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  2. Fitzhugh

    My Forever Familyu

    Great story. Thanks so much!!
  3. mollyhousemouse

    Chapter 1

    we all need a friend like Vanessa, don't we? that one who'll give us that metaphorical boot to the butt it was a nice tale about recognizing when it's time to say "yes, I'll take that chance now, I'm ready." thank you JayT!
  4. CassieQ

    Chapter 1

    This was delightful. I love it!
  5. Today
  6. tesao

    Chapter 1

    I read this story several years ago, and just found it again. Now I remember why I liked it so much. What an amazing set up for a gay boy’s fantasy!
  7. FanLit

    Family loyalty is everything

    What a wonderful story. You have a gift for the believable, carnally satisfying, whirlwind romance. (I’m also a fan of “The Cardmaker and the Caretaker”) Will there be another chapter for this anytime soon? I don’t see the “complete” designation on this one.
  8. Lizzydolphin37

    Chapter 21

    Never tried Neutrogena but have yet to find a decent shampoo that doesn't stink like crazy. For body wash, and lotion Aveeno is pretty good like you said still scented but very lite and dissipates quick, but pretty costly. If you come across a decent shampoo though let me know.😁
  9. Rambling Robin

    Chapter 27

    I grew up in a minority-majority town that's about half Hispanic. I still live there. I learned more Spanish from my friends than from school. Amusingly, my Spanish is questionable but my accent is apparently pretty good. And I'm the only one in my group at dental school that speaks Spanish, so I get used to translate quite a bit. My sister thinks this is hilarious because I can get my point across, but sometimes I speak Spanish like an idiot who can't remember which word goes where. Everyone I've ever spoken dental Spanish to is excessively kind about it though. They always tell me I did great... Like you say to little kids who are trying really hard but really that picture of a cat looks like a constipated badger on crack. Sorry, I'm rambling. But thank you! I'm looking forward to my birthday tomorrow. I'm so glad you like the story. I'm pretty addicted to it too.
  10. BHopper2

    You Can Go Home Again

    I wonder if Salamander skin makes good leather? Not really liking Sam, based on his personality. Great job tim, of making the characters come alive.
  11. travlbug


    The new Riley is still fragile, and David's death has him questioning his self worth and his own future safety. (If the Saints killed David just because he was related to Riley, then what do they have planned for Riley himself or the members of his new family? How can he assure everyone's safety?) I'm glad that Riley finally sees that he is not a bad person by "ratting" out the Saints: "I didn't snitch on the Saints for my own good. I snitched on the Saints to right their wrongs. I know I said I wasn't loyal, but fuck their version of loyalty. They would've sold me up river without thinking twice." This turnabout in perception is vital to Riley's healing but does nothing to decrease the danger to him and his loved ones. I am on tenterhooks to see how Ace handles this issue. I love Eli's surprise appearance: If anyone can get to Riley, it's Eli. (Walter, you're brilliant.) With just a single encounter, Eli has Riley expressing his love for Carter in a room full of people and apologizing to his mother for his previous outburst. Eli will sleep with Riley, go to school with Riley, and generally shadow Riley to help him through his crisis of faith. He is Jiminy Cricket to Riley's Pinochio and will make sure that Riley's thoughts remain well grounded.
  12. Rigby Taylor

    Life Continues Pleasantly - Until It Doesn't

    Thanks, Ulyssess, for your very kind appraisal. I hope you enjoy some of my other books too. As for your self-examination - congratulations for even thinking about such things. Trust me... you are not only one of the good ones - you are one of the perfect select few who appreciate my writing. As for evil - that's witchdoctor terminology; emotional blackmail stuff. My way of coping with the existential questions you raise is to understand that we evolved and live in a world of 'dog-eat dog' - therefore we each have to act in our own best interests in order to survive. 'Good' people do their best to do as little harm as possible, while acknowledging that the mere act of being alive means we are harming something - even if it is only the termites whose nest we displace. And we're all gullible sometimes - that's only bad if we never learn from it - keep voting for politicians who never keep promises, for example. As for standing up for what's right, of course we should, but when danger to your life and liberty will be the result, then you have to decide if your life is worth less than someone else's. It might be for your lover or child, but it would be insanity to sacrifice yourself if you didn't know the other person. And that begs the question, who should we help? How much responsibility should people take for their own actions? Can I change the way humans have evolved? It's easy to become overwhelmed by the misery of others, but will it help if I make myself miserable? I think all any individual can do is try to make their own circle as safe and comfortable as possible, and allow others to do the same for their families and friends. We may be our brother's keeper, but not our neighbour's, and certainly we can not ask ourselves to be the keeper of the entire human race.
  13. CassieQ

