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  2. Chapter 8

    "Where there's a will there's a way" goes the old saying. I've got a way to take the story forward, but whether I'll still be in your will afterwards, remains to be seen.
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  4. Chapter 31

    This chapter is awesome! I have read this at least three times and it keeps getting better and I notice and put more info together each time!
  5. Chapter 17

    No, it never comes up because the issue of who was driving -- and wildly speeding -- is far more important. There's enough being thrown at the reader to try and keep in focus.
  6. Chapter 44

    I am soooo easy. Readers type such sweet things with a soft seductive touch of the keyboard, and I'm done. I start stumbling all over the laptop trying to create those scenes which will satisfy the readers slightest whim. Already, Maria is insisting she have her own cell phone. You won't believe opening salvo in the. "Battle for the smartphone". She tells her Daddies... Oh, wait, I can't put that in a comment that has to go in the story.... sorry. (insert evil grin emoji here.) Thank you so much for posting your comments. Even more so since they are rare. I feel honored and pleased. The number of readers may have diminished but the quality remains as fine as it ever was. They don't always agree with me but they let me know they are reading what I write. Jim
  7. A Big Step in Florida

    Absolutely beautiful. Perfect in very way. I refuse to read the next chapter (not) because I want the boys together for ever. Even if Andy can’t be with Vic in your story line, at least he has been able to break through and learn that love is love.
  8. Winding Up - Winding Down

    No no! they want him alive... death is far too easy!
  9. Chapter 16

    Naughty autocorrect.
  10. Chapter 62 Examination

    First off I want to tell you that this story continues to be one I'll want to remember for quite a while and will come back to reread the whole story from the beginning at least a few times if not more. I really appreciate how much you use the way the character is feeling and actually tell about the feeling and what it does for them. I think Andy is going to be quite a runner on the track team for the school especially after winning his first ever race and then when he comes in 3rd in his second race he complained to Kaz that he should have been able to get at least second place. Kaz brought up a conversation they had a month ago when Andy told him that he wasn't an athlete by any means. I think it's great that everyone in Zander's family seems to like Andy even though it was difficult for Andy to think that would be the case. Poor Andy was so nervous about the meeting of the family and then he gets the third degree from some of the siblings and Frank told Andy that if he hurt Zander then he would get hurt as well. After dinner and desert Frank asked where the bachelor party was and when they said there wasn't one he said that they could get sloshed together and then Andy said no thanks and then went on to say that as much as they appreciated the thought he wouldn't touch any alcohol due to the fact that his dad was a big drunk and beat him almost everyday while he was growing up. Frank apologized for the offer saying he didn't know about that otherwise he wouldn't have mentioned anything about it, Andy told him that he would tell him about what it was like for him someday if he wanted to know which Frank said he didn't want to know about the details of Andy's childhood. I liked the way that Carol greeted Andy and then told him she was pregnant not terminal and then proceeded to pull him in for a better hug, after that he met Carol's husband. I think the best thing Andy heard anyone say that evening was from Garrett while they were waiting for Kaz to walk Terry to her door when they took her home on the way to Kaz's house, Garrett told Andy that everything was going to be fine. Andy asked if he looked nervous and Garrett said no more than any of them before their weddings. Garrett also told Andy that he was glad that he was a Stevenson. Andy would be staying with Kaz Thursday night as Monica and Nonna wanted Zander and Andy to abide by the rules that say that they're not allowed to be in the same house the night before the wedding and they're not supposed to see each other until the ceremony. When Andy and Kaz got to Kaz's house his mom told him to take Andy's thing's to the guest room on the second floor and then had Andy follow her to the kitchen where she had a few questions and then asked if he had the same feelings for Kaz that he does for Zander to which he replied that he loved Kaz as a best friend and that wasn't the same as he loved Zander where she said that although they didn't understand how one boy could love another boy or even marry one that if they were sure that the wedding is what they both want then she and her husband would support them as well as Kaz and Terry do.
  11. Brother to Brother

    Happy tears! What a beautiful little family, warts and all. When Teddy and Ryder finally move out on their own, it would not surprise me in the slightest to see them invite Oli to live with them (and the parents will probably sigh with relief!).
  12. The Day the Hammer Fell

    YES! And no! Glad Landon got (some) of what he deserved. Horrified that Simon was bullied in such a savage manner. This school reminds me of Sunnydale High; teachers never around unless they serve to advance the plot!
  13. Chapter 60 Are You Sure?

