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  2. BHopper2

    Chapter 1

    Next on the list. 🙂
  3. spikey582

    Those Moments

    My mom and I went through this together with my dad. I put my life on hold entirely to take care of him during the day and then she’d take care of him in the evenings. The worst part was my dad was just in his early 50s when it all happened to him. Though two of my siblings (one in particular) were willing to pitch in from time to time. But there were those who had nothing to do with any of it. The whole experience changed me, and not all for the better. There was relief when it finally ended for him. However in my case the whole thing just felt so fucking tragic that it happened so early in his life, or that my parents never got to enjoy the whole retirement era together. Anyway, I’ve been where this guy is. Good story.
  4. Jdonley75

    Chapter 6

    lol. But you'll miss the best parts..!
  5. xTony

    You Must Remember This

    Just posted the next one! So one left and then I’ll start posting the sequel. :)
  6. Today
  7. Ezz0564

    The Pool Boy and the Cowboy

    Geoff: I have to agree with you on Jaime. It seems like everytime something bad happens in my life and has me depressed and down. I feel as if my brother is there telling everything is gonna work out. He passed in 73, he was 7 & I was 9. A few times even after he passed he'd come to me a couple times a week at night and tell me he was fine, no longer sick & suffering. It helped me get on with the loss. Still to this day I feel him with me.
  8. I glad Jamie and Lucas are on the road to recovery. Okay, Ben seems nice and all but I’m TEAM SAM. Guess time will tell who he ends up with.
  9. travlbug

    Chapter 49

    Awww. After Kohen's little faux pas on the bridge, I felt sure that someone was in for a spanking. Glad that Everett and Kohen found another way to relieve the tension.
  10. FanLit

    The day after the long night...

    I understand Kate’s overprotectiveness much better now. I also even understand Jamie’s Peter Pan ways a bit. For him to loved and lost so young was devastating. This was a totally unexpected development. I hope something good comes of this, EMT Ben aside, it had to mean something that Jamie saw Sam when he was drifting, right? Addendum: sorry, I know Jamie saw Sean, not Sam. I kinda wish he saw Sam, lol.
  11. Geron Kees

    Chapter 9

    Just amazing what readers pick up on and consider. It's almost as much fun hearing from everyone as it was writing the story!
  12. Blue Dhalia

    Chapter 9

    I honestly really like Simon.. he's smart honest and very straightforward. He's the type that I know would be supportive of Billy and Brandon's relationship and not discuss it with anyone else... in fact, he could probably help Billy get over all his hurdles.. including Bobby.
  13. Mann Ramblings

    Chapter 6

    Atmosphere... metaphor... a little reality inside an unbelievable conversation happening right in front of you...
  14. Butcher56

    Henry Becomes Part of Two Families

    I’m glad that Henry was accepted as part of the family, I remember that during those years that if you were black you wouldn’t be accepted by most people. Even though the lives of the black people aren’t accepted even though they have been living in polite society for many years there are still those bigoted people who aren’t accepting of them even though they’ve never done anything to them or their families, these people are just cruel. I’m glad that Henry stood up to the bigoted couple when he took Rebecca to her doctors appointment and after they were told about the restrictions she was going to have to live with if she wanted to deliver the two babies she was carrying. I’m glad that Rebecca thinks enough of Henry to call him her brother, as he was like a brother to her while he and Aiden had been spending the week in Washington DC. I’m glad that she now has two more children which is because they were able to get her some help from her family thankfully she had a sister who was 16 years old and according to her Amish background Miriam was considered an adult and she would be able to keep tabs on the boys and do the housework and prepare meals for the family, thus relieving the burden on Rebecca so she could rest as much as possible and by doing so she would be following the doctors orders. I hope that Henry is able to find someone who will make his life full and satisfied in all areas the way that Seth would have. I hope that by doing that he wouldn’t be tarnishing the memory of Seth but I think he really needs someone who is going to fill his life with joy. Great story can’t wait to read more about these fine people.
  15. Blue Dhalia

    Chapter 8

    they're so cute! Brandon is just so darn adorable. 💙
  16. Ezz0564

    Coming Home, Finding Home

    WoW, guess I should have read this chapter before I commented in the last chapter. All my questions we're answered in this one.
  17. VampireMystic

