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  2. Masquerade

    How silly of me; your question never occurred to me - but of course one would want to know. I can see another poem getting itself ready. Thank you for your idea and for reading this series.
  3. Chapter 12

    Not at all!! That makes my day!!
  4. Today
  5. Roar • Part VII

    @Remijay I think most of us would love to step into CJ's shoes! LOL Your comment perfectly captures the current situation. Working on the campaign and having so much trust placed on his shoulders has helped CJ mature even more. He may still have childish moments in the future, but I think he's going to be ready for whatever the world throws at him in the future. If and when he returns to the political arena, he'll be a force to be reckoned with. Until then, let's see how he handles college and the responsibility of being the glue that holds the Squad together.
  6. Auld Lang’s Syne

    To satisfy an individual who PM'd me this morning: This quote does in fact come from another story on GA. It can be found several times in the story Dust and Ash by TM McCallahan.
  7. Hades

    Definitely NOT an Alexa fan, but good chapter. I have no sympathy for her, so I hope that's not what u were going for. Lol! Personally, I don't see Alexa as being any better than Giovanni. She ruined the lives of the very people that saved her, then goes on ruining more lives instead of changing her own. I honestly wouldn't shed a tear if Giovanni took her out.
  8. Chapter 7

    This is an amazing chapter — vividly written and riddled with excitement! I couldn’t stop reading, even to answer my cell. I hope Perry is gonna be okay. He’s definitely a strong and likable character. But I’ve got a bad feeling that he’s about to get his ass kicked. Great job Hoodster. Can’t wait to see what happens next!
  9. Chapter 29

    There's no slobber in Bulldogging! Well...no more than with other forms of passion or sex. There never was for me. Daniel never slobbered and I didn't either. Got to have the right partner!
  10. Twelve Gays of Christmas

    CH18 now published. https://www.gayauthors.org/story/lomax61/twelve-gays-of-christmas/18
  11. Chapter 11

    Great chapter, once again! I can see how Andy’s and Dillon’s fears, insecurities, and youth have driven them head first into a dysfunctional relationship. I don’t entirely blame Dillon, though. He’s young, and has probably never seen a healthy relationship based on mutual trust and respect. I think he genuinely cares about Dillon, and desperately needs him to be his rock and protector in a very harsh world and industry. But the only way he knows how to safeguard Andy being in his life is through manipulation, and by being the aggressor in what is shaping up to being an abusive relationship. Andy, for his part, seems to be too blinded by love and insecurity to establish good boundaries, and he, too, seems equally unprepared as Dillon for building a healthy relationship. I think Andy’s relationship with Greg will give him some much-needed perspective on his life, and the dynamic with Dillon. Looking forward to more!
  12. Cross Country - Full of Surprises

    I absolutely loved this story, Roe! It started out nice and slow but ended with a bang! A few of them actually. Seriously though, this is a great story. You could actually develop it into more than one chapter. (another hint, hint --- since you so kindly posted HIGC, I thought this hint, hint might work too. )
  13. Chapter 2

    Amen Brother!
  14. The Confrontation

    Interesting story, very well written, although there are a lot of similarities to your long story Crosscurrents. This small story raises more questions than answers.
  15. Chapter 46

    OH Brother!! Total fantasy! No way this ever happens in reality or alternate reality. The most they'd have is friendship or close friendship. Trust is almost impossible to regain once lost.
  16. Chapter 6

    I really enjoyed this chapter. I think it's great that Joey is considering coming out to his students. They do need a positive role model, and gay or straight, Joey is a great role model. I'm glad he has the dirt on Arnold. What a scumbag. The boys need to press charges against him so he can go to the big house and become Bubba's bitch.
  17. New Love

    Thank you! I appreciate this.
  18. Epilogue

    This was a great story, even if Andy was a pain sometimes. It makes my imagination go, thinking how they will be on 10/15 years. In the end I don't see they living dar from each other, Dallas area his big enough to try and find jobs there. Hope they were happy in the end
  19. Chapter 29

    Ms. Devious. Seriously, Billy doesn't have the patience and intelligence to pull this off!
  20. Discovery - Chapter 4

    I was thinking the same thing @spikey582 was thinking: Carbon monoxide doesn't smell, so what was Nats smelling? Now, if it were me who found Jake, and I was innocent of any wrongdoing, I would have done just what Nats did. When I realized Jake was dead, I would have immediately called 911, then turned the heater off, not thinking the room could be a crime scene. Since it was so hot in there, I would have also opened up the windows. I think I would have spent some more time crying over the body, though. It didn't sound like she threw her arms around Jake and cried for him. Jake's mother is an absolute waste. In her alcohol-infused brain, does she even realize her son is dead? Will she even remember the conversation with Murphy and Rush? This story is absolutely fascinating, Cole! I love mysteries!
  21. Chapter 14

    Hope not! We find out for sure on Monday! Thanks for taking the time to comment 😁
  22. Yesterday
  23. Chapter 20

    If Billy gets back with Brandon, I'm going to be very upset. That's total fantasy. In reality, Brandon will never get back with Billy. Friends at the most.
  24. Story

    It's near Christmas 2017 and, like all Christmas classics, this def still holds up!
  25. Discovery - Chapter 3

    .. Quite alright... you did notice I said Ben’s PI skills would give us something to honk, not think about...😣. 🤦‍♀️
  26. Chapter 28

    Those that don't know those two positions will have to looking them up! There are a couple of Cowboys, save horse, ride a cowboy? Enjoy the research!
  27. THE JOCK - Part 2

    Well, Frankie will be a statistic with his actions. Drug addiction, alcoholic. So much easier to say I Love D*ck!
  28. Driving Home For Christmas

    I'm glad Rudy's mom knew Trevor was the one to put a smile on her son's face. She'll be supportive of their relationship, because there's no way Rudy will let Trevor go. Brenda is already half Scottish, Cheryl can take over her Mom's house and make it a condition for taking her girlfriend back that they live together. I bet all Trevor's friends will read him the riot act if he starts to raise doubts about the only possible choice.
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