off scrape the seeds out and slice it.
  21. From the album Scenes From My Life

    One of my favorite flavors. Fresh poblano peppers. These have been washed and dried and are on the open flame to roast them The skins will get all blackened and the pepper will get soft.
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