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  2. Mrsgnomie

    Just a dance

    There's definitely going to be some feelings.
  3. Rigby Taylor

    Chapter 28..... Denoument

    I am enjoying this, although the story comments section is possibly not the 'correct' space - About 60 years ago "sick jokes" were popular. "Madam, your son has been run over by a steam-roller." "Shove him under the door, I'm in the bath." made us laugh. Your depiction of 'medium to low violence' fits the 'sick joke' category nicely. Have you ever considered the merits of 'mercy killing'? I've read that brains are hard-wired with useful information by the age of 2 years, then all conscious memory of those years is wiped, leaving only basic 'truths' that will be believed until death. Ideas implanted during the next 5 years are also deeply embedded and almost impossible to modify - which is how religion has remained popular and powerful. So if compassion, empathy and other desirable traits are not implanted by then, it's too late to bother 'wiring them in' - their 2 year-old's experiences will dictate their adult responses. The entire planet is a tinder box of precariously unstable humans, of which there are roughly six and a half thousand million too many to be ecologically sustainable. I'm pinning my hopes on climate change to sort things out - but I hope not before I've sloughed off this mortal coil - it's going to be really nasty - as it already is for far too many millions of miserable creatures.
  4. Mikiesboy

    Chapter 1

    Thanks my friend .. i appreciate you reading it and for your comments.
  5. Today
  6. cognac69

    The Best Daddy Ever

    All the best comments have been used , so I'll have to repeat, very nicely done, the story line flowed well and made me feel as though I was there watching.
  7. BHopper2

    Deck the Balls

    A wonderful story. It's Christmas in Aug.
  8. mally

    Drinks and Oranges

    Curious as to what this "darkness" is foreshadowing. Who or what is after Mekaias? It's nice to get a little insight into the specifics of Mekaias' and Norian's heritage/species? lol idk. But it was nice to learn more about them. Looking forward to more. Cheers 😀
  9. Will Hawkins

    Chapter 1

    At my current age of 85, I probably will not have to face the Rainbow Bridge for Braunen, she is healthy and a happy companion. She did pull a trick on me -- bearing nine puppies so even after I am gone, there will be a family joining me at the end of the rainbow bridge.
  10. stlstage

    A Whole New World

    Flyonthewall: Hunter Hayes??? Same name as the hottest young country music star that's out there right now. Coincidence? I think he is straight, but still single. He's from Louisiana though, not TX....had to throw that in...
  11. droughtquake

    Chapter 6

    Maybe Eric should record a duet with Melissa Etheridge or kd lang. Or Troye Sivan. Or any of the numerous Out LGBTQ singers and musicians. ;–) Two other possibilities: an album of duets with LGBTQ singers, or an album of covers of songs made famous by LGBTQ groups and singers. I once recorded a cassette that told a story of Coming Out in songs. It began with Smalltown Boy (Bronski Beat) and Hideaway (Erasure), proceeded on to Yes, I Am (Melissa Etheridge) and other more celebratory songs (although my cassette didn’t exclusively feature LGBTQ artists). Other songs could include Too Sexy (Right Said Fred), The One (Elton John), Careless Whisper (Wham!), Sylvester’s You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real), Son of a Preacher Man (Dusty Springfield), yet another updated version of Glad to Be Gay (Tom Robinson), Relax (Frankie Goes to Hollywood), Power of Two (Indigo Girls), Jesse Hultberg’s Constant Thing (I was Raised a Straight Boy), Legendary Children (Holly Johnson), Constant Craving (kd lang), Romanovsky & Phillips' Love Is All It Takes (To Make a Family), I Don’t Feel Like Dancing (Scissor Sisters), New Beginning (Stephen Gately), Macho Man (Village People), and numerous others. Not all of those are well-known, but that’s part of the fun – introducing overlooked and forgotten artists! ;–)
  12. chris191070

    IOI Chapter 19

    Another amazing chapter
  13. cognac69

    Chapter 4

    hehe 😂
  14. Will Hawkins

    Chapter 9

    Some of the Muslim punishments for 'deviant behavior' are a little more severe than the Christian ones. I have not heard of anyone being stoned to death in the Christian churches for sleeping with a boyfriend, and in some of the Christian denominations, gay marriage is, while not approved, at least tolerated.
  15. Will Hawkins

    Chapter 7

    Compelling chapter, indeed. You lead us on beautifully, DK. Looking forward to the next one. Will H.
  16. Will Hawkins

    Chapter 5

    Cole is manipulative because that's how a politician works, but you're right, Dale had better watch out. It seems he can hold his own physically, even against a member of the football team, but we don't know about mentally. Today we found out that Dale's father committed suicide. You are working the backstory in gradually. By the way, do I address the author as DK? To introduce the backstory by including references within the narrative is a super way to bring it to the reader. That means we are not inundated with facts to the point of drowning before we meet all the principals. Good show!
  17. FanLit

