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  2. Thirdly

    November Eyes

    Ren finally saw the pics! Jonah, you know your feelings for REN are way bigger than for Sandro’s. Stop trying to pretend they aren’t or you’ll end up cheating on Sandro and make everything so much worse.
  3. SolarMaxx

    Chapter 1

    This is a great first chapter, and nicely sets up the potential for an exciting, original plot and very engaging characters. I just discovered this story, so I’m a little late to the party, but I’m definitely looking forward to bingeing to catching up. Thank you for posting this @JayT.
  4. Thirdly

    Ginned Up

    Sandro...I hurt so much for you. But, if you really care for Jonah, you’d throw his confused butt into Ren’s arms.
  5. Mann Ramblings

    Chapter 10

    I can't imagine why.
  6. Thirdly


    Uh-oh...Chris, you’re adorable and all...and bless you for choosing Mike... but, what news do you bring to Jonah?
  7. Today
  8. drpaladin

    Chapter 2 - Do You Feel Safe Yet?

    The morning after their kiss started in a rush to try to clean up and look presentable. Alex actually thought he might have forgotten they were meeting for breakfast. The boy isn't stuck up about his own looks and that's a big positive. Sergeant Brower chose to be brutally honest about their situation. I suppose it is the best way to handle it. There is a breach in their security somewhere and zombies are able to wander inside. You'd think military men would have combed the place inch by inch to find points of weakness before stooping to ask for help from the teenagers who went to school there. How hard could it be to find places to get in? Mindless zombies managed it. I hope Alex's family is alright. There is no need for another blank eyed shuffler in this place.
  9. Thirdly

    Naked Men with Hats

    Sandro’s the best, I’m so curious about those last closeups he took and how they came out. It’s not too late for him to question Ren even now.
  10. Will Hawkins

    The Flesheater

    leapt through the air onto his back, - leaped through the air onto the orc's back, Both leapt and leaped are acceptable past tenses of the verb leap though leapt is somewhat archaic and is seldom used. It is not an error, it is just rarely used.
  11. Thirdly


    Well, you’re making me want to learn German just to read your original drafts. Spanish and kindergarten French are all I know at the moment other than English.
  12. drpaladin

    Chapter 1 - So Easily Broken

    Why did i wait so long to begin reading this? No matter. I'm here now and it's great. You've captured the dreary and claustrophobic atmosphere of this school and refuge from the uncomfortable mattress, the unappetizing food, the lack of privacy, and the blank expressions of the traumatized. Jake has only been here for a day and it wouldn't take long for a fifteen year old to become frustrated and depressed in the surroundings. But not now. He took his brother's advice and made a leap. He made a connection with a boy beyond his wildest dreams. He would have never have found the courage when the world was normal, but when the entire world is upended, what does it matter if he made a fool of himself? Let's see how these two boys progress in their relationship in a world where the future is uncertain.
  13. boiwonder

    An Occasional Curveball

    A brand new, never before seen Chosen short? Bring it on!! I started re watching SG:A. I keep seeing SGA/Chosen cross overs! Fan fiction anyone? So much possibilities!
  14. Will Hawkins

    Chapter 7: The Siege of Penthorpe Keep

    decapitated its head from itshis shoulders - decapitated its head from its shoulders Once again the mysterious maiden saves a life.
  15. Defiance19

    Chapter 33: An Abject Low

    Oh AC, it’s way to early to have me crying into my coffee.. Kohl’s prayer was my undoing. If Kohl could just let Gordon take care of him, love him... Maybe this is Kohl’s ninth hour and he’ll finally emerge from darkness and see the light. Great chapter...
  16. boiwonder


    I know! it's hard not to ditch out spoilers! It was fun reading how others react to cliff hangers though I just want to encourage Tony so he'll keep posting (frequently!)
  17. 1brokNangel

    Chapter 7

    please let this be a mistake, let Shane come back !!!!
  18. Daddydavek

    The Need to Fight

    Talk about gross...
  19. Will Hawkins

    Chapter 5

    when he’d heard the voice spoken, - when he’d heard the voice speak, So the seer is shapeshifted from her normal old crone appearance and the army of hellhounds is moving on the keep. Indeed it looks like an interesting time ahead.
  20. aditus


    *pouts* ...guess it's not too difficult to imagine them 'Christening' that couch. ( *nods*
  21. aditus

    Burnt Dreams

    OMG. Paul is my new best friend. (*snicker*)
  22. aditus

    Chapter 1

    why don't I start reading some of Adi's older work? (YAH! Please! I freaking love you reading my stuff!
  23. Will Hawkins

    Midnight Excursion

    I’m in the mood for your condescending shit, - I’m in no mood for your condescending shit, Death magic. A black art as practiced by the dead -- zombies or those practitioners of the black arts who control them and the apparition in purple? Who is she? I assume all will be made clear in subsequent chapters, but there is much confusion at this point
  24. aditus

    Running light

  25. aditus

    Clean Cut

    And if he really did, you know, just knee him in the gonads?(Gasp! Okay, )
  26. This is madness and it isn't even Sparta. (Thank You!)
  27. aditus

    The Perfect Weekend

    What could have ruptured paradise? (Um....)
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