    I think that the dreams that Andy's having are a fear of the unknown for him and I can only hope that he'll get the chance to talk to Dr O'Shea about them. I know that I talked to a therapist myself as I was afraid that I would be like my dad and do to my son's what he did to me shortly after my 9th birthday, the therapist told me that I had to be a better man and choose not to do what he did to me. I liked the way that Andy was greeted by Nonna Costanza Zander's grandmother she didn't treat Andy any different than she did Zander. She just accepted Andy like he'd been in the family all of his life. The atmosphere was very relaxed as they sat down and ate dinner together and then came the stories of Zander as a young boy. After dinner Nonna asked Zander to get her purse when he gave it to her she got a small wooden box and gave it to Zander and Andy when they opened it there were 2 rings with red stones in them. Nonna told them that her husband gave her hers on their 13th wedding anniversary and she gave him his, Andy was so happy for the gift of love from a grandmother to grandson and his fiancee, Andy actually got up and walked around the table and hugged her and thanked her for the gift. I'm glad that Andy asked Mrs Marjorie if she would like to attend the wedding and also told her about how he came to be at her house and asked for a job. He also told her that he was gay and that his fiancee's family were fostering him and that they had approved the wedding. She asked him if anyone was causing him any problems with anyone, he told her about Bruce Mack, she said she wasn't surprised by that since his father left his mother 5 years ago to go be with another man. She told Andy that he wasn't the 1st gay person in Blackburn and that some of them had come out at school. Mrs Marjorie told him she would be there for him at the wedding. It seems like Monica is going to make sure that this wedding is special for Zander and Andy.
  14. Chapter 17

    I'm breaking my promise not to comment on specific chapters while binge reading. I'm still hoping Elizabeth is the killer giving stupid Cale an out. Bitch should die.
  15. Chapter 22

    Marcus' people are a bundle of giggles. I doubt the emergence of the demon is going to be a good thing.
  16. Breaking Down the Barriers

    if this story gets any sweeter I will get cavities
  17. Chapter 23

    Hoo rah! That was perfect!
  18. Chapter XVI

    Haven't been on here for some time and found this story.... loving every minute of it... I fit into the category of not understanding txt language as well and I still haven't worked out how to change the ring tone! Loving how the characters are developing especially how Greg is suddenly human!
  19. Road Trip

    I loved the road trip and the setup that Brett prepared. Billy being stranded is what he deserves. But will Brett turn around? It is very tempting to go on without Billy...
  20. Chapter 59

    I’m late to discovering this wonderful series. Has been fantastic so far. Have to plug CAP. I started Granger story after reading the last complete book in CAP. Haven’t been disappointed and I think I am learning something. Poor Fowler though! Bloody natives.
  21. Appearances

    Good point! They'd have gone nuts.
  22. Chapter XIX

    The cure for Greg's pathological behavior should have been carried out years before with a well placed oak 2 x 4 upside the cranium. If it didn't work the first time, then applications should be repeated as necessary. Quite frankly...the man is a "See You Next Tuesday boy.
  23. Yesterday
  24. Chapter 42

    Loved this story, and I can only imagine the hijinks Drew and Quent will get up to in business together!
  25. Chapter 26

    On the flip side, what if he likes it WAY too much? Mick would never be rid of him.
  26. Chapter 11: Tre-Princely's Happening

    Of the dozens (hundreds?) of absurdities crying out for attention, I’ll pick just one for now: mid-teen hispanic girls in frocks, green shorts, and powdered wigs, and Tre's gardener in work clothes and powdered wig, bringing and serving 200-year old wine atop a giant nickel, because … because of Lin-Manuel Miranda?
  27. NB ND Chapter 25

    What a roller coaster ride of a story. Will we see more of Sebastian and the twins in Switzerland? I was concerned about the unexploded ordinance found on the island, glad it was neutralized, but wondering how much more would be found with the new land that had risen out of the waters. Also, Huon died of an 'aneurysm,' although an 'amorism' sounds like he died of a loss of love (amor). Quokka, I do look forward to more of your writing.
  28. Performance, Stake-Out, Abduction

    Thank you everyone for commenting. As a reward for your effort I wish you all a happy equinox.
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