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  2. Job


    I know my comments are short so far, but I love the chapter.
  3. Headstall

    Chapter 26 Smatterings

    Thanks, sis.
  4. Headstall

    Chapter 46 Team Play

    With the way Michael is, it's quite possible, but Kendall will do his best to be careful. But, no, sex is beautiful, especially when love is involved, and it won't destroy the kid if he gets an eyeful. Thanks for the comment, Will... cheers... Gary....
  5. BHopper2

    Chapter 2

    Awesome action, and a very dramatic fight scene. Loved it.
  6. Today
  7. Thanks, Will. I'm pleased you liked the introduction of Nate. This was a part of the storyline I was uncertain of. I'm glad I kept to the original plan. I hope you like what's coming. Yes, there are still such stupid people in this world. Mark is one who couldn't handle the shock of seeing his son kiss a boy. Bloody sad. But Nate has his uncles, and they are a formidable pair. Thanks for sticking with the story, buddy... I love getting comments on this one, and hearing what you think... cheers... Gary....
  8. quokka

    FAR Chapter 5

    Hi Reader Paul, I am still writing this story, and I'm on the 14th Chapter at the moment, and I f eel I am close to the end of the story. my editor has just received the first lot of chapters for the next story, which is a very new story. Regards Preston aka Quokka
  9. Ezz0564

    When It Rains It Pours

    This story gets better & better as well as funnier. The best parts are the kids, especially Kasey.
  10. BHopper2

    Chapter 1

    Great first chapter. Damien and Marc both seem really cool. The way aggressive Veronica was off-putting. On-ward!
  11. Wesley8890

    Chapter 24

    Awesome chapter!i really like Tom
  12. Headstall

    Chapter 16 House of Cards

    On the one hand, I get why it is difficult for family members when we come out--my mom was awesome--and on the other hand, I don't get it. No one in their right mind would choose to go through this for no reason... it isn't a choice, so why should we face so much uncertainty from those who love us. Why does logic not play a role for some. I'm glad you had a reasonable experience coming out, Will. The other side of the river was our destiny before we even entered this world. If stuff disappears, try 'Control Z'... it sometimes brings your post back. Thanks for the comment, buddy... cheers... Gary....
  13. Rndmrunner

    Chapter 13 Good and bad family moments

    Excellent chapter, but in the end, the footnote stole the show: the Golden Globes' acceptance speech by Emma Thompson
  14. droughtquake

    Chapter 11 Visits and meetings

    Were some of Peter’s ancestors among the Viking raiders in the 9th Century? Or were they part of the army that invaded England in 865? There is a history there! ;–)
  15. droughtquake

    Chapter 21: Hollister; Aptos; San Jose

    I can never forget Dan Savage’s advice to a woman concerned about her boyfriend’s request for ‘backdoor’ sex. He told her to tell him, ‘You first!’ But many straight guys do enjoy being pegged (it’s not just for Gay people anymore!). ;–)
  16. Sam Wyer

    Meet & Greet

    I’m really enjoying this, and had totally not seen this last minute development coming at all. This is a terrible time to abandon us to this despair and worry! But enjoy your time away, assuming that’s an appropriate thing to do.
  17. JayT

    Chapter 28

    I'm not sure if you ever said, but what area of Texas did he live in? The way you're describing it, sounds like down in The Valley or our in West Texas. Because, I'm going to have to disagree with the various shades of brown comment. From Dallas/Fort Worth area, down through East Texas, all the way down to the coast at the Texas/Louisiana border is nothing but wooded area. The seasonal changes in North Texas (Dallas/Fort Worth up to the Red River) experience similar temperatures and conditions as Montana. The average low temperature in the winter is 10-20 degree F and the average high in summer is mid 90's-100 degrees F-That's a pretty extreme difference throughout the year. Also the Hill Country area of Texas is lucious green.
  18. Mikiesboy