    Chapter 1

    Given the blurry lines surrounding the genre fantasy, gone from daylight would qualify as urban fantasy. Therefore you are awesome at fantasy. Mwahahahaha!
  18. Comicality

    Chapter 7

    :: Thanos Snap ::
  19. Comicality

    Chapter 6

    Hahaha! No. No snark or offense taken. I just haven't gone back through the chapter to put things in 'context'. I'd have to go back through the chapter to figure out what I was thinking at the time. But that will take some time. No worries!
  20. Comicality

    Chapter 1

    You can also send me email with stuff at Comicality@webtv.net with suggestions. K? I may not be ignoring you, just keeping busy.
  21. Comicality

    Chapter 1

    Thanks so much for the love and support, Wattelec! ((Hugz))
  22. Ezz0564

    A Florida Christmas and Beyond

    Alright I'd like to have heard more on Hunter & Jaime. Did they remain together? Did Hunter go back to UT and finish school, did he go back to competition? I can't believe it happened again with Andy & Vic. At least I know Vic doesn't have to worry about it after meeting Hayden.
  23. Thorn Wilde

    The New Beginning

    Glad you think so! ❤️ I'm also very happy it's finished... Thank you for taking the time to read and comment!
  24. Dabeagle

    Chapter 13

    Thank you for such a passionate review. I don't want to reply to much of this because some of it may come up later. The one thing I will say is...the next chapter is hard. It brings me no joy to say so.
  25. Yesterday
  26. Butcher56

    Sad Return to Home

    I’m glad that momma did what she did when the pastor suggested that Henry sit in the back of the church, Momma told the pastor that she was sure that her son would want to be near his best friend and as Henry was going to be at the back of the church she would also sit with him and Seth’s ashes would be on a small table beside the pew they were sitting in, then Seth’s sister Rachel said she and her family would also be sitting in the back with Henry,her mother and her brothers ashes. The pastor then said that they could sit anywhere they liked and Henry would be able to sit with them. There were a few whispers about a Black man was sitting in the front row with Seth’s family. After the service while in the receiving line a man approached Henry and started to identify himself and give his condolences and Henry called him by name and he was surprised that they knew each other, Henry then explained that although they had never met Seth had spoke of him a great deal. Henry told Wade that he had a message and a gift from Seth for him and that they would speak privately a bit later. When they got the opportunity to speak to each other Henry told Wade that Seth told him about how they would get together as boys and do things they shouldn’t be doing with each other, Henry also told Wade that he had two pictures done by Seth one showing the top half of him and the other one a full picture in all his glory. Henry said that he was the only person who had his pictures done from memory instead of being a live model, Wade suggested that Henry come to his home for dinner and he could meet his other half, Henry told him that he was traveling with a close friend and that he had to check with Seth’s mom to see if she had any plans for them. Wade said that Henry should bring Aiden with him to dinner, Henry went back to Seth’s parents house and asked his mom if she had any plans for them that evening and she said she was exhausted and that she would be going to bed right after the news. After they had dinner of pizza and beer they said goodbye, with Wade telling Aiden he should bring his car to the shop and he would get an oil change before they headed back to Chicago, when Aiden took the car to Wade’s place of business he got a tuneup, oil change and new tires all for free as he was a close friend of Seth. When they were ready to go to their parents homes they got a very emotional farewell to Seth’s mom and sister, while they were staying overnight at Aiden’s parents Henry noticed a book on the table titled All Creatures Great And Small, he asked her about it she said that she was in a book club and he then said he would answer anything she wanted to know about the book.
  27. Mikiesboy

    Chapter 24: “Fish, Flame or Worm”

    What a glorious chapter. Kohl in the water was scary.. especially since Gordon could not be seen. The dream with the horrible god was scary too. Their walk was lovely, and so was what they did for the poor dead sailors.. what a shame. The poem was wonderful. I think Kohl means what he says, i hope he can follow through with it. And Lloyd dead too ... heart breaking all of it. great chapter AC xoxo touching in many ways and a step away from the usual manic madness
  28. Sussins

    Chapter 20

    Second time reading is there going to be a sequel looks like almost all ur stories are incomplete because what’s happening to his body in the future we need to know that any hoo great story loved it
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