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  2. Reunion

    Having fun reading this story! Wondering how these two will come together...
  3. On the Field, On the Dancefloor

    The German general would be happy you quoted him, very cool. And Card sounds as hot as a late summers afternoon, thanks for the awesome story ..
  4. Cautious Man

    Yea I KNOW...!!!!
  5. Today
  6. Chapter 9

    Joey's road to something like health and happiness is likely to have the kinds of switchbacks and detours you show us in this chapter. What Allen goes with this new information remains to be seen. But Ticker's family is pure gold.
  7. 3-10 - Out of the Cave

    After reading this chapter I tried to recall if any story I've ever read about a character dying, going to Hell and coming back to the land of the living ever ended happily, and none of them do. Despite all the events under the sun happening in this life, Caleb and Orpheus are shadows over Ethan's existence, and always will be. Ethan has a seemingly gentle life going on. Liz is about to have a baby and all that. There's more to come and I wonder where he'll will go next. He's already been to Hell and back, so what now?
  8. October Garden

    A garden needs to rest, to gather its strength, otherwise the show next year will suffer. Bulbs are the quintessential example of this. The passing of the seasons is something to wonder at.
  9. Make Us Proud

    A grand poem with a compelling story. And now I want to hear more...
  10. The Unwanted Guest

    Damn, what does he have to do to earn your trust Thanks for the support!
  11. BF Chapter 4

    Interesting chapter, wondered when the media and truck drivers would catch up to him crossing the strikers. Looks like the guests are out to cause trouble for Anton and crew.
  12. Chapter 5 - Somethin' bout a truck

    Very nice chapter. Thanks.
  13. Chapter 4 - Biscuits

    You are a talented storyteller and you certainly catch the reader’s interest.
  14. Chapter 13

    No, not my life in the slightest. Thank you for the compliment. I wrote yesterday in the forum, that i wanted this right. I started writing it in October 2016. But because i knew nothing about wheelchairs, or racing them, spinal injuries, recovery rates, expectations, running marathons etc., much of that year was spent researching, answering my own questions. Readers deserve the best I can do and i think i have given that here. I hope so anyway. I appreciate very much your comments and your support of this story, Jeffery. Thank you very much. tim
  15. Chapter 3 - Lose My Mind

    I like wranglers myself. 😊
  16. Chapter 2 - Boots on

    Cooter is a good dog name. Makes me think of my Booger. Never stop writing.
  17. Chapter 1. Friday Night

    Nice start. Of course, I want to read it all. Thanks.
  18. This just gets curiouser and curiouser! And I'm really enjoying it! Thanks for a good story that's lots of fun.
  19. J.A.M.

    Jack (English) is a diminutive of John (god is Gracious) or Jackson (son of Jack or John). Wesley (English) means From the West Field. Seamus (Irish) means Supplanter and is a form of James. Jacob (Hebrew) also means Supplanter! Aaron (Hebrew) means Exalted or Strong. Michael (Hebrew) means Who is like god? [JAM is circumcised?] Phillip (Greek) means Lover of Horses. Benji (Hebrew) diminutive of Benjamin (Son of my Right Hand – which sounds like a masturbatory euphemism to me).
  20. Prompt 330

    Cute story, but I just have to say DON'T shop, adopt! Puppies in pet shops are from puppy mills. If you want to know why that's bad let me know.
  21. Sobriety - Day 6

    I love this comment, and question. Consider their relationship? What is going on? After all, we are looking at Jake flailing about. Lots of interesting stuff going on. Jake's reflections are his own. We are seeing his words, not objective reporting. The blog will matter later. Thanks for your ideas!!!
  22. Chapter 9

    Thank you! If you haven't read up on Wesley And Seamus, you can find out all about how he's doing.
  23. Chapter 4

    Such a charming fantasy! Even though this isn’t usually my genre of choice (fantasy, creatures from other dimensions), I’m really enjoying this story. A sweet romantic story transcends the limitations of reality.
  24. Mama and Daddy

    Yes he did.
  25. Chapter 2<under editing>

    Yea ......I know those Disclaimer Clauses....
  26. The New Kid

    I was a PK (Preacher’s Kid), but we never sat in the first row. We sat in the third or fourth row. Our dentist and his family sat in the row ahead of us. No one ever sat in the first row because there was nothing in front of the pew. My father was a very conservative Protestant minister. But he wasn’t a fire-and-brimstone preacher. My mother used to warn us all the time that we had to set a good example and be good. PKs either grow up to be very religious or very rebellious. My family thinks I’m being rebellious since I’m Gay and an Agnostic. No one else thinks I’m rebellious at all since I’m Risk Averse.
  27. Sophomore Year - Chapter 1

    Thanks for the update. Great series.
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