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  2. Generations apart, different beginnings , different scars , different wars but really the same , it's a small world and when that connection is made the universe expands. An amazing chapter.
  3. It worked.
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  5. Landon is really annoying. He was sexually abused even though he wouldn’t agree with that statement. Chandler is annoying too, but his personality isn’t as abrasive as Landon’s.
  6. I don’t know how I missed this chapter (and the next) until you Liked one of my previous comments. Do we really want two such clearly damaged individuals paired up? ;-)
  8. Thanks, Jon. Please stay tuned in, same time, same channel, next week.
  9. If it pleases you, Sir.
  10. First of all, I apologize for being so slow to respond. Thank you for your kind and very gracious thoughts at the end of this difficult story. You are right that Graham's public proposal is declaration enough that Scott has found real redemption in love and friendship. He's human. Thanks for sticking with this tale to its last chapter. And I hope you enjoyed a quick glimpse of two old friends at the beach...
  11. Thanks for reading! I'm planning on doing some short Interlude Stories, which I'll post in this storyline between this Act and the next. Got some aspects that need a quick story cover, before diving into the War. Two years are gonna pass over, with a bunch of boring stuff, so gonna post a few tidbits. Please let me know, if you have any questions, I'll be happy to address.
  12. Well. That did not go where I thought it would. But I'm glad it did. What a wonderful vignette. I think I may have a few calls to make to old friends. Thank you for sharing this with us. For trusting us with it.
  13. Sorry, Mac. It was pretty intense, and at times had me reeling during the writing. Thanks for reading, hanging in, and leaving a comment. The pillow? Yeah... been there. Thank you for the kind words... cheers... Gary....
  14. Or they could be thinking he’s running some sort of specialized blood bank. He’s clever and he’s had plenty of time to get things organized… ;-)
  15. Mark, I have to say something and ask for your forgiveness but Damn! This chapter was amazing and it made me freaking hard.... Also, I am thoroughly enjoying the adventure with the Elgins! So very entertaining! I laugh at loud. You sure tell a fantastic and entertaining tale. THANK YOU!!!
  16. Thanks!!
  17. Thanks Mike Still remaining quiet on possible developments between them He needed some wolf time and earned the privilege of going on a hunt. Understanding it is part of his punishment doesn't make being restricted to a small space in his wolf any easier.
  18. Yesterday
  19. A sequel / spinoff with the soon-to-be-ex thieves would be neat.
  20. Okay... I'm skipping out of order here, but this just blew me away, Albert ... you give great review . This is the kind of reward we writers live for. I've probably used this word before, but it validates the many hours we devote to our craft. My writing may not be as good as it could be at this point, but this makes me so proud. Thanks don't seem like enough for this one... wonderful, my friend... I'm smiling big time... cheers... Gary....
  21. Yes, it ties in to that dinner the boys had in COTT. I'll say no more. This is so awesome! Much appreciated, buddy... take note of all the chapter titles Cheers... Gary....
  22. Yay . Thanks for taking this one on, Albert. I hope you enjoy this little tale. This was my second story, and it proved to me I could write something else. It gave me so much confidence at the time. Thanks for reviewing... II still have to catch up on your last COTT ones Cheers... Gary....
  23. Such powerful feeling Aaron goes thru all his past history. Fear, Pain and finale evolution of this soul. And when he decide he needs to fight for Chet I felt I was right there with him as he went up those stairs and pounded on that door. And I love this part: I know it’s crazy but I’m in love with you, Chet Little. I want to make that commitment. I don’t care if it’s too early by someone else’s standards because I know what I feel, and this isn’t a crush, and it isn’t going to change. I choose to trust what’s in my heart, and I’m not afraid to label it, so put your money where your mouth is, green eyes.” Arron’s declaration increased his heart rate and his nerves immensely, but Chet was quick to reassure him. Another Powerful chapter
  24. Mig? Nope...I've always been happy with whatever my partners had, as their inner selves were what drew me to them. 'It's how you use it' is more important, and I was happy to help others learn that lesson. Not that I had vast experience in my past, but I was enthusiastic.... Prompt stories do tend to be shorter, so I guess it's just us wanting more that makes them seem to end too soon!
  25. Sorry about the wonky fonts. I'll try to edit and fix this later.
  26. Damn I knew this would happen! And i thinks its time to ruin Ian perfect features. God I hope we can fix this awful situation, crosses fingers YOU GOT ME GOING AGAIN lol
  27. Michael is sooooo stupid
  28. I hope that Ian has left Chet's place or this could get UGLY. But I know these jerks and you never know what they may do! These two will make a great couple as we know from COTT. What I would like to know is what order you wrote these in? Did Morningstar come before or after this story. You wrote this with I think greater clarity and your wonderful dialogue which I love. Great chapter
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