    The Story

    Wow. That was pretty intense. Very strong emotions. I like the story between Liam and Rob and how much Liam changed as a result. It hurt to see how strained and unhappy his marriage was and it seems like he is in a much better place now. Can’t help worrying about the Polish guy…I hope got away and is somewhere safe. Very well done story, it packs a powerful punch.
  14. flesco

    Chapter 16

    I love this story and these adorable and amazing characters, I seriously don’t like cliffhanger’s, please keep the guys safe and let dear old Dad and Mike be shot going for the gun 🙏 Dead would be fine! I’m anxiously awaiting the next chapter! 😃
  15. Yesterday
  16. Mikiesboy

    Going Home

    Thank you Jeff. I'm glad your're enjoying this. I appreciate the compliment, i try for realistic dialogue. Thanks again xo
  17. flesco

    Chapter 15

    These poor boys just can’t catch a break! Great chapter, unexpected twists, I’m seriously hoping that they will survive and be rescued by the police. I’m certain that Carlos knows somethings wrong. Please don’t hurt either one 🙏
  18. CassieQ

    Chapter 1 - The Sphinx

    Wow, this was really cool and interesting!
  19. Mikiesboy

    Stranger Things

    Hi Jeff, i appreciate you reading this story. I hope you'll enjoy the rest of it. Thanks again.
  20. Rndmrunner

    Chapter 2

    @Graeme I remembered your situation and I am also aware that we sometimes have complicated family relationships. My own is that my partner and I have a child who also has contact with the biological mother. It is all good but it gets complicated. I am glad that your stories include the varied richness of wider experiences.
  21. Benji

    Chapter 34

    😎 .……………….Yeah, Rick really blew it with Taine about the hat, but maybe Taine is going overboard with the revenge. Hope that gets resolved, this overdue appearance of Blaine back into his life, and the unsettling detective work being conducted could of been handled much better. In fact maybe even should have been disclosed after to tournament. Good Chapter!
  22. CassieQ


    I'm glad you liked it. The confrontation scene was interesting to write. Brian needed a serious wake up call and Eric was more than happy to give it to him, especially considering how protective he was with his brother. I hopeful for all of the guys, I think they can all move forward from here to happier futures (Eric too). Thank you for commenting.
  23. Butcher56

    Chapter 26

    It appears that Kandric has found something that's been hidden for possibly centuries. Especially since the writing predates the mythling writing, as it's a form of pre Mythling war Elvin writing since Kandric is able to read Alphar and Mythling he was able to tell the Duke there was a very serious problem with the iron gate that was used to seal the entrance Kandric found. It's going to be very interesting in the next chapter of the Kandric Saga.
  24. drsawzall

    Chapter 2

    Oh dear lord in heaven...it's like 90 degrees outside and yowzer degrees inside...I'm sold and i'm buying...🤪
  25. Rigby Taylor

    Moving - Settling In - Loving

    Thanks for your comments. Yes, the trick for stability is to make people 'want' to do something. Wouldn't it be nice if teachers made kids want to learn about their topics, and even better, if politicians governed in such a way that people wanted to vote for them instead of reluctantly choosing the least worse of a bad lot. As for finding a scapegoat... that's surely not an ethical option? A sacrificial lamb human?
  26. Sussins

    Karma Bites

    Love love ❤️ the story but because each chapter is written by different ppl it can be so confusing who is black Blu or Kyle and how Jared’s story was told was so confusing it didn’t make sense seriously 😐 pls do a lot more editing but love the story though
  27. glennish

    Chapter 5 - Family is in Town

    Poor Ira. His whole life he has been lied to by everyone around him. The big question I have is why did Dega bring what was left of his pack to try to find Ira and Koda if he was going to piss off Ira and His alpha?? Please more intrigue and mysteries before the answers. And more of the puppies too!!!! Thanks.
  28. northie

    Chapter 1

    There was a depressing inevitability to this snapshot of the lives of these three men. One that makes me angry, sad, and sorry for both Cyril and Stuart. Stuart is in a difficult position - he's trying to offer help to someone who won't really admit that they need it. *sigh*
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