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  2. The cravings are real. Great BDSM haiku, jp.
  3. So, those tissues you said I owed you... well I used them myself. I love this story so much and rereading it brings out the emotions at least as much as the first time... and maybe more. Knowing whats to come in the next few chapters makes the emotions all rush to the service... Amazing!
  4. I just loved this one, Lux! Yay to Bobby for taking John's hand and coming out like he did. That would have had a hell of an impact on those kids. And yay to Connor. I hope Daniel can forgive him... that took a lot of courage. I love how much John cares, especially after his last entry, where we found out what a battle he had with the darker hunger of his power. He's a hero... he just doesn't know it... wonderful job, my friend... cheers... Gary....
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  6. Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it.
  7. tim, your talent amazes me daily. These two are beautiful, my boy. xo
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  9. I have this niggling feeling we're being set up for something. Is Gibson really all right? Kyp's dedication to his boyfriend was impressive, and sweet, but not very smart... he/they need to talk like they said they would. I get it, though. Love brings out that protective feeling in us, where we don't want to bother the other. Was the last scene with Denton illustrating that this is just a college relationship... will this have anything to do with our guys? I shouldn't have to wait long for answers, should I? This is Saturday, after all . Great chapter, Cia... I think I worry to much... cheers... Gary....
  10. I am loving every minute of this ! ! ! Wayne is really pulling at the heart strings because like the others I feel as if I have a connection with him. I personally don't think he would marry again as he will love his Rosalind until the day he dies. I love the fact that he has a daughter and grand-children as it gives him a desire to live and a reason to continue. As for the bald, hairless and naked vampires ... Nosferatu? German legend depicted in films as bald and it is generally accepted that they were different from the Dracula strain of vampire... Really looking forward to seeing where this goes....
  11. Thank you Okiegrad
  12. Thank you JP Hugz Thanks Freerider. Thank you Parker.
  13. Does that mean there's something in the works?
  14. Had to think about these for a bit...loved them both, of course. The first one I can sympathise with--the guy's thinking he'll be losing something if he settles down, and maybe he will, in a depends on if you're happy with a life of constant change and uncertainty, or want a little more stability. For the young, variety is the goal for most, but those of us who've lived longer have hopefully realized that variety isn't sacrificed as the price of companionship. A life is what we make it, it can be boring and staid if we lack the drive or imagination to bring something new into every day...I'll take the joy of sharing those moments with someone who I know will be there for me every time, rather than have the added task of finding that someone. Never give up on sharing your life with someone, friend or lover. Seek and ye shall find.
  15. Thank you all for your comments and encouragement. Sorry for the delay but part two is now ready for posting!
  16. I'm so glad the surprise worked--I can just picture Liam's face as the realization set in. I keep forgetting how old Lee is...isn't he like 12? He sounds younger at some points....
  17. I've really enjoyed this whole series and am looking forward to "Georgetown". This is some of the very best, well written gay fiction that I've come across in more years than I care to admit to. Thanks, Carlos!
