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  2. Chapter 17

    I believe I am a Kinsey 6. I once watched a documentary about a Transman that included a shot panning down his naked body from his face, past his hairy chest, and down to – ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! (No offense to anyone who is, as Mr Rogers described it, ‘fancy on the inside’. I have many friends who have ‘internal plumbing’. I just am not sexually attracted to that sort of equipment.) If you read FlyOnTheWall’s story, ;-) And yes, I want them to be in love! ;-)
  3. Chapter 19

    Commune with nature... I understand Kohen's hesitance. Good thing he recorded the vid, but when will he send it?
  4. Today
  5. Prologue

    Unfortunately, it is as uncommon as you would think. Especially for disapproving parents that want to punish their child in some way. It is sad that this still happens.
  6. Chapter 5

    I saw the author warning posted on the summery page about how the first chapter was like Timber Pack, and as I love that story I decided to give this one a shot. I must say it has turned out better than expected. BUT... I must ask... Where is the rest of it??? The last chapter was posted 4 YEARS ago...
  7. Chapter 3

    You write beautiful stories second story I just finished can’t wait to get to de next write some more ok
  8. Epilogue

    Awww thanks great story couldn’t put it down loved a bit of it
  9. Chapter 39

    Thank you. I picture Daniel as being much more mature than either Jeff or Paul. I think that helps to make him a good match for Raymond. That is not to say either Jeff or Paul are less than adult in their behaviors, But, Daniel has military and law enforcement experience. I feel that both afford one the opportunity to develop patience and maturity... to smooth out the edges... to calm one down. They dont change everyone that way but my military experience had a very profound impact on me. I think Nataniel will be, as you say, "a good fit". I have an even better fit for him with one of the characters with whom everyone is already familiar. Thanks again for posting your comments. Jim
  10. A Little Reunion

    Oh hey! Thank you so much! These two started out as just a way for me to vent. Haha.
  11. Chapter 19

    You're a real gentleman , JeffreyL . Lesser men than you have accused me of being a polemicist.
  12. Chapter 20

    He imagines the cops are getting tired of his unsubstantiated complaints and just wants to get shot of the car.
  13. Can't A Guy Visit A Friend?

    I saw your new story, and in reading the fine print discovered it was a sequel. So here I am having just finished this story. It was beautifully written, and a bit sad. Miguel and Tristan were interesting characters. As much as I enjoyed it, I had some questions that didn't get answered. I will read the comments because often times other readers see things I miss. Then I will be on to the sequel. Thank you for sharing this. Sorry I missed it the first time around.
  14. shadows accross time

    I don't believe in visiting the past, maybe for quick reminders of some good times. Mostly it's best left alone. The second made me think of Egypt. ..red sunsets, the pyramids ...a man with his favourite boy, the beloved one, tight against each other. ..it's a beautiful scene in my mind. Two vivid poems each painting beautiful pictures.
  15. afire

    The first is sad, yet beautiful in its anguish, and the need of the one you love. You speak to him, but wish to spare him your pain, when only he can cure it. The second too is full of love, and gratitude that he who you love would care enough to write for you. And you the receiver, love it with all your heart, no matter the quality. Two beautiful poems!
  16. The Kiss

    Thank you so much 😙
  17. Loving the love scene's just like first timers And in some ways more importantly Peter's stepfather! It adds color and more meat to the bones of the charter. This is just a great chapter
  18. WSD Chapter 7

    A limo is too fancy and a Bentley is not? As a late friend said of his Bentley, "It's just a car." Frank was always a hoot. I'm waiting for Grant to move his existing family from Canada and into his mostly empty house. Nice to see him reconnect with old friends.
  19. Chapter 8

    So are things less rigid in the Shade? Max's father didn't seem the least bit fazed by Max's interest in Styx, and of course Max and Styx interacting, they didn't seem to have any weird hangups about their attraction. There's a bit of homophobia upworld? I'm very interested to see where things with Kirra lead. I have a feeling the current state of the Knights is a reflection of the kingdom in general, and Kirra and company are going to be shaking things up quite a bit.
  20. Chapter 7

    A great story I await with baited breath the next chapter.
  21. At Rainbow’s End

    What a great story. I finished it late last night or early this morning. Lost track of time. I was very disappointed when I got to the end of Chapter 89 and there wasn't any more. The last few days when I would stop reading, I would just go to the next chapter and save it in my favorites and start the next time there. For a 60 year old man, I could hardly read for all the tears in my eye's when I discovered that Ryan didn't make it. Boy that was a shocker. I was expecting him and Luke to be recouping together after a few days. I really hope you do sometimes get around to an epilogue. I kept hoping after we found out that Jacko was gay and Simon had broke up with Toby that them two would get together. And maybe the Bufords would maybe donate some money to the school to maybe name the new complex being planned or maybe the tennis complex after Ryan. And also maybe they could have been involved in Luke and Simon's life since they didn’t have anyone left. And maybe they even got attached to Elliott also. I see where you jumped to 7 years later in Luke's notes and it sounds like him and Elliot are still together. I really hope you will consider giving us a little more of them. I live in N. Atlanta and know so many of the places that have been mentioned in this story. I was over in Marietta earlier today and looked over at Northside Hospital when I was getting on GA 400 off I-285 when I had to run up to see a client off Abernathy and Peachtree Dunwoody Rd. Then I stopped by Macy's at Perimeter Mall for just a few minutes and after that I needed to see another client there ot Tilly Mill Rd and traffic was heavy so I exited off Chamblee Dunwoody and drove by St. Barnabas. Always means more if you can relate to parts of a story. This was this first story of yours I have read and look forward to reading some more. Thanks again for the great story.
  22. Chapter 10

    Oh wow! That's awesome. I have a few birthmarks myself, but nothing that resembles anything other than dots, ha ha. Please let us know what you think of the story overall if you manage to reach the end!
  23. Chapter 1

    A great first chapter and I look forward to the future chapters. As far soulmates I shall leave that up to where ever you take the story. I think that Jacob being a Black it would be interesting if those Blacks were distantly related to Harry and Draco and Neville (since they all share Black blood in their original families).
  24. Chapter 5.2

    Interesting chapter,looking forward to more
  25. Chapter 18

    Oh, you young thrill-seekers... I would always imagine hitting a just submerged sheet of something hard and sharp and slicing off the soles of my feet. From my experience many moons ago, spring in the northern hemisphere didn't arrive until April/May - Isn't climate change wonderful. So far, this is the only book I've posted here, but more and better will follow as soon as this one's finished. Glad you're enjoying it.
  26. Yesterday
  27. Destiny Begets Destiny

    Hi, GJJ! It's cool to hear you've read Morningstar twice. I would love to write a second book, and it's my plan to do so sometime in the future. If you follow me on my author's page... https://www.gayauthors.org/author/headstall/ ... you'll get updates for it when it happens. I'm really pleased you enjoyed it... I have other stories if you're interested. Thanks so much for leaving a comment... these make me happy... cheers... Gary....
  28. Chapter 15 Dinner with friends

    I just love this chapter what a nice dinner date candle light, wine and good food A and J story of how they got together was just great! And they cemented there friendship I do hope we get to see more of those two Loved this chapter
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