    Chapter 18

    Well, you sure know how to make up for a delay. This was a very full and emotional chapter. I didn’t think Katie’s issue was going to be good but I didn’t anticipate this. It’s unfortunately all too common nowadays and Katie will definitely need therapy to make sure she properly processes all that she’ll feeling. Kudos to Brady for being a stand up parent. I wish Cam had burned Sean’s clothes at least; he deserved so much more. I’m also hoping there are criminal charges filed against Sean. It was also unfortunate that some of the issues that exist between Brady and Ember came out during such a stressful time. They are things that need to be dealt with but it’s tough for Brady to let anything but Katie be first priority right now. There’s clearly still a chance for Brady and Ember as he showed up to help and he clearly didn’t have to do that. *Exhale* There’s a lot of recovery to be addressed in the next chapter.
  18. NimirRaj

    Karma Bites

    Wow, that was some unexpected twists. I’d be a little pissed at James for keeping this secret for years. I get he wanted to protect Jared but after they were 18 and out from under the thumb of Rudolph & Penelope, as they have been money wise for the last few months, he could have found a way to tell them. Surely they could have been discreet and known about each other before now rather than revealing it the way he did. In fact James said he didn’t expect Jared to be subpoenaed so I’m curious when he’d have finally told Kyle & Kaleb that Jared existed. While it made interesting drama to read I’m not exactly sure logically why Ruby was ever involved in the discussion though it’s good they found out what type of girl she was. I know they were trying to cushion the blow but I’m also not thrilled with the method of telling Kyle abou his twin as James told all the other guys first. On one hand I get why he did it but honestly all his good intentions tend to backfire lately so yeah I wouldn’t have told Kyle last. It’s not like Blu being the one to tell him cushioned the blow much and Kaleb knowing first seemed to have zero impact on how Kyle took it so it just seemed pointless to exclude him from the initial revelations. I expected a lot of tension but the courtroom was full of laughs and unexpected twists. Rudolph & Penelope are utter morons which is surprising as they had gotten away with all of this for so long yet threaten people and essentially confess to the judge. Then we learn old Rudy is bisexual and a bottom despite acting like a complete homophobe damning his son’s for being gay. Jeez at this rate all the guys in the family like guys except maybe Jared. 😂 I hope Blu is good at telling the twins apart or Jared could have some embarrassing moments in his future. I wasn’t expecting Nan to know the judge or for them to hookup right there. Of course she has as even less shame than Kaleb & Davis so I guess we shouldn’t be shocked she got laid at the courthouse.
  19. asamvav111

    Two Summer Sonnets

    your dawn on the horizon growing strong you possess my body sans remorse to drown contented in your liquid grace Amazing. Such grace and poise in eloquence is expected whenever one reads your poem, yet they reach surprising new heights every time. Thank you for sharing this.
  20. Sussins

    Chapter 12 - Sluppies or Sloppies

    Finally excited so excited been waiting forever 2wks I think been pulling my hair out pls don’t tell me 🤦🏽‍♀️ I have to wait for another 2wks will not have any hair on my head pls tell me I won’t have to sluppies 😂😂😂🤪🤪
  21. NimirRaj

    Life Goes On

    I wish James hadn’t kept that info from them. Hopefully there’s no more bombshells. I’m a little confused as Doug said Kaleb’s trust hadn’t been touched and I thought that they couldn’t access it after he turned 18 without him present yet now we learn Rudolph & Penelope started using his trust as well. It kinda contradicts what was said earlier in the story but I suppose just because the law was supposed to stop them from using the trust doesn’t mean they didn’t find a way to access it illegally possibly after Doug looked into it.
  22. Will Hawkins

    Chapter 3

    I think Dale's mum is a kick. In spite of being in pain and acting stubborn about going to the hospital. She believes as I do, that a hospital is a place you go to die, not to get well. Will H.
  23. Timothy M.

    Out Of The Frying Pan

    I know, but I like it the way it is.
  24. RobV

    August, 2018

    Really enjoyable chapter. They really do feel like a family. Glad they've decided to fight back against Margaret. The vandalism and death threat is a twist I didn't expect, hope Diego and his kids will be okay..
  25. Timothy M.

    Police Karaoke

    I think there are some British laws which are meant to ensure no information about a case goes public before the trial starts. But maybe that's not why she hasn't told him before. Could also be that they haven't put the whole thing together until now, since the packet of information from Nicole took a while to go through. Or perhaps she didn't want to worry Colin until she knew Ben would be there to distract him. I'm sure Ben and Colin will work out how to live together, and at least Ben loves the house - as well as Colin.
  26. Will Hawkins

    Chapter 2

    OK, Dale is going to be gay for pay? That is a twist and Cole will have to show interest in him to make the voters believe the situation. Many interesting possibilities opening up there. The only problem I have is, the story was published for the first time in 2013. Will the author ever see any comments from five years later? Will H.
  27. Timothy M.


    I love all of those questions. We'll have to make sure Brian answers all of them, if he hasn't done so already.
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