  18. Thanks, buddy... that's encouraging to know ... you take care as well... cheers... Gary....
  19. Ahh! What a Great story and a sad but good finish... you got me crying 😭
  20. And the last paragraph says it all!!
  21. Thanks for reading! I was worried that the back pedaling by Cindy putting her foot down and messing everything up would be a bit much for people. It needed to happen though, the guys were getting way too comfortable for Cindy's liking. I'm glad you're hanging in there and still liking the story. Maybe she fears that Luke is turning into Jackson, someone she has no respect for and is just trying to shield him from that. Lol. Mind you, she's going about it all wrong, I think. But she is his mother, it may take a lot before Luke completely closes her out and I think maybe Cindy knows what buttons to push - or how far to push? Lol, come on! Some people like socks. Haha. At least his parents bailed him out on that. It is difficult to buy something nice for someone you really care about sometimes.. and he's new to the whole boyfriend thing. He probably knows more about what girls like than what Luke does. The poor dear probably doesn't see that she is grasping at Sand - she probably thinks that she is finally gaining ground. Maybe she is? She did get her way last chapter, didn't she? But she definitely has more people working against her than for her. Thanks for reading! Yeah, I think she was waiting for just the opportunity to pull him back out of school. She didn't want him to go there in the first place and be around kids she didn't approve of.. or a system she didn't approve of either. Does Henry know? Or is he just a lot more forgiving than Cindy where Luke is concerned? Is he trying to mediate on middle ground with his wife and son? Those questions will have to be answered won't they? Lol. A spiritual disaster is the way I would have put it, definitely. That fear would overwhelm someone like Cindy. If she was willing to lose a best lifelong friend to save her son... what else is she capable of? I think we got a nice representation this chapter at how far she is willing to go. Like you said though, it may cost her a lot in the end. I'm glad you explained her side - her place - in the story so nicely, it settled my mind a bit on how far I need to go with her character and with Luke's a bit. Thanks for reading! Love this review. I don't want to dive too far into Cindy's home, which I say, would've been loud and preachy the moment Luke stepped through the door the other night. Instead I focused on the fallout, in Jackson's mind and world. Cindy is already a good antagonist, so giving her a louder voice would just be overdoing it a bit. Jackson and Luke alike fell for one another and given any other trip towards one another, I doubt it would have worked. Forced interaction and all.. lol. If Luke had went to Jackson's school from the beginning - I could imagine them being enemies instead of love interests. So yes, neither of them saw themselves in the situation they're in with one another, but at least for now it is where they both want to be. Oh come on now, I gave one of my kids my tablet and cell phone to play with and she had it pretty well figured out in no time.. lol. Luke probably has to use computers and such in school, in the library, etc for homework. He's likely been around cell phones with friends from the church and such.. etc. Aww. In a way it is bad for them. Luke isn't in school, where he'd most like to be during the day instead of having a hovering Cindy and a teacher giving him his lessons in the home. Not many eighteen year olds would put up with that for sure. Henry is a character I really like writing, even if he only shows up every now and again and is mostly absent. Maybe he'll get his wife to understand before it is too late... but he'll be there to pick her up and Luke as well, I think, if it all falls down around them.
  22. I've been reading the story from the beginning and I am very impressed by what I've read about Unit 1 and how it came to be. I'm very happy that with the proper guidance these young men and the adult leaders have accomplished a lot. More importantly is the love and admiration the boys have for the Bateman brothers and the Marines that are assigned to the unit. I think that they've done an exceptional job working with the Marines recon forces in the training that the unit has been doing. I'm impressed that James has decided to work to get back to being an intrigal part of the unit again, especially since the accident he's had someone from the unit with him at all times. I hope that the rest of the story is just as good as the part I've read so far.
  23. With the headboard banging against the wall and all the other noise they made, one needs not even pay attention
  24. Who shut the door? Was the rat faced thing a mutation? AND why'd you leave us standing on a cliff??
  25. I just realized I have already responded to you comment posted on the last chapter of this story. I just feel weird. Sorry, it took so long to find this comment. Jim
  26. My best friend's father molested his children until they were grown. They never discussed it outside the family until a sister tried to commit suicide. I spent a lot of time, sometimes a week at a time, at his house and never knew. I was told only after we were both fathers and then only after coming out to my friend. People are strange. Thanks for commenting. Jim
  27. I have given up on GA "Notifications" I found your comment by accident today. I think the appeal of alcohol is it's anesthetic effect. At first it makes you feel relaxed and then you feel as if you're floating. The relaxed feeling is the "sophisticated" aspect, if one maintains the relaxed status one is assumed to be more in control of his life as a whole. Unfortunately, the relaxed/sophisticated state too easily slips into the sloppy/irrational state. I have experienced "blackouts" where I didn't remember anything that happened until I woke up the next day. I don't think what Wylie did was too much of a stretch. Thanks again for posting your comments. Jim
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