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  2. Chapter 30

    Great chapter, Comsie! The last few chapters, Billy's been so down in the dumps. Nothing like hot, steamy sex to lift your mood! Incidentally, I've noticed that each previous book of Billy Chase has about fifty chapters...which means that book nine only has twenty chapters to go!
  3. MetaPrompts 595: FLts (MW8)

    Must be exhausting for men to constantly have reassert themselves as regards their sexuality when hanging out in groups. Isaac and Gavin learning their lesson? Perhaps. But I doubt it'll stop them.
  4. MetaPrompts 593: Aide (MW4)

    Being married to Will, I can't really fault Samantha for being an easy target. After all, she's only a dumb female... The description of the inner circle lifting each other by adding their respective strengths made me think how great it can be to work together. When people can let go of their own petty agenda.
  5. Chapter 11

    Are you tired of me saying how much I like Shaun? You have created an amazingly complex character, and I can't wait to see what he does next. I like Jesse, his family (especially Brian), and even Kyle and the kids at school (every story needs a bad guy), but for me, it is Shaun who really maks this story terrific! Thank you.
  6. MetaPrompts 591: Were (MW1)

    These throwbacks are welcome if sometimes adding to my confusion. So Cold had some choice in the matter. Not all manipulation. Good for him.
  7. MetaPrompts 589: Hung (MW8)

    This ticked so many boxes... Pervy minds think alike... But where will this go? An exciting new experience...? Or an elaborate prank? Close to the edge though.
  8. MetaPrompts 600: Cell (MW8)

    Well, if a fucking stupid brat can't keep from fucking outing himself and all the rest in a bout of fucking childish anger, then Max is right to get DI on his fucking ass. Although, amazing Swedish women named Malin are very hard to let go...
  9. MetaPrompts 602: Loss (MW2 8)

    So much sadness in the wake of Fate's manipulations to get things to happen according to plan. I feel sorry for Zef. How different his life could've been.
  10. Chapter 2 of 2

    Thank you for your kind words and encouragement @bubby1234 I think that we would all have liked to have found a Charlie or Roger when we were younger. I'm glad that you enjoyed the story. There will definitely be more from these boys soon.
  11. Chapter 46

    I am so looking forward to THE MEETING at Goodwell!!! Would be great if Ms Charmichael was there too!! LOL Another great chapter Mark! Thanks
  12. Al is back

    Realy enjoying the story, looking forward to the next chapter. Keep up the great writing.
  13. Chapter 15

    Great chapter, the fight scenes are particularly well written. I wish there was some way to differentiate between the groups when you switch from one to the other.
  14. Chapter 14

    I just can't get into Glaster or that part of the story; it isn't that it is written or developed less or worse, he just annoys me for some reason that I can't put my finger on...
  15. Chapter 28

    I saw that too Lux, about Jackson's mom. Something tells me there's a brother or sister on the way!
  16. Chapter 8

    Physical marks heal. Verbal ones don't. Yes you normalize it!
  17. Victories

    Thanks, Dahawk. I think everyone knew I wouldn't let the perps get away with what they'd done. Glad you enjoyed it.
  18. Alone

    Thank you Jeff. A mask of happiness in public and emotional wreck in private.
  19. Chapter 13

    This just keeps getting better and better. I really think the writing has improved, although it was good from the start. The pacing and plotting has been very even, except for the one chapter I noted earlier. Can't wait to see what is next...
  20. Chapter 64

    Great chapter. I feel sorry for Daniel and Silas being apart for a month.
  21. Chapter 3

    I love this story, it always makes me laugh. That was another great chapter. What a day our poor Andrew had! I kinda wish Chris felt the same way, but I don't think that's the case. And if that's the way Andrew always acts, there's no way Johnny didn't figure out hoe he feels about Chris Margo. Maybe he's trying to set them up, I don't know how friendly they were before this. Now it's the first situation where the other half of 'Andris' could find out about the stories. I wonder how this is gonna play out. I would love to see the look on Chris' face if he ever gets to read the 'Andris' stories.
  22. Chapter 7

    Great chapter, Com! I'm getting the feeling that the small groups are getting closer to meeting up. I'm also trying to figure out where they all are in relation to each other, I'll have to make myself some kind of map of the school/alien nest. And I love the little touches of comic relief you put in such a desperate situation. Looks like they're slowly getting trapped in the school. And that ending, whoa! It looks like Jason found Ren's body. But if that's the case, he should also be able to find the camera, and the video of the creatures that infiltrated the school. That could be the key to getting them all out of there alive. Please don't leave us in suspense for too long. As a whole, I think this story would make a great movie or tv show. I'd watch it for sure.
  23. Chapter 11

    Great battle scene, especially the one with Kandric. So pleased that his brother was able to pull him back from going after Emroc, but you know that there will be issues ahead, as there should be.
  24. Down a Darkened Path

    Awesome story, cant help falling in love with the characters. Recommended for all readers.
  25. Chapter 13

    Awesome job on the story, love the fact Troy is actually falling for Jayden. Looking forward to the next chapter.
  26. Chapter 10

    There are so many levels to this story, not just the different story lines that are running toward a meeting it seems; but the fact that no one is quite who they appear to be...
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