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  2. clochette


    The baleares with Majorca and Minorca..., the Canaries with Tenerife, Grande canarie, la Palma... There are a lot of them
  3. Last week
  4. Palantir

    Superb Blue Wren

    Hi @aditus, Your description is so apt - his alternate and widely used name is the 'fairy-wren'
  5. aditus

    Red Tailed Black Cockatoos

    I saw those when I visited the Loro Parque on Tenerife. Beautiful!
  6. Palantir

    Scarlet chested Parrot

    From the album: Aussie Birds (2)

    One of our spectacular parrots.
  7. Palantir

    Blue Faced Honeyeater

    From the album: Aussie Birds (2)

    One of our larger honeyeaters What a distinctive face!
  8. Billy Martin


    From the album: profile images

  9. BHopper2

    Indian Heaven WIlderness.jpg

  10. Valkyrie


  11. Bowen_98


    Took as the sunset a few days ago
  12. Earlier
  13. LJCC


    OMG. This is precious.
  14. LJCC


    I feel like I'm more of a traditionalist or one from the silent generation, born 1945 and before.
  15. Defiance19


    These poor unsuspecting folk became the subject for Rainy Day Hues... 🙃
  16. cognac69

    Lemei Rock.jpg

    If only I could go back packing there, I can dream can't I?
  17. cognac69

    Wapiki Lake.jpg

    That's a view I'd love to wake up to every morning.
  18. cognac69

    Grand Meadow.jpg

    Nice picture of beautiful countryside, it makes me wish I visit.
  19. cognac69

    10-232101 copy.jpg

    Thank you, they are from my visit to Canada in 2016. I found British Columbia a beautiful part of Canada. I would definitely recommend that you visit.
  20. Zenobia

    11-005448 copy.jpg

    Thank you - I didn't ask but wondered if I should. I somehow guessed it isn't in Europe. It looks overwhelming, so - well, perfect?
  21. cognac69

    11-003604 copy.jpg

    near Vancouver BC Canada
  22. cognac69

    10-160652 copy 2.JPG

    Lynn Canyon near Vancouver BC Canada. I thought this looked good in sepia.
  23. cognac69

    10-160652 copy.JPG

    Lynn Canyon near Vancouver BC Canada
  24. cognac69

    10-233056 copy 3.jpg

    Lynn Canyon near Vancouver BC Canada
  25. cognac69

    11-005444 copy.jpg

    Lynn Canyon near Vancouver BC Canada
  26. Pmsingtiger


    From the album: My Work

  27. TetRefine


    It was one hell of an amazing night.
  28. sandrewn

    Waimea Canyon

    Seeing this, it's hard to believe you're on an island. Like the land that time forgot, I so agree, WOW.
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