    Vedic knowledge

    We do not pay attention to it, but life ends and renews itself over and over again. We see it in the seasons, we see it when we cut ourselves, regrown, reborn, renewed. Love is the same. Sometimes it dies like a rose does, but often in long relationships where both parties are invested, it can be reborn after an argument with a soft kiss and touch of the hand. There is darkness in us just as there is light, and that energy explodes in us just like it does on the sun's surface. That is 91 to me, the renewing, explosive yet harnessed energy within each of us. Darkness cannot consume the light. Maybe not but it can cover and mask it until you feel you will never see the light again, such is mental illness and overwhelming sadness. 92 speaks to that part of me. Yet it is often the light of love that pulls me back from the darker places within my own mind. Both of these sonnets touched me, i felt them more that heard them. They each simmered, pulsing with great energy straining to be freed. xo thanks AC.
  19. D.K. Daniels

    Chapter 13

    That’s the way to go Rick, all you have to do is get in the right frame of mind and then anything is possible. His Rex may have his faults like all other people, eg alcoholism, although when he’s interacting with Rick, he seems like a kind-old soul. How he noticed both the cigarettes and pot smell, not forgetting the underwear. He trying to be as free-flow as possible, although then again if they are his habits then he wouldn’t see anything wrong it. I suppose taking a civil approach to the entire situation, things could get messy and that breads ground for teenagers who are a handful. It would have been nice if they persuaded him not to try smoking, but I suppose it better than a scolding.
  20. D.K. Daniels

    Chapter 12

    Occasionally life has a way of shitting and you, and that is what all these a**wipes are doing. You can sense the confusion and the shame of what happened in this chapter at the end when the protagonist is hiding the evidence, deeply inside the washing machine. It’s even sadder to see that the guy disregarded Rick especially after he let himself relax somewhat to be taken. This chapter has quite a few strong parts and quite honest and believable points, for instance, the truthfulness that Rick liked what he was feeling, or in stimulation theory when he was raped, I have often read and heard this also happens in cases of abuse also. So sad for Rick, he needs to check himself for tears and stay clear of that monster.
  21. Jason Rimbaud

    Stages of Heaven

    Thank you. I’m humbled.
  22. AusGlitterati


    Phew that's a relief! Complicated ass is what I was aiming for! And I'm really glad you find everyone interesting thus far! Thank you for the r, r and r!
  23. HardPointz

    Chapter 30

    Damn that tugged at the heart strings.
  24. Butcher56

    Chapter 6.1

    I must be slow or something because I don't understand what you are getting at when you say at the end of the chapter, " Prompt Used." Like for this chapter it was: Prompt Used - "How many times do I have to tell you no?" Could you please explain the meaning of it . Thank you for this, I think I might've seen this same statement before on another story.
  25. Butcher56

    Chapter 4.1

    I'm glad that Simon has the company of a shapshifting mountain lion named Kitryn as well as 3 Kits named Fran, Nelson & Peter. I hope that they'll decide to stay with each other for companionship and safety. I hope that Simon and Kitryn continue to hunt together because they make a great team. One reason I think is because Kitryn can go one way while Simon goes another and then Simon gets to drink the blood then he carries it back to the cave where it's skinned and then the meat is cut off the bone. When the Kits are hungry some of the meat could be cooked for Kitryn and the Kits.
  26. Butcher56

    Chapter 1.2

    I don't remember anything being said about the cat being a shifter. I like where the story's going so far and I can't wait to see what happens next for Simon. I hope that the cat and the cubs decide to stay with Simon in the cave.
  27. Butcher56

    Chapter 3

    It's true that the VUN is expanding and sometimes I think it's a little too fast. I agree that Stan should be running the IT department for Holm's Labs and the VUN but even if that were the case would he relinquish control over Buddy to just anyone especially when Buddy contains so much privileged information. I would hate to think if this situation arises with someone else at Buddy would the alert been sounded as soon as it was. George needs to tell another Dr he trusts and then teach that person about the way his notes are written. I hope that they can keep John contained awhile longer, I understand his anxiousness about wanting to go find George. I understand the reason behind the delays in the rescue mission, time is needed for planning and preparation for the personnel and the equipment. Can't wait to see what happens next. Great work on